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Thursday, December 25, 2008

Deepika doesn’t want to be compared

Deepika Padukone’s latest film will see her doing some really great stunts with Khiladi Kumar Akshay Kumar. However the leggy lass doesn’t like it when she is compared to any other actress.She says, “I’m different… Don’t compare me with Priyanka Chopra just because she’s done stunts in Drona and I’ve done action sequences in Chandni Chowk to China (CC2C). Each person is unique and so am I. I worked hard for six months to learn those stunts and was specially trained by experts from Hong Kong.I’m glad filmmakers recognise my talent… I will be playing a dual role once again in CC2C, after Om Shanti Om. I’m happy filmmakers find me capable of portraying different roles. It’s given me confidence and satisfaction.Wearing those tight wigs for CC2C was painful… One of the two roles I play in the film is that of a Chinese girl. Which is why it was necessary for me to wear those tight wigs with a fringe. Even my eyes had to be stretched out for the role. It really hurt.I feel fortunate to have worked with some of the top heroes… From Shah Rukh Khan to Akshay Kumar. And now I’m working with Saif for Imtiaz Ali’s next film, after which I will be working with Akshay once again. Akshay is a fantastic guy with many years of experience. I’m glad I’ve got to work with all of them so early in my career.”So are you ready for some action?


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