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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Vidya Balan - The mimickery artist in the making

Amidst much criticism and controversies Vidya Balan has managed to carve her niche in this glam world of Bollywood. Though not fitting in the criteria of hot, bold and sexy leading Bollywood ladies she has managed to bring success to her movie based on her acting skills.

If you thought that only serious acting was on this talented actress’ cards, let us tell you that the lady has a good hand at mimickery as well and is known for her chirpy and bubbly nature on the sets. In the words of a unit member from one of the Vidya’s movies, “You should hear Vidya mimic. She can imitate other actors with utmost ease! It’s a treat to watch her take off on them. She’s the life of our night schedules. She is high in spirits even at wee hours.

She never lets other get bogged down by dullness and is always smiling, cracking jokes and imitating other people. The grueling schedules do not look grueling any more with her around.”

What we suggest is that since the movie career is not really on a upward swing, why not give laughter shows a try, Vidya?

vidya balan


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