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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Asin doesn’t mind being overshadowed by Aamir


Asin is all set to make a big mark in Bollywood by starring opposite Aamir Khan in the most awaited movie of the year Ghajini.However Asin knows her place and is aware that Aamir is going to hog all the attention, she says,  “I obviously know that Aamir will outshine me. The film is about Sanjay Singhania; Aamir is the central part… I am just glad that I have a small role in this big project.”When quizzed about playing a small role, she says, “How can that even be an issue? Aamir Khan is such a fabulous actor, that anyone would give an arm and a leg to share the frame with him. I shouldn’t and don’t have ego hassles, and instead am thanking my stars that I got to be part of such a project.”

Well it’s good that she is well aware of Aamir’s charm at the box-office before the release of the flick.


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