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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Ashish grieves the loss of his sister and bro-in-law


Disaster struck not only Mumbai, but many Mumbaikars and foreigners who lost their loved ones in the terrifying terrorist act and the worst struck in Bollywood is EMI actor, Ashish Chaudhary who lost his sister and brother in-law in the gruesome incident.

Ashish’s sister Monica and bro-in-law has gone to the tragedy struck Oberoi Trident to have their dinner at Tiffin along with some pals. Throughout the ordeal Ashish was sure that his sister and brother-in-law will come out hale and hearty, however the destiny had something else written for him.A tearful Ashish says, “Till the last hostage was brought out by the security forces, the whole family was hopeful that they were alive and well. But that didn’t happen.”Ashish recalls the last contact with his sister, saying, “My father got very worried and immediately called on her mobile. She took the call and told my father in a quivering voice that there were terrorists inside the hotel who were firing at people. After that the call got disconnected. We were totally confused about what to do next and whom to talk to. We rushed to the Oberoi.”Ashish adds, “It’s shocking, really shocking. I still can’t believe that my dear sister and brother-in-law are now no more. I am completely shattered.”

Ashish Chaudhary’s loss has also hit Bollywood hard, with close friend Celina Jaitely condoling Ashish.


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