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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Imran Khan gets Shruti Haasan to sing in 'Luck'


Mumbai (IANS): Bollywood's new heartthrob Imran Khan says his "Luck" co-star Shruti Haasan's real-life singer image is now being incorporated into the film by director Soham Shah. "I've discussed the idea of Shruti singing in 'Luck' with my director Soham, and he's kicked by the idea. So Shruti will be singing in 'Luck'. In fact, Soham and the music director Pritam Chakraborty are having music sessions right now. A song is being designed for Shruti," Imran told IANS. It was childhood friend Imran who had recommended Shruti as an actress as well to Soham, who has earlier directed "Kaal". Imran and Shruti go back a long way. Shruti, her younger sister Akshara and their mom Sarika were regular house guests in the Khan household at a time when Sarika was based in Chennai with her ex-husband Kamal Haasan. "That's right," concedes Imran. "We almost grew up together. Initially Soham wanted to sign a new girl opposite me in 'Luck'. I recommended Shruti. And I'm glad I did. Shruti has turned out to be wonderful in 'Luck'. "In terms of her look, talent and body language, Shruti is not your conventional heroine at all. She's very unconventional," he said. What about Imran singing for himself? Not too many people know that the actor sings quite well and entertains family friends and his girlfriend with his singing. "You've seen 'Jaane Tu...Ya Jaane Na'. You've seen how badly I sing in the climax? But I do have a steady voice. I sing the lower notes well. So with a little bit of training, I may be able to sing for one of my films," Imran said. For now he is happy doing all the rugged outdoor sports with Shruti in "Luck". "I think it's a helluva concept. No one has done any film like 'Luck' before." In fact, Imran would love to be part of the sports film that Soham will now be directing for Sanjay Dutt Productions. "I love outdoor sports, Sanju baba and I love working with Soham. So there's no reason why I wouldn't want to be part of Soham's next." Imran has got along well with all the directors and co-stars he has worked with so far. "I do have an immediate and easy connectivity with people. I guess that quality works for me on screen. My aim is to play characters that people can easily connect with. That's true of 'Jaane Tu...Ya Jaane Na', 'Kidnap', 'Luck' and 'Delhi Belly'. These are the only films I've signed so far."


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