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Monday, December 15, 2008

Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi Movie Review


With Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi director Aditya Chopra returned to the silver screen as director after 8 long years since his last movie Mohabbatein released. It hadn’t been a great year for Yash Raj Films and there were one too many reasons why YRF desperately wanted Rab Ne to be a hit.

Shahrukh Khan’s movies very obviously arouse a lot of interest and this movie did the same job but with a difference - that being Shahrukh’s ordinary looks in the film. Shahrukh plays an ordinary guy named Surinder Sahni working for Punjab Powers. He is quite nerdish - bole toh a simple lovable guy many people can relate to.

He attends the wedding of his Professor’s daughter where he falls in love with the bride Taani (Anushka Sharma), she is beautiful, bright and bubbly (ala Preity Zinta) but things take a favorable turn when the news of the groom’s death in an accident reach the wedding party. In such a time apna hero comes forward to help the girl in distress and her family. And being his professor’s favorite student he wins his daughters hand and rab makes this jodi for the film to proceed.


Throughout the film he is shown asserting and compromising his true self balancing the act between ordinary and extraordinary to win his lady love. However, there are flaws in the script, Surinder and Taani’s relationship is not established well enough to justify her having an extra marital affair. Taani’s character needed more detail than just establishing her as a bubbly girl.

In some cases you need to just switch your mind off instead of trying to find a reason as to why Taani doesn’t recognize her husband in his funky avatar. Now coming to SRK’s makeover story - the makeover is not convincing at all. SRK is at his ham best, he tends to go a bit over board with his dressing sense to dialogue delivery - extremely irritating at times. Only hardcore SRK fans can like him in this avatar.

Overall, this movie has enough drama to draw you to the screens and keep you hooked. Although it is quite lengthy. 2 hours 40 minutes are a bit too much for this particular film. Adi could have easily done with only 2 hours but some unnecessary masala scenes added to the length.


Anushka Sharma makes a good debut. The girl has to hone her acting skills but she did a fair job as a new comer. She is a very good dancer too. Shahrukh Khan as the nerd makes a mark. Vinay Pathak is another rememberable character in the film.

I would say this is an average film, not a very intelligent fare not bad either. Music is average too, nothing like DDLJ or Mohabbatein or other YRF films. SRK is the only reason people would watch this movie for.

Worth a watch not second.

Rating 3/5


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