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Friday, January 2, 2009

John Abraham In Awe of Aamir’s Body!


John Abraham had been voted as sexiest male by popular Eastern Eye magazine. People rave about his chiseled body and washboard abs but he is more impressed with Aamir’s body.

He said, “I may be fit but when I look at Aamir Khan and the way he has developed his body just for a role, it scares me,” he adds, “We actors should take a leaf out of his book and look at how he has changed cinema in this country.”

His Daniel-Craig-style-emerging-from-the-sea scene got him quite a bit of attention doubled by Dostana’s super success. His body took more of people’s attention than his acting, but he says,
“I’m never ashamed of talking about my body. Though at times I do feel like a meat shop.”

Aamir on the other hand said, that his body in Ghajini is not the center point of the film and its story. He wished that when people come out of the theatres after watching the film, his performance should take them such a way that his muscular body should be the last thing they remember.

Indeed, as John says - Aamir is truely awe-inspiring!


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