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Friday, November 7, 2008

Salman Khan Is Unromantic Says Katrina Kaif


As they get ready for the release of their forthcoming film Yuvraaj, Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif gave their first joint interview and answered questions about their love life for the first time.When Katrina was asked whether Salman was a very romantic boyfriend and she promptly replied,“No. He is not romantic at all. He keeps it all for the screen.”This will be their first serious romance and Katrina confesses that their ideas of romance are very different from each others’.“I want to go for holidays, but he says its boring to be alone together. He hates candlelight dinners. He wants his food to be ready on the table when he reaches a restaurant. He likes to be surrounded by people.”Katrina also spoke about what she likes about Salman, except for the fact that he is a good looking man,She says, “Earlier I used to think, models were drop dead lookers. But today I cherish a complete personality. But I cannot deny that Salman and I had an instant connection when we met. I thought he was a striking personality.”Salman was asked who he thinks of as the most beautiful woman in the world and guess what he replied -“Whoever I have gone out with or I am going out with now, is the one.”Perfect reply that nailed both Aishwarya and Katrina. Wonder if that caused a little twitch in Katrina’s eyebrow.


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