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Sunday, October 19, 2008

Super Sexy Mugdha Godse On Fashion


Super sexy supermodel Mugdha Godse is playing one of the leading ladies in Madhur Bhandarkar’s forthcoming film and wow… I think she looks the sexiest of the three.What better for a model to play a model in her debut film. But Mugdha says, “It does sound good and easy from your end and you do get a psychological support but it`s not a piece of cake. My character is nothing close to what I am in my real life. Not the kind of a person or a model. So it`s a completely different journey I`m going through in the film. So for me it was different. Acting and modeling are two different genres all together. In Fashion I`m not the kind of a ramp model that I`m off screen.” So what is Mugdha like off-screen? And she says, “Mugdha Godse is a very simple girl. She is a bit shy also and not at all classy and I`m being frank here. I`m very bohemian and hippy by nature. Mugdha is a middle class girl, which Janet is not in the film. I am chilled out too.” Talking about her character in the film Janet, Mugdha says, “Janet has a heart of a gold and she is not a highly successful model. It`s a journey of a character and how she helps other people. Few incidents happen in her life and she has to take some important decisions that leads to a few things. Fashion is an emotional journey for Janet. She is bold, outgoing and an outspoken girl. Her language is completely different and she has been in the Fashion world for quite long to know what happens in front and behind the scenes.”


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