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Friday, October 3, 2008

I AM: Sikandar Kher

Honestly, I don’t know what spirituality means. I think it means different things to different people. I can’t call myself religious or spiritual in any traditional sense of the word but I do believe in God. I know there is some Supreme Power up there but I don't understand what face can God have. Some find God in idols, others in scriptures; I feel Him everywhere. For me, being religious is doing good karma , being nice to people and leave a trail of happiness wherever I may go. I am God-fearing but I am not ‘religious’ or ritualistic. I don’t follow any set pattern. I am too impatient to sit back and meditate. I think it needs a lot of concentration and I am not cut out for that. But I do visit places of worship —I may choose to go to a temple or a mosque or a church, even a pagoda for that matter, if I feel the urge to interact with that divine power. I think I have got it all from my parents and the fact that I am born to a multi-cultural set of parents. My dad was born in Kashmir and my mom is a Punjabi , so there has never been a thing in the family about which faith to follow and how to practise religion. My parents have been very liberal in their beliefs and I have got the same from them. I find it very selfish when during tough times people look for a resort in God and religion. But being a human being, i am no different. In times of adversity, I simply talk to God and pray for peace. But yes, I am happy to say that even during happier times, or in any normal day of my life, I do thank God for all that He has given me. My philosophy in life is to be good to everyone, although this is a very tough proposition in today’s world. But it’s the only way to attain happiness. If I have to put my mind at peace, I prefer being amongst my friends and family. Or I would go for a movie or some other activity that needs involvement – may be some kind of sport. I have never experienced any miracle or any such incident where I have been face to face with God. I feel God is everywhere and He is around every day. Right now, I am very happy and content with the direction my life is taking. I thank God for that.


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