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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Rakhi Sawant & Sambhavna Seth have a huge fight

What happens when two hot Babes come together? Following it comes a huge cat-fight along with exchange of verbal assaults. Talking about Rakhi Sawant and Sambhavna Seth, the two item girls had a huge fight on Rakhi’s birthday on 24 November.What made up Rakhi’s mind is yet to be understood but the gal called up her rival Sambhavna and invited her to the party at a suburban restaurant. Sambhavna was reluctant to come but Rakhi insisted.What we saw next was the two girls fighting. There are two different versions as to what actually sparked the fight.According to Sambhavna, when she arrived at the party, Rakhi called her a chudail (witch) in front of everyone. Sambhavna says she couldn’t take the remark lightly and responded to Rakhi is the same vein.Pointing towards Rakhi, Sambhavna said: “Ek (chudail) toh mere saamne khadi hai”. Then a heated argument followed between the two item girls.But according to Rakhi’s version, it is Sambhavna who first began “bitching” about Rakhi with other guests at the party. Rakhi said it was then she told her to leave.Interestingly, both the item girls accuse each other of doing this stunt for publicity.

rakhi sawant fight

sambhavna seth fight


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