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Friday, November 28, 2008

Soha Ali Khan Scared of Driving Cars


Soha Ali Khan who proved that she is a brave girl by deciding to live on her own despite having her big brother in town has revealed that what scares her the most is driving cars.

In some films, where Soha was required to drive a car, she tactfully avoided it but she couldnt do that for Dil Kabaddi.Soha tells us, “I am a very bad driver. In fact I get really scared if I have to drive. I never shot driving scenes in my previous films, but then for this particular shot in Dil Kabaddi I had to drive at the marine drive 7 o clock in the morning. We had made my personal driver to sit at the back seat to instruct me while I was supposed to drive. He helped me but then I was very stressed out for the shoot.”Debutante director, Anil Senior Sharma adds, “Soha had told me she hates driving and is scared of doing that but we couldn’t avoid the scene. We had to coax her and convince her that she could do it well. I made her take eight to ten rounds just to increase her confidence before actually shooting for the scene. She did it easily but one can see the tension on her face. I must say she managed it well in the end.”I’m curious to see her expressions in that scene.


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