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Friday, October 3, 2008

To Bollywood Fans

To Bollywood Fans

In china I got handed of bollywood fans I get a lot of questions here about what it takes to become a Bollywood actor. In my research, I ran into this list of few tips
What tips and inside information can you give to someone who wants to be an actor/actress in Bollywood?

1. Speaking Hindi – Unless you can speak Hindi fluently,

2. Dancing is an essential – you could start classical Indian dance classes.

3. You need to understand the Indian culture.

4. Spend time in India to make contacts – get yourself known to film makers.

5. Get some acting training.

6. The population of India is about 1.1 billion and most of them want to be a star. Perfect everything before you go and search for a job in Bollywood.

7. It's all about who you know and which parties you're at.

8. Landing a role depends a lot on your profile; you need to have a good profile before you consider going into the Indian film industry.

If you make ready those tips u can try ur best .

Wish u good luck


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