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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Shilpa Shetty all set to shoot the music video for her IPL team

When Shilpa Shetty stepped into the IPL arena along with her beau Raj Kundra, it was quite evident that glamour would seep into the cricket field. Shilpa has kept her promise of making a music video for the team and the theme song for the Rajasthan Royals will be composed Anand Raj Anand who is a close friend of the lady.

Apparently, the basic song of the Rajasthan Royals (’Halla Bol’) will remain unchanged, but the music that accompanies it will be changed. The lyrics of the anthem will be some what like, ‘Phir vahi lalkar hai, phir kanon mein goonj rahi jeet ki jhankar hai.’ The song will be sung by Anand Raj Anand himself along with Monali Thakur with Shilpa shooting a sizzling music video to promote her cricket team on the choreography of Ken Ghosh. The buzz is around that approx. 3 crores will be spent on the music video.

Says Shilpa excitedly. “I’m so glad Ken is making an exception for me. We chose Anand Raj Anand because he’s an expert at catchy folk songs. I first worked in a film with his music when he scored for Pardesi Babu. I was simply bowled over by the numbers. Today when I hear the song he has composed for our team I feel deeply enthused.”

shilpa shetty posing in bikini

Lekha Washington steps into Bollywood

It is the time for South beauties to rule Bollywood now. After Asin took everyone by surprise bagging some plum projects with big Khans of Bollywood, Lekha Washington is the latest south side actress to join Bollywood. Lekha has been chosen to star opposite Rajeev Khandelwal in UTV’s new film, ‘Peter Gaya Kaam Se‘. She was chosen since UTV needed a heroine who could play football, ride the bike, look like a super model, do martial arts, and be everything from cold-hearted to a girl next door.

An NID graduate, Lekha is a powerhouse of talents being associated with theatre, adventure sports, sculpting, and hosting travel shows. Apart from being a qualified documentary filmmaker, Lekha co-hosted the first season of the Indian Premier League with Ajay Jadeja on Sony Max. A Maharashtran Burmese Italian Punjabi hybrid, Lekha Washington is quite a known name in Tamil Cinema.

In October 2008, Lekha had hosted the Al Barakha Canada Cup Twenty20 tournament on international television. She has also hosted travel shows around the world, and been an active theatre enthusiast for much of the last eight years, directing her theatre group Khel.

lekha washington

lekha washington

lekha washington


lekha washington


Amrita Arora gets candid in ‘Grazia’

That Amrita Arora broke up with her last boyfriend Usmaan and is currently in the arms of the sauve businessman Shakeel Ladak is stale now. What the latest issue of ‘Grazia’ has to offer is the candid confession and revelation of her relationship from this bold and sexy girl.

Amrita graces the cover of the magazine looking more charming than ever and proclaims, “Yes, I am crazy about Shakeel. I am completely cuckoo about him and we love being together. He is extremely stable, extremely responsible, and not at all wishy-washy about anything”.

She goes on to describe the qualities of her beau as, “Shakeel is a fiercely private person and though he understands that all the media attention is a part of being with me, he chooses to stay away from it. If people want to take potshots at my relationship, I can’t do much about it, but I won’t learn from it. My boyfriend is going to come with me to events, I won’t compromise on that!”

amrita arora grazia

Kajol does not come easy for Karan Johar

Now, this is definitely an impossible dream for any married actress, but we are talking here about Kajol who can surely make anything possible. Even after marriage, Kajol is in a position to make choices and also command price for her movies. She has reportedly charged 1.5 crores for Kunal Kohli’s ‘Fanaa’ and the film was a huge hit. Thereafter, she appeared in hubby Ajay Devgan’s directorial debut ‘U Me Aur Hum’.

Now, the news doing rounds is that Kajol is charging a whopping Rs 2.5 crore for Karan Johar’s next movie ‘My Name Is Khan’. Karan managed to convince Kajol to do this movie only after much persuasion and readily agreed to pay the price which other top Bollywood actresses are commanding at present. Kareena Kapoor and Katrina Kaif charge about 2 crores or more for their movies.

In ‘My Name Is Khan’ Karan is repeating the sizzling on-screen pair of Shahrukh Khan and Kajol for the third time. In fact, Kajol is playing a full-fledged role in Karan’s film after a gap of 8 years.


Kajol and Shahrukh khan


Shahruk Khan's Family Photos

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