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Sunday, January 4, 2009

Shahid Kapoor : Kareena- The pain has receded


Shahid Kapoor in a candid interview talks about ex-Kareena Kapoor and alleged now Sania Mirza. Read below to know more…

Did the irony of your breakup with Kareena and the film’s(Jab we Met) success strike you?
It’s too glaring for me to not notice it.But that’s life for you. You can’t fight it. I’ve always accepted what life gives you. I think what defines my life is not what happens to me but how I deal with it.

Do questions on Kareena make you uncomfortable?
No. It’s been a year now. The pain has receded. See, I know that as an actor I’m not allowed to have my complete privacy even if I wanted to. I try to keep my personal life to myself.

I want to stay connected with the person I am. I want to be in a real world. Sometimes in our world we’re pulled into an illusory state. I want to stay normal. I’ll do as much as possible to uphold my privacy.

Is Sania Mirza a part of your private space?
I don’t like talking about her. But yes, we do know each other, we’re friends and we’re in touch. A lot of people have been speculating about my personal life. And I’ve always said I’m a normal person.

If I’m in a relationship I won’t be sitting in a room alone. I’ll go out with the person I’m in a relationship with. So people will get to know if something is on without giving details.

Since you’re seen with Ms Mirza does one conclude you’re seeing her?
I go out with a lot of friends. But she’s a well-known face. So when I’m seen with her it becomes a matter of discussion. Beyond that I’ll hold on to my privacy.

Did the light hearted mood of Kismat Connection help you get over your break-up with Kareena?
More than the film, I had my family and friends who helped me get over that phase. I don’t think a film can do it for me.

Shahid with Kareena or Shahid with Sania. Eeew Fugly!!!


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