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Friday, October 3, 2008

What we can write on diary

Every time I write a diary, I don't know what to write. To me, every day is the same. I just do the routine study. Get up early in the morning,eat my breakfast, go to school, go home after class, eat my dinner, and go to sleep after I finish my homework. Then the next day I will do the same.But now I learn to look at things from another angle. I start to observe what happens around me every day; even it is a little incident. When I help a little girl cross the street, or I see something interesting, I will keep it in mind and Write it down. If I use my eyes and head more, I will know what to write in a diary.
Check out my example Diary

2nd Oct2008

Today Shirley and I went to visit Fujian Museum. As it's about 3 kilometres from my home, we decided to go there by bike. We set off at 8 o'clock. At the museum we saw many photos and other things. We learned a lot. We saw a lot of children with their parents, students with their teachers and soldiers. At ten o'clock we left the museum for home. We had a wonderful time today.

(1)My Hobby
My hobby is playing basketball. I love basketball. I think basketball is my friend. Since the fifth year of my primary school, I have been very interested in it. I often play basketball with my friends and classmates.playing basketball helps me get good friends and get courage. I play basketball very well. I often play basketball with my friends have a gramble: who tails, who buys drinks for the others.
Actually playing basketball is very happy and is a very healthy sports. I love basketball.

(2)Sky is very blue. I like blue very much. In the morning, our teacher taught us some animals’ English names. It too hard for me! I felt unhappy. In the afternoon, when I see the sky, I saw a plane. It’s too far away.
I miss my parents very much! I wanted to hear my mother lpeak. I felt tired this time. Suddenly, I remember my mother said: ”If you think you can, you can.” Yes,hard-working is the key to success. I’ll waork hard tomorrow.

(3)Today is fine. In the morning our foreign teacher Brodie Williamson cam again. I like him very, because he is interesting. Our class was filled with laughter in his class.
Today, he taught us what is Love. First, everyone are shy because we thik love is a boy and a girl like each other. But it is not right. Lvoe include friendship, love between parents and children. We only know friendship is important. If we don’t have friends, we won’t getanything. Parents’ love is warm. When we need help, they will hilp me and love is sweet. It is like honey, they will help and believe in each other.
I think there is love everywhere.

(4)My mother is a good woman. She is very good for me. Everyday she gives me a good breakfast. Then we go to my school, when I go to my class, she goes to work.
I love my mother!
Every night, she and I go to my room. She says: “Good night! Jenny.” “Good night!” I say. Then she goes to her room.
I love my mother!
During her work time, she does not rest. But she still picks me up at school everyday. When we get home, she gives me some milk and some beak. Then I go to my bed.
I love my mother very much!

(5)I didn’t finish my work today. I didn’t write the English dairy. My mother was
very angry because she has keen me to get ahead in the career. I know that she is good
for me, but I don’t know how to say now. May be I lacks confidence in myself. Now I am
writing my English now. From now on I will force myself to practice English and do
exercise. I hope I can be turn better tomorrow.
Today I knew a new word: practices makes perfect.

(6)Yesterday was my birthday, so some of my classmates sent me presents. Mother prepared a tea party for me. I invited all of them to come and take part in it.

The tea party began at half past six. There were cold drinks and refreshments. We ate, talked and laughed. We felt that we were the happiest men in the world.
Time passed quickly. In a twinkling, the clock on the wall struck nine. We could not but say “Good-bye” to one another.

(7)July 14th Wednesday rainy
Yesterday I came to the center of Chongqing with my mother. We came to a place named “toward the air door”. I think many people know it. The night view is so beautiful that we all don’t want to back to home. I have a photo here. In the nine, we had to go back home. I didn’t wash my face before I went to bed, I’m too tired.

July 16th Friday rainy
This holiday is my best busy holiday for I am learning English, computer and word and I fall in the weekend exam. Many times I want to take today off, but my mother said to me:“go on, you must belive that you can do it.” So I have to try. Now my English is better than 2months ago. I must thanks my mother, she is good for me. Practices makes perfect.


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