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  Akshay Kumar, Jackie Chan And Mallika Sherwat

Friday, November 7, 2008

BR Chopra departs silently


The architect of Bollywood, B R Chopra breathed his last yesterday after giving everything he had to Bollywood, brother Yash Chopra and son Ravi Chopra.The legendary director, B.R Chopra’s first movie was a flop, but then he went onto achieve success with classics liek Afsana, Naya Daur, Sadhana, Kanoon, Humraaz, Gumraah and Nikaah.B.R Chopra is the man responsible for what Yash Chopra is today, he was the one who gave the opportunity to Yash Raj to direct his first movie which was a great hit - Dhool Ke Phool.  B. R Chopra is known for his immense contribution for Bollywood and was given the Dadasaheb Phalke Awards for his contribution towards Indian cinema.The body may have gone, but your soul continues to live in our heart and the classics of Bollywood. We give the classic filmmaker a final tribute.

Hrithik’s look for Kites


Hrithik Roshan from a long time has been sporting long locks, since his Krissh days, but the locks have turned auburn and seems like he has take cue from good friend Abhishek Bachchan and is seen sporting a thick stubble these days.Well the actor’s new look is for his film Kites. Some people are drooling over his new look and some think that he is suffering from some disease and hence the weak look.However wife Sussane is completely bowled over by her hubby’s look.

What do you think of Hrithik’s new look?


After hearing the news of Ash’s role being chopped from Pink Panther, Kareena must be really happy on her decision to turn down a role offered by Gurinder Chadda to her to act opposite Hollywood hottie Johnny Depp.A source commenting on this episode says, “Three years ago, Gurinder Chadda (director of this new film) wanted Kareena for Bride & Prejudice. Kareena naturally presumed it was the lead. She was shocked to know the director actually wanted her for Aishwarya’s youngest sister’s part which finally went to Piya Rai Choudhary. Bebo was irked at being offered the fourth lead and vowed never to work with her again. Now when a new Gurinder Chadha film was offered to Kareena she quickly said no without hesitation.”However Kareena also confirms this bit of news, saying, “Who offers a role is not important. What is being offered is important. I’m really not that enthused by the idea of going international unless it’s something really big. I don’t even know if Gurinder’s offer was with Johnny Depp. I was just not interested.”

What do you think folks? Bebo’s reason is right enough to turn down the offer.

Salman Khan finds a duplicate Katrina?

salman khan-1.jpg

After finding a xerox-copy of ex-girlfriend Aishwarya Rai for his flick Lucky, Salman Khan has done it again, this time he has found a ditto copy of his current flame Katrina Kaif.Zarina Khan, was spotted by Salman Khan on the sets of Yuvraaj, where she is Katrina’s body double. And after spotting her similarity with Katrina he has decided to cast her opposite himself in Veer.A source reveals, “Zarina is slightly younger than Katrina, her age is 21. If one was to see Zarina from afar then you would not be able to make out who is who. Zarina’s name will be changed before the film releases and she will be given a much more common Hindu name.”The girl has been in hiding, as Sallu wants to keep it a secret, but we will surely show you the pic as soon we lay our hands on it.Well looks like its double dhamaka for Sallu Miyan. Ek taraf Katrina to dusri taraf Zarina

Kareena Kapoor covers Hi Blitz

Kareena Kapoor makes a regular magazine Hi Blitz look sexy and stunning with her beauty and poise. Check her out below flaunting an Ayesha Depala and Christian Dior gowns.


Any yeah forgot to tell you, Bebo is ranked by the magazine amongst India’s 50 most beautiful people.

Salman and Katrina set the sets of ‘Sa Re Ga Ma Pa’ Ablaze!

Watch out for the Bollywoods best-looking pair, Salman Khan and Katrina’s Kaif’s special episode of ‘Sa Re Ga Ma Pa’, on air on November 8th on Zee TV!Salman Khan stole all the limelight by asking Yashita Yashpal out on a date!
He also gyrated on stage with contestant, Debojit Dutta, mingled with the ‘Sa Re Ga Ma Pa’ team including with guest judge, Himesh Reshammiya and accepted a rose on bended knee from Pratibha Singh Baghel. In short, Stud Salman had armored all his magical charms!Drop dead gorgeous Katrina commented in recent interview that Salman is a downright unromantic beau! He just shuns the very idea of candlelight dinners and reclusive holiday! We wonder what Katrina has to say about this Salman who’s going on his knees accepting a rose???Promoting their upcoming venture ‘Yuvvraaj’ at ‘Challenge 2009′ show taping, the superstar Bollywood couple can be seen in photos below:

katrina kaif and salman khan

salman khan

katrina kaif and salman khan

salman khan

salman khan

salman khan

SRK double dhamaka for Rab Ne..


