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  Akshay Kumar, Jackie Chan And Mallika Sherwat

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Secret behind Deepika’s cheeni eyes


Deepika Padukone is looking all Chinki in her upcoming flick Chandni Chowk to China which also starrs Akshay Kumar. According to rumors the leggy lass is playing a double role in the movie and she confirms the news and says it’s not a publicity gimmick.She says,  “It’s actually a double role and no publicity gimmick. I play two different characters in Chandni Chowk To China , one is an Indian called Sukhi, and the other is a Chinese girl, Meow Meow. The Chinese character is a pro at martial arts for which I had to undergo four months of rigorous training before the film started.”There were rumors that Deepika had used tapes to make her wide eyes look like Chinese eyes, however Deepika says, “We had thought of that initially but it wasn’t a good idea to use tapes, they’re bad for the skin. My makeup artist came up with a simpler solution and used the eyeliner in such a way that it gave my eyes the Chinese tweak.”

So do you think Deepika does justice to her Chinese role?


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