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Sunday, November 30, 2008

Sexual Orientation Gossip Bothers Karan Johar


Much has been said (and spoofed) about Karan Johar’s happy and ‘gay’ mannerisms. The fact that K.Jo is successful yet still single (no wife, no girlfriend) really gave people a chance to gossip about his sexual orientation.

The man has been subtly trying to get homosexuality a bit of social acceptance in a conservative country like India (read: Kantaben sequences in Kal Ho Naa Ho and now the entire movie Dostana) but obviously disguising it as light hearted humor and pun.

People have been assuming that Karan Johar is a gay and perhaps that is why he keeps getting the topic of homosexuality in his films. But K.Jo seems to be unfazed or rather irritated with the gossip, he says,“I don’t care about what people’s perceptions are. People have questioned me about my orientation often. I feel it’s nobody’s problem. There are two words, private and personal, which I haven’t put in this English language, but I know they mean something, that’s why they are attached to the word ‘life’, private life and personal life. It’s my prerogative to say “it’s not your problem; it’s none of your concern”.He’s added, “People don’t know any thing about me actually and I don’t want them to share whether I have a marriage hidden somewhere or I have a relationship that no one knows about or I don’t have anything and I am a monk in my head and I have taken an oath of celibacy.”Well Karan… obviously no one cares… we are just CURIOUS


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