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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Katrina Kaif: A girl doesn’t look for six-packs in a man


Katrina Kaif is dating the man who started the trend of six-packs in Bollywood industry - Salman Khan. She praises all actors today who are following his footsteps and have build great bodies. But she feels that when a woman falls in love its not the packs that she looks for but for kindness and charm.She says, ‘’If I want to be politically correct I can say all our heroes have good bodies today. Everyone looks good because all of them work hard on their bodies. One of the first was Salman. And it is always tough to maintain a good body for so long. Akshay also has one of the finest lean and tough bodies. Aamir has developed a great physique. This is remarkable because it’s tougher to build such a body and maintain it after a certain age. But, frankly, what a girl looks for in a man are not his six-packs, his looks, or his age difference – it’s just his kindness and his charm that win women over.”

What do you think folks? Looks are not important in love?


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