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Monday, December 15, 2008

Flops Mellow Salman Khan Down

Salman Khan has become very very professional and looks like all his flops have mellowed him down. He is shooting with full dedication his forthcoming movie Veer. For the first time in his career he is putting the movie ahead of his stardom.

A close friend of Salman reveals,  “Veer is his dream project and he has been putting his mind and soul completely into it.He even rushed back to Mumbai from Greece for the shoot of Veer as the sets had been put up and every day was important as his second leading lady Liza Lazarus had already arrived in India by then too.In fact due to time constraints he headed directly to the shoot of Veer in Film City from the airport in his make up van which was waiting for him at the airport. Despite the jet lag, he did not go to his home. He shot a few scenes and then took a two hour break and rested in his make up before continuing to shoot till midnight.”

And unbelievably Salman did not want to waste time travelling from the film set to his gym instead he worked out at the Whistling Woods gym to save time.His friend confirms, “Salman is leaving no stone unturned for the film. So to ensure that there is no delay in the making of the film he is visiting the gym at Whistling Woods which is close to his sets of Veer to save time lost in traveling from Bandra to Film City.”

Desperate attempts to deliver a hit and save his stardom… Hope the effort pays him well.


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