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Sunday, January 4, 2009

What stars pledge for 2009


Post 26/11 Bollywood has woken up and want to do something for their country. Read below what famous Bollywood stars pledge for the year 2009.

Salman Khan: ‘I pledge to give back the love I have got from people… ‘

I want to keep myself abreast of current happenings more than before. I also wish to give back the love I have got from people and make a conscious effort to make everyone happy and touch their lives.

Shahid Kapoor: ‘I pledge to change the system’

I have never voted in my life. I have woken up to this fact that we need to participate in the process to change the system. It’s the need of the hour. Post 26/11, I have realised that.

Kangana Ranaut : ‘I pledge to execute my responsibilities and duties as a citizen’

I will start being aware about my nation, its politics and other current issues that will enable me to understand my responsibilities and duties as a citizen. And, I will have an opinion and power to voice whatever I feel and stand for.

Shilpa Shetty : ‘I pledge to vote’

I will vote from now on every year, no matter how busy I am. I will take time out. I haven’t done this in the past, but now I understand the importance of an efficient government after the recent attacks. And, if we want to change, it’s in our hands literally.

Harman Baweja : ‘I pledge to vote for the right individual’

I have not been voting all this while, but this year I will definitely vote. I’ll support and vote for an individual who will selflessly work towards a better future for India.

Sonam Kapoor : ‘I pledge to be more conscientious’

I would like to be a more aware and conscientious citizen of my country from now on.

Amrita Rao : ‘I pledge to fight back anything that dares challenge me’

To fight back anything that dares to challenge me. To bring about a balance of strength and sensitivity in me. As a Mumbaiite, not to forget 26/11 and to voice my opinion through the media whenever I see any aspect of the city going wrong.

Irrfan Khan : ‘I pledge to try and quit smoking’

The one thing that I want to do is try to quit smoking for sure.

Celina Jaitley : ‘I pledge to work on my shortcomings’

To work on myself, specially my shortcomings, and do three crazy things this year which I have never done in my life.

Shriya Saran : ‘I pledge to make someone happy every day’

I want to make someone happy every day. This is that basic deed which we are increasingly forgetting. Greeting each other with a smile, a hello, namaste and a salaam, trust me, will change the day for you and the person. I want to show I care.

What do you pledge for 2009?


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