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Monday, December 8, 2008

Big B & Tabu to team up yet again

The chemistry of Big B and Tabu received rave reviews in ‘Cheeni Kum’. Now, this legendry actor and the talented actress are teaming up yet again for the period film “The Legend Of Kunal” where Big B will be playing emperor Ashoka and Tabu will play his wife Tishyarakshitra. Incidentally, this will be Tabu’s next venture after ‘Cheeni Kum’.The film will be directed by Chandraprakash Dwivedi (who made ‘Pinjar’) and produced by Amitabh’s company AB Corp Ltd.“Tabu had not a moment’s hesitation in saying yes to the role of emperor Ashoka’s powerful wife Tishyarakshitra, so powerful she swayed the entire Mauryan empire with her politics and aura. We needed an actress with the strength of conviction,” said Dwivedi.“History and its cinematic treatment demand the characters to be true to their antecedents. And emperor Ashoka, who is caught in his twilight years in my film, had to be played by Bachchan saab. Only he possesses the gravity, sobriety and personality along with being the age required.I wouldn’t make Ashoka without him. As for Tabu, she plays his young, fiery, assertive wife. She’s an actress I’ve wanted to work with for a very long time. Again, only she could play Tishyarakshitra,” Diwedi added.In addition, the film will star Arjun Rampal as emperor Ashoka’s son Kunal. Amrita Rao will play his wife Kanchanmala.“Again, I cast them because of their suitability rather than saleability,” Dwivedi said.“In fact, Amrita was recommended by Jaya Bachchan. Tabu and Amrita have many dramatic confrontation scenes together. I needed an actress who could hold her own against someone as powerful as Tabu. Amrita is delicate but strong,” he added.

amitabh bachchan and tabu


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