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Friday, December 12, 2008

Kangana-Adhyayan Locked For Hours In Vanity Van


Kangana Ranaut is sharing screen space with her current boyfriend Adhyayan Suman in Raaz 2 and the lovebirds seem to make most out of the time they are together.

Kangana and Adhyayan fell in love while shooting for Raaz - The Mystery Continues and they were inseperable reports a source on the sets. So much that the two lost count of the time while they were locked together in the vanity van.

They had a shot with Emraan Hashmi who was made to wait for hours before Mohit Suri, the director cancelled the shoot in frustration. Kanagana and Adhyayan unaware of this were really shocked to see the shoot cancelled and apologized to producer Mukesh Bhatt, report sources on the sets.

When this buzz reached Adhyayan’s daddy Shekhar Suman, he was pretty upset. Adhyayan slammed the media for these rumors saying,“Come on, we are young, leave us alone… What have we done wrong to be under constant scrutiny all this while. First and foremost it is our personal life and it is no one else’s business to be interfering in that. Secondly, we have made our relationship public and just because we have done that and don’t have anything to hide, you can’t be writing something since you have to fill up your scoop column. Thirdly, though I could choose to completely keep quiet about it, I can’t help but cry out loud that nothing like this ever happened. Was the person who wrote all this there on the sets to see what was actually transpiring?”“I can go on to say that people should act with some responsibility but I know that it won’t be the last time that something like this has happened. I guess I will have to just start making myself oblivious about such rumors and baseless gossips being written about me. However, it is just not fair for Kangna to be going through this trauma. Guys, respect a lady at least”, said Adhyayan in anger.”Yet again, my dad was upset about the entire incident. I have to time and again pull the strings back and concentrate on my work. ‘Raaz - TMC’ has been such a fabulous movie and it pains when rather than talking about the film, I end up being a part of such conversations. Seriously, I have had enough and it’s just not fair anymore. Kangna has just withdrawn herself from media after this baseless story.”

But Mr. Suman Jr. there is no smoke without fire!


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