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Sunday, December 7, 2008

Priyanka Chopra: A girlfriend in need?

Though Harman Baweja’s luck did not seem to be on his side with his filmi career, but he is lucky indeed to have a girlfriend like Priyanka Chopra. No one can deny that she worked hard to make his debut venture ‘Love Story 2050’ turn out to be a major success. Now, that’s a different a different story that the film bombed at the box-office.Harman’s next venture is ‘Victory’ with Adlabs, but the makers of the film are finding it difficult to get buyers owing to the recession in the market and also due to the fact that Harman had a unsuccessful debut. So, the distributors who had earlier shown interest have now backed out and agree to come back in on the deal if they are offered heavy cuts in the price. So, Harman requested Priyanka to do the number and as a true girlfriend she agreed.So, now we have Piggy Chops set to do a sizzling item number in ‘Victory’. And hold your breath, the reports are that she would be wearing nothing but a two piece. She’ll be shooting for it early in the New Year.And Priyanka’s not finished in her efforts to launch Harman in his career yet. She will be appearing alongside him in ‘What’sYour Rashi?’ in which she plays twelve different roles. It’s based on the novel Kimball Ravenswood and Priyanka says, ““It is a romantic comedy and my character is something nobody’s ever played in Indian cinema, no female actress for sure. I hope the film turns out interesting too. This film will also give a lift to my career.”

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