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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Lakme Fashion Week 2009 kicks offby Times News Network

There are no rules in fashion, just like true self expression. Fashion is about dressing, using your style as a tool to express yourself. It cannot be without expression, except on a mannequin. Fashion without style is dreary. To me, it is a passion to adorn what suits my style and expression, and hence it keeps me in a comfort zone. Your style describes you and fashion is how you dress it. Today more and more Indian designers are creating a manifestation of their own expression. They are not only producing clothes but inventing a lifestyle. I have seen designers grow not only in status but in thought and mindset. It is wonderful to see newer versions of the original to be far more ‘original’. The world of fashion can suck you in, if you allow your little toe in. We are at the threshold of the Gitanjali-sponsored Lakme Fashion Week Spring Summer 2009, starting today and till Friday at the NCPA. Being high in demand, this time, there is a Menswear day. Obviously the Indian male has concluded personality, success and finally clothes maketh the man! The only downside to this is that the man now is going to be fighting for closet space. Otherwise, great to see better dressed Indian men!
Art is going to be on display. An interpretation of fashion by 20 artists. Laila Khan, who is one of them, has painted a nude woman with a tattoo on her body, representing her interpretation about the uniqueness and confidence of fashion. Laila’s untitled work has an inscription written next to it, referring to fashion and art. “It reveals yet conceals, charms yet seduces and transforms the complexity of the figure with the greatest clarity and inspiration.”
And what inspires Mehul Choksi of Gitanjali to unveil a diamond studded shoe to kick of the start of largest fashion week of the country. “The romance of Cinderella!” said the man who rightfully believes there to be a connection between jewellery and fashion. “We are also going to be exhibiting the likes of jewel-studded chandeliers and chess sets, one of their kind in the world,” said the man. “Does Cinderella really get this shoe?” I joked with him visualising a line of the female variety squeezing their toes into this jewellery piece. “Of course!” he said riding my line of jest.


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