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Friday, October 10, 2008

Kidnap Movie Review

Kidnap had enough reasons to draw people to the theatres –
1. It is Imran Khan’s second movie after his very successful debut. He looked very sexy in the role of a tough baddie. (I’m talking about the promos)
2. It’s a Sanjay Gadhvi movie – the successful director of Dhoom series.
3. Sanjay Dutt
4 Minissha Lamba in her new bikinilicious avatar
Plus it was supposed to be the Eid attraction.


The promos gave the impression that Kidnap is going to be a typical Sanjay Gadhvi action-suspense Masala flick. Big names, good locales, interesting story and plot and a couple of good songs… all the perfect ingredients for a successful film. But does this concoction impress? Lets see…

As soon as Minissha Lamba is done with her introductory item number and skin show, she gets kidnapped… Whoa! That was pretty fast. No time wasted there. And then begins the cat and the mouse came between Sanjay Dutt (who plays Minissha’s father) and Kabir (Imran Khan). We are not given any information on Kabir and his motive behind the kidnapping of Sonia (that exactly is the suspense) and it leaves the audience more curious as to why the kidnapper doesn’t want a huge ransom from such a rich man.

The first half manages to keep you hooked, thanks to a well-etched plot and Minissha Lamba’s ample cleavage show… But when the climax is unfolded with the actual reason why Kabir kidnaps Sonia and how the movie ends is extremely disappointing… and that makes all the difference to the film.

Performances are just about average. Sanjay Dutt, looks extremely tired in the movie, he needs to work a little bit on his body. There is nothing much to do for, he just glided over his role. Imran Khan, well, the lad looks great but he should work on his intonation, his dialogue delivery sounds a little monotonous. Minissha Lamba does what she was expected to do – act like a pretty prop, she carried her bikini sequence with élan. Vidya Malvade… I wonder why she was chosen for that role.

Over all, it’s a fairly nice time-pass flick. It has everything that appeals to the eye. So go for it.

Rating – 2.5/5


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