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Sunday, January 4, 2009

Aamir Khan at SRK again


For all those who thought that SRK and Aamir’s war of words is over - think twice ‘coz they are back to it again.

In a recent interview with TV channel Zoom, Aamir talks about everything under the sun which includes friend Salman and not so close friend Shahrukh Khan. Read below…

On Katrina saying that he joins the league of best physiques: , “I’m flattered by what Katrina said. But if you will ask me, I like John’s physique. I think he’s got a great physique. I think Salman has got a great physique.”

On converting from media shy to media friendly : There was a time in the middle for about two and half years that I kept away from media as I didn’t know how to deal with them. I do understand that media has an important role to play. I would like to give them value.

On accepting awards in future : The things that I value, I like to give time and energy too. As far as media is concerned its very important to engage them as I’m part of it. Do I have issues? Yes I have. But if I want society to change, I have to engage with it. I can’t just keep away from it. The same thing I feel about media. If there are issues, it’s not good to just keep away from them.Just engage with them. As far as award ceremonies are concerned, I have nothing against them. I’ve been to the Oscars; I’ve been to the BAFTA. I have absolutely no problem in going to certain award functions.

On Shahrukh Khan,: I think Shah Rukh enjoys taking Potshots at me. And he’s been doing this over years. Which I really enjoy well… So, I thought why not to reply to him as well. SRK is always saying ‘I’m Number.One, I’m Number One…’ I’ve been hearing this for the last twenty years. I’ve never heard Lata Mangeshkar saying it. Or Sachin Tendulkar saying it. Or Mr. Bachchan saying he’s Number One. I think if you’re Number One, there’s no need to say it.

You can catch this hot interview exclusively on ZOOM on January 4 at 12.30 pm.


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