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Monday, December 15, 2008

Nandana’s Topless Scene Approved By Censor Board

nandana sen2.jpg

Nandana Sen is all set to make history as her controversial topless scene in her forthcoming film Rang Rasiya has been approved by the Indian censor board.

The film Rang Rasiya is the story of the legendary painter Raja Ravi Verma played by Randeep Hooda and his muse Sugandha played by Nandana. Sugandha used to pose nude for Verma. The film required scenes of frontal nudity and Nandana’s nude scenes are very crucial to the film’s narrative.

Nandana’s nude scenes form “the very core of the film” probably thats why it narrowly escaped the Censor’s scissors.Nandana confirms the news and says, “I’m not surprised by the decision at all. That scene forms the very core of the film. Rang Rasiya is itself about censorship of art. The political message as well as the emotional drama in our film revolves entirely around that particular scene, making it absolutely essential to the narrative.”“Everyone who has seen the film has commented to us about how the scene complements the film, so why would the censor board think any differently?” she added.

The Censor board must have approved the scenes but will the people accept it? Does this approval indicate that the Indian audiences have come of age to view frontal nudity on the screens of Indian cinema halls? Only time will tell.


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