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  Akshay Kumar, Jackie Chan And Mallika Sherwat

Friday, October 10, 2008

Guess Who

If you guess Leave ur comments

Guess who is this bollywood actress sexy LIPS?

Rani Mukherjee to woo Shahid Kapoor on-screen

If you thought that bong beauty Rani Mukherjee had said goodbye to Bollywood, you are in the dark. Yes, her fairy tale makeover in ‘Thoda Pyaar Thoda Magic’ failed to do the trick for her, the actress is not the one to quit.

Following Bipasha Basu, this time Rani Mukherjee will be seen wooing younger Shahid Kapoor in the coming year in not one but two flicks. And if reports are to be believed, then the duo will be seen doing several ‘roll in the hay’ scenes in two flicks. The first one is being produced by Rani’s favorite banner ‘Yash Raj’ with beau Aditya Chopra directed by debutante director Anurag Singh.

The other one will be directed by Priyadarshan, it will be a social-drama; and have his trademark wacky comedy. The film is said to be a thriller with loads of twists and turns. It is very different from anything that Priyan has done before. Shahid’s character will have shades of grey. He double crosses everyone including his lady love in the film. The shooting of the film is said to start by early next year.

Priyadarshan, however, denies everything about the flick. He simply says, “I am not aware of this.”

SRK gifts Farah iPhone


King Khan of Bollywood SRK is known to have a generous heart when it comes to his close friends. The Khan with a mighty heart recently gifted close buddy Farah Khan Apple’s iPhone.

A source reveals, “Last month, Farah Khan was choreographing a song picturised on Shah Rukh and Deepika Padukone at Filmistan Studios for his home production. SRK and Farah being big techno game freaks became obsessed with the latest iPhone game Lexitron (a word forming game) which cinematographer V Manikandan had on his iPhone. The actor and the director played the game on Manikandan’s phone till the battery died. The next day, Farah was pleasantly surprised when Shah Rukh gifted not just her but also her assistant Feroze the latest iPhones. Farah uses the iPhone for playing games and taking videos and pictures of her triplets — Anya, Diva and Czar. She has been showing the pictures and videos to everyone on the sets on Billoo Barber.”

When Farah was asked about SRK’s gesture she said, ”What’s the big deal in such gifts? These things happen between friends all the time.”

Yeah well said Farah, specially if you happen to be SRK and Sallu’s friend.

Abhi-Ash head to Kerala


Bollywood’s supercouple Abhishek and Aishwarya are heading to God’s own country - Kerala for filming Mani Ratnam’s Ravan.

According to sources, Mani has already selected the site, which is a dense forest near Athirapally waterfalls. Abhi-Ash will arrive at the location next week and till then Mani will be shooting with other cast members.

Previously Mani directed Aishwarya Rai at the same location for Barso Re song from Guru.

Bollywood Actresses with Without Makeup

First Look - Kajrare


Himesh Reshammiya is on a movie signing spree these days. The stills of his Pooja Bhatt directed Kajrare movie has hit the net and is available for everyone to have a peek. The film also stars Pakistani actress Monalaizza. Check out the pics for

Secret behind Shilpa Shetty’s figure


When you think about great bodies in Bollywood, the first person that comes into your mind is ‘Shilpa Shetty’. The leggy lass with her awesome figure has vowed many men and women alike, and the reason behind her svelte figure she insists is her mother.She says, “The credit for the glamor and beauty goes to my mother. I often tell my father that I’m a replica of mumma.”

So she is doing her bit for her family and that’s why she has made her mother Sunanda and sister Shamita follow a strict diet.She says, “We avoid carbs. We compensate it with loads of proteins and vitamins. Trust me, the results are showing.”

Well I guess her Yoga DVD is also helping her in the process.

Tabu & Big B in Ashoka


Tabu and Big B created magic in Cheeni Kum despite of their age difference and now the awesome twosome are ready to rock Bollywood again by coming together for a period flick based on Mauryan Emperor Ashoka.

Apparently Jaya Bachchan was supposed to play the role of Queen Tishyarakshita which finally was bagged by Tabu. The movie will be directed by Chandraprakash Dwivedi.Dwivedi reveals, “Tabu didn’t hesitate a moment to say yes to the role of the Emperor’s powerful wife who swayed the Mauryan empire with her beauty and politics. We needed an actress with the strength of conviction. Tishyarakshita was unique and such an extraordinary and enigmatic character has never found expression in our cinema.”Dwivedi adds, “History and its cinematic treatment demand the characters to be true to their antecedents. And Emperor Ashoka, who’s caught in his twilight years in my film, had to be played by Bachchan.Only he possesses the gravity, sobriety, wisdom and personality along with the age required. I wouldn’t make Ashoka without him. As for Tabu, she plays his young, fiery and assertive wife. Again, only she could play Tishyarakshita.”

The movie will be produced by Amitabh Bachchan’s ABCL company.

