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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Golmaal Returns Movie Review

Golmaal Returns

This so-called crackling Diwali attraction, which was supposed to blow up audiences laughing but it turned out to be as disappointing as a soggy pathaka! Sigh!!!Boring, crude, stupid and slapstick– Golmaal Returns. Gives you stupid and lame gags like “Lara Dutta’s name would become Lara Lara if she married Brian Lara.” Oh God Gimme A Break! The entire film has this kind of dumb humor – Three guys lying on top of each other on a bed implying they are caught in a gay act, guy flying in the air and falling over his crotch on a pointed rock, or someone poking two pairs of scissors in someone’s butt, electrocuting someone so that he flies in the air with a jerk, you name it and they have the most stupid gags ever. I laughed only once in the entire film. That tells you how dumb it was.Golmaal Returns is plainly – all hype no show! Poor script and dialogues could not do justice to performers like Ajay Devgan, Arshad Warsi, Shreyas Talpade and Vrijesh Hirji who are known for their awesome comic performance and timing.Ajay Devgan, should seriously hire a good fashion designer, he wears pathetic clothes in the film. He was also bound by a stupid characterization and script so he tried to do his best in whatever little he got. Tusshar Kapoor, is the only one who seems to have worked hard, his miming was amazing. Shreyas had the same problem like Ajay, nevertheless he has also done a good job. Arshad Warsi had a limited role but his swearing is funny. I laughed only at the point when everyone beats up Tusshar shouting Balaji.


Kareena Kapoor was only a star attraction. She was impressive in her own bit. Celina and Amrita Arora were only pretty props. Bad script can really break a comedy – Golmaal Returns is one such example.Go for this movie only if you have a taste for the stupid slapstick comedy. Else I suggest you sit back at home and watch Tom & Jerry instead.



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