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Friday, November 21, 2008

Kangana Ranaut speaks about herself in ‘Seventeen’

After Ameesha Patel, it is now Kangana Ranaut who appears on the cover of the famous fashion magazine ‘Seventeen’ and we must say she does look worth a million dollars with her stylish attitude and crowning tresses.

The issue has Kangana open up on issues like she was never a lazy child as she was always up to something. She adds that when she started acting, she just did not want to get settled as a mediocre actor. She also goes on to say that after 3-4 movies more, she might just take the plunge into direction and writing screenplays! She admits that once upon a time she wanted to be the Prime Minister of India and still nurtures the dream. She goes on by saying that the day she becomes the Prime Minister, she will change everything!

So, just go and grab your issue if you want to know all about Kangana Ranaut…

kangana ranaut on cover of seventeen


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