Kidnap Movie Review

Kidnap had enough reasons to draw people to the theatres –
1. It is Imran Khan’s second movie after his very successful debut. He looked very sexy in the role of a tough baddie. (I’m talking about the promos)
2. It’s a Sanjay Gadhvi movie – the successful director of Dhoom series.
3. Sanjay Dutt
4 Minissha Lamba in her new bikinilicious avatar
Plus it was supposed to be the Eid attraction.


The promos gave the impression that Kidnap is going to be a typical Sanjay Gadhvi action-suspense Masala flick. Big names, good locales, interesting story and plot and a couple of good songs… all the perfect ingredients for a successful film. But does this concoction impress? Lets see…

As soon as Minissha Lamba is done with her introductory item number and skin show, she gets kidnapped… Whoa! That was pretty fast. No time wasted there. And then begins the cat and the mouse came between Sanjay Dutt (who plays Minissha’s father) and Kabir (Imran Khan). We are not given any information on Kabir and his motive behind the kidnapping of Sonia (that exactly is the suspense) and it leaves the audience more curious as to why the kidnapper doesn’t want a huge ransom from such a rich man.

The first half manages to keep you hooked, thanks to a well-etched plot and Minissha Lamba’s ample cleavage show… But when the climax is unfolded with the actual reason why Kabir kidnaps Sonia and how the movie ends is extremely disappointing… and that makes all the difference to the film.

Performances are just about average. Sanjay Dutt, looks extremely tired in the movie, he needs to work a little bit on his body. There is nothing much to do for, he just glided over his role. Imran Khan, well, the lad looks great but he should work on his intonation, his dialogue delivery sounds a little monotonous. Minissha Lamba does what she was expected to do – act like a pretty prop, she carried her bikini sequence with élan. Vidya Malvade… I wonder why she was chosen for that role.

Over all, it’s a fairly nice time-pass flick. It has everything that appeals to the eye. So go for it.

Rating – 2.5/5

Drona Movie Review


All hype no show – Wish I could give this one line review of Drona. Disappointing fare from Goldie Behl.

Like all super hero films the story is simple – Hero fights to save the world from a villain who wants to be immortal. The only difference being, that this superhero is straight out of Indian mythology with an Indian look.
The biggest pain in the movie was Kay Kay Menon’s character Riz Raizada. Poor characterization puts Menon’s effort to waste. The character seems to be inspired by Batman’s Joker. His weird and garish wardrobe and hairstyle makes him look like a gay… really a torture.

The movie reminded me of that tacky serial of our childhood Alif Laila where the virtuous desi-super hero fights all odds to beat the villain. The challenges that Drona faces to succeed in his mission are far from impressive. The sword fights and car chases are all clichéd.

Abhishek Bachchan, quite honestly speaking is unsuitable for the role of a Super hero. One cannot help but make the unjust comparison with Hrithik Roshan in Krrish. Also, he lacks the physique of an action hero; he should work that belly flab out.

Priyanka Chopra could’ve been called the saving grace if her character was a little stronger. Jaya Bachchan has a small role, in most of which is she seems she is almost crying.

However, the actual saving grace of Drona is the special effects of the movie. The only thing you could bear the movie for. Otherwise a movie with a lousy story, average performances and poor screenplay and direction could just be called a ‘waste of time and effort’.

By the end of the movie… I really felt sorry for Abhishek who had so many hopes from this movie.

Rating 1.5/5

Katrina trusts Akshay


Katrina Kaif is riding high on her last success ‘Singh is Kinng’, the actress apparently follows Akki into his projects because she believes in his knowledge about scripts and box-office.She says, “He has a fantastic script sense. And you know, when he’s doing it, it will work. Not that I go blindly into films that feature him. But, yes, he does have a fantastic knowledge of what works at the box office. That explains our success ratio together.”

It can be remembered that Akshay played a side role in ‘Namastey London’ and similiary Katrina played the sidey in Singh Is Kinng, but Akki did not allow her to complain about her role.She says, “Every time I’d start complaining about the size of my role, Akshay would order me to go and stand in a corner and repeat ‘Namastey London’ five times and be quiet. He’s right. He needn’t have done ‘Namastey London’, which was the girl’s story.”

Well we definitely like this couple:)

Minissha Lamba - How hot can you get???

Well, it seems cute Minissha Lamba is hell bent on shedding her girl-next-door image along with her clothes. If you thought she had revealed it all in her recently released ‘Kidnap’ she is here to prove you wrong. Check out the latest shots from Maxim and decide it for yourself. So, here we have another bombshell in the making.

minissha lamba in bikini maxim magazine photo shoot

minissha lamba in bikini maxim magazine photo shoot

minissha lamba in bikini maxim magazine photo shoot

minissha lamba in bikini maxim magazine photo shoot

minissha lamba in bikini maxim magazine photo shoot

Shahruk Khan's Family Photos

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