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Sunday, November 9, 2008

Hrithik Roshan

Hrithik Roshan

Hrithik Roshan

  Information On Hrithik Roshan  

Name:  Hrithik Roshan  

Nick Name:  Duggu  

Address:  37, Kavita Building, 11th Road, Juhu, Mumbai 400049  

Date of Birth:  10th January, 1974  

Zodiac:  Capricorn  

Height:  6'1"  

Family:  Wife - Suzanne Khan, Father - Rakesh Roshan (Producer, Director), Mother - Pinky Roshan, Sister - Sunaina  

Debut Film:  Kaho Naa Pyaar Hai-2000


Hrithik Roshan's Profile

Hrithik Roshan, just 4 years old as an actor, has already figures in Top 10 people of bollywood. It's not just good looks, a phenomenal debut Kaho Naa Pyaar Hai which overnight instant him to super stardom or 2003 biggest commercial and critical success Koi Mil Gaya. Hrithik Roshan has a stirring sincerity towards his work that sets him apart. The trade predicts he will be the next superstar after the powerful Khan's.

Hrithik Roshan

He is the son of Rakesh Roshan. Has two thumbs on his right hand that are grown together. He is having a sister called Sunaina. He had married to 'Suzanne Khan' daughter of Sanjay Khan on 20 December 2000 who was his girl friend from long time. He can't handle money. His wife and parents are taking care of the financial details.

Has been called the Indian Sylvester Stallone, Brad Pitt and Michael Jackson rolled into one person. The country wide hysteria following the release of his first film Kaho Naa Pyar Hai in 2000, is known as Hrithikmania and is unprecedented. The look of his muscular, chiselled body started a fitness boom in India. He often supports charities of various kinds and known as a perfectionist and control freak. He wanted to quit the film business altogether after his father Rakesh Roshan was shot at and wounded by hitmen sent by the Bollywood mafia, but changed his mind. He prepared for 2 years himself, extensively for his screen debut, taking acting, singing, dancing, fencing, riding etc. lessons. He also worked hard on his diction and physical appearance (strenuous workout routines). Fought hard to overcome a stammering problem.

Worked for many years on the sets of his father Rakesh Roshan in various functions, including sweeping the floor and serving tea to the stars, to learn the business from scratch. Believes in the good in every person, a character trait often misinterpreted by others as gullibility and/or naïvety. He got 30000 (!) marriage proposals on Valentine's day 2000.

Hrithiks past experience besides having assisted his father in the direction of various films also includes him having acted in a movie 'Bhagwan Dada' as a child artiste. Hrithik was a very shy child but as observed by his father (luckily for us) when Hrithik faced the camera he transformed into another person sans all his inhibitions. As you see Hrithik had a penchant for acting since his school days. School however was a nightmare for little Hrithik who dreaded Sunday nights because Monday meant school. Hrithik, you see, would rather spend time with himself or the computer, go cycling with his friends, watch movies, play games or do sports than spend 8 hours at school and then go for tutions. Undoubtedly, Hrithiks report cards were not something to be proud of but in the exams that mattered like the ICSE and HSSC exams he secured more than a first class. He kept improving all the time. Apna Duggu is a helluva romantic and emotional person ! Infact, he cried while watching 'Titanic' which I don't think even most of the girls did

Hrithik Roshan He was the victim of a defamation campaign in late december 2000. Rumors were spread that he stated in an interview that he hates Nepal and its people. This immediately led to riots in Nepal, cinemas showing his films were attacked, posters burnt, Hindi movies banned in general for some days and several people shot dead by the police. The events made headlines all over the world and the governments of Indian and Nepal got involved as well. Anti Indian / Hrithik sentiment died down quickly when it became clear that the alleged statements were a fabrication and the rumors were spread by a malicious third party, possibly the Bollywood mafia, still pissed about not getting the foreign rights to Kaho Naa... Pyaar Hai (2000). Nepal born actress Manisha Koirala played an important role in getting the news to the people in Nepal that the accusations were false.

In January 2001 Hrithik Roshan was again involved in a controversy. This time about a poster created and used by the Democratic Alliance in South Africa in November 2000 to woo Indian voters. The poster used his face without permission. The ANC reacted angrily and threatened to ban his films.

He has been called the first complete Bollywood actor who has no weakness and scores very high in every department: face, physique, voice, dancing, drama, romance, action, comedy, macho, softie.

He won Filmfare award 2000 for best male debut and best actor for Kaho Naa pyar Hai.


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