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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Kareena Kapoor - Surgeon as well as supermodel???

For her forthcoming ‘Kambakth IshqKareena Kapoor has decided to follow the looks of Sarah Jessica Parker from ‘Sex and the City’. Kareena is quoted as saying, “My looks in Kambakht Ishq will be something audiences have not seen before. It is completely different from Tashan, Golmaal Returns and Jab We Met. I play a surgeon and a supermodel in Kambakht Ishq and my styling has been done keeping my character in mind. I always discuss my roles with Lolo and when I asked her about Kambakht Ishq, she told me to get inspiration from Sarah Jessica Parker’s look in Sex And The City. Lolo loves watching TV serials and Sarah’s cool, chic, glamorous and yet simple styles”.

The movie has Kareena playing a surgeon who then gets transformed into an international supermodel in Italy. However, Kareena has decided to let go for her zero-size figure and go for a fuller look as she has to look convincing both as a surgeon and an international model.

“Yeah my character flies to Italy to become a super-model to support herself financially. I didn’t want to play the character looking like an international model because she’s basically in another profession. So she can’t really have the figure of Victoria Beckham, can she? I had to look more filled up. Again, for my next release Main Aur Mrs Khanna with Salman, I play a wife. So I wanted to look more filled up. Not that wives can’t be curvaceous. The one I played in Golmaal Returns certainly was,” says Kareena.

Now Kareena has decided to hold steady with her new weight. “I weigh 54 kgs now, which for a girl of my height is quite fine. People used to wonder what ‘Size 0′ is and I’d joke, ‘Just look at me’. I don’t want that anymore. I want to look like a nice normal healthy girl,” she says.

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