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Friday, December 5, 2008

Bollywood on terrorist dead bodies


All the terrorists of the Mumbai attacks who were killed will apparently not be having a decent burial after their shameful acts. The Muslim Council has declared that the bodies of the terrorist should not be buried at any Muslim cemeteries in India and as Pakistan is not taking the responsibility of the terrorists, its now in the hands of Police to decide what to do with the bodies. Some Bollywood celebrities voice their opinions on this issue.

Abbas Tyrewala:
It is said that the spirit of the dead which do not get a decent burial roam forever. That’s a terrible thought in this case. I certainly don’t want the spirits of those b******s to roam our country. At the same time, I don’t want them to be buried in our country. In fact, I can think of a hundred horrible things to do with their bodies, all unmentionable. On a more expressible level, I thought, why not use their organs for medical purposes? But no way. Not those organs in those diseased souls, please. So why don’t we just throw them back into the sea? But do we want the sea to be polluted? So that leaves us with little choice. I am confused. But I remember during the Kargil war, our soldiers gave a decent burial to the Pakistani soldiers who perished on this side of the border. That was then. This is something else. So what do we do with their bodies?

Anees Bazmee: At this moment, the wounds inflicted on us are very deep indeed. Tempers are bound to cloud our better judgement. My personal belief is, if the bodies as per the law are not claimed, we should allow the burials on our soil. Let’s not forget, we’re humans first. Sooner or later, the enemies will appreciate our humane gesture and hang their heads in shame.

Farhan Akhtar: Send them back to Karachi on the boats they arrived in.

Mahesh Bhatt: Let the army answer the question of their burial. There’s a code as to how to handle the enemies’ corpses during wartime. During the Kargil war the Indian army buried the enemy’s unclaimed corpses with dignity. That is India.

Mohammed Iqbal Khan: Those people were not Muslims. Islam does not permit what has happened. In addition, they didn’t even belong to our country. But since we aren’t as destructive as they are, we should return the bodies to their country.

What do you think folks? What should be done with the bodies?


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