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Sunday, October 26, 2008

Aamir’s Ghajini look causes trouble for doctor


Aamir Khan’s latest look from Ghajini released recently shows the perfectionist Khan all beefed up and looking ultra hot, but while his fans enjoyed the new look, Dr. Surekha Verma of Kanjurmarg had to face the worst day of her life. The reason is there is a number scrippled on Aamir’s hand as tattoo for the poster and that incidentally happened to be Dr. Surekha’s number.Aamir Khan is quite embarrassed by the turn of events and said, “I really regret the inconvenience caused to the lady whose number was tattooed on my arm. Today, I received over 900 SMSes regarding my Ghajini look. I had to clean up my inbox three times since morning. I empathise with her as I can imagine what she must have gone through.”When Dr.Surekha was asked about her day, she said, “It was maddening ever since I woke up to these non-stop crazy calls asking for Aamir, Anthony… I had to switch off my phone. How can anyone just use my number like that, without my knowledge, forget my consent.”Well the producer has decided to provide the doctor with a new number and regret causing her inconvenience.


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