SRK has confirmed the rumors that he is indeed playing a double role in his forthcoming Yash Raj flick Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi.King Khan reveals, “When Adi narrated this story to me, I loved it. I didn’t think he wanted me for the lead role though, because he always narrated his stories to me, in spite of people thinking that we don’t get along. One of the characters, Surendra Sahni, is this normal man who is secure in his skin. He is an ordinary man who has an extraordinary story to tell. He is truly secure in his skin. I like such people.”Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi will be hitting the theaters on 12th December. The songs for the flick have also been released

Aishwarya Rai ignored in the promos of ‘Pink Panther’

There was much hype about Aishwarya Rai making it big in Hollywood with the much anticipated ‘Pink Panther’, but when the truth was finally out it deflated many dreams. The fact is that Ash has been openly ignored in the promos of the film where she stars opposite the funny man Steve Martin. Bachchan Bahu was quite upset when she learnt that she was missing from the recently out posters of the flick. There are also strong chances of her role being chopped to a certain extent.

Seems tis time for the Bachchan Bahu to say goodbye to Hollywood as well as Bollywood!

aishwarya rai gorgeous

Salman Khan Is Unromantic Says Katrina Kaif


As they get ready for the release of their forthcoming film Yuvraaj, Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif gave their first joint interview and answered questions about their love life for the first time.When Katrina was asked whether Salman was a very romantic boyfriend and she promptly replied,“No. He is not romantic at all. He keeps it all for the screen.”This will be their first serious romance and Katrina confesses that their ideas of romance are very different from each others’.“I want to go for holidays, but he says its boring to be alone together. He hates candlelight dinners. He wants his food to be ready on the table when he reaches a restaurant. He likes to be surrounded by people.”Katrina also spoke about what she likes about Salman, except for the fact that he is a good looking man,She says, “Earlier I used to think, models were drop dead lookers. But today I cherish a complete personality. But I cannot deny that Salman and I had an instant connection when we met. I thought he was a striking personality.”Salman was asked who he thinks of as the most beautiful woman in the world and guess what he replied -“Whoever I have gone out with or I am going out with now, is the one.”Perfect reply that nailed both Aishwarya and Katrina. Wonder if that caused a little twitch in Katrina’s eyebrow.

Singh is Kinng sequel in row


With the box-office success of Singh is Kinng , producer Vipul Shah has put on his thinking cap again and has decided to churn out a sequel for the moviestarring none other than the real Kinng, Akshay Kumar.HE says, “After doing Waqt, Namastey London and Singh is Kinng, we had to do something that would take us into another zone. My next film with Akshay pushes the envelope even more. After that there’s the Singh Is Kinng sequel which I’d like Anees Bazmi to direct. But he’s very busy. So it depends on him.”What do you think people? Would you prefer to see Singh Is Kinng II ??

Celina Jaitely turns into a stripper


Celina Jaitely is always known for her daring acts more than her acting. And now the actress is getting to fulfill her wish of more skin show, with her upcoming movie, Showman where she plays a stripper.The hot babe says, “I am playing this girl born to an English man and Indian woman. She unfortunately comes from a very poor family background in London. She has grown up to be a stripper in a night club and a con artist. Basically her main aim is to own a night club.”Well this movie will be full paisa vasool for Celina Fans, mainly the front rows Auto Rickshaw wallahs.

Abhishek Bachchan tones his flabs for ‘Raavan’


The race of the hotbod male actors heats up as Aamir Khan hits it hard with his heavily worked out body glaring through the posters of ‘Ghajini’. Now, Junior Bachchan who had never been too keen on working out for fitness, finally says goodbye to his flab by losing 15 kgs for his role in Mani Ratnam’s ‘Raavan’. Abhishek has also got his hair trimmed to get the look and feel of his character.

The pressure was from Mani Ratnam who wanted Abhi to have a lean body for the lead role in ‘Raavan’. Mani also asked Abhishek to get a crew cut so that he looks convincing in his role. Well, hope Abhishek Bachchan too finds a place in the race for six-pack abs of Bollywood hunks!

Big Boss calls Payal and Sambhavna back to house

Ever since the two hot-n-spicy inmates of Big Boss 2 got voted out, the TRP of the show has been falling. Talking about Sambhavna Seth and Payal Rohtagi, the producers of the show have called them back in the house. Based on insiders, the show producers had to request Sambhavana Seth to join the show. Sambhavana is known to stand up for her point and challenge all men, be it Ashutosh or Raja. This time Sambhavna is in no mood to spare anyone, who voted her out. Payal Rohtagi, who claims to have benefited a lot from the show is also happy to make a short comeback on ‘Bigg Boss’, specially when Rahul Mahajan seems to be having a romantic fling with Monica Bedi. It is also quite well known with the viewers that Sambhavna and Payal cannot stand eye to eye with each other.


When Preity Zinta got slapped


Preity Zinta must have bagged the award for the best actress for her role as an abused wife in her flick Heaven on Earth, but she felt extremely humiliated when her co-star Vansh Bhardwaj, who enacted the role of her abusive hubby, mistakenly slapped her for real.She says, “When we were shooting the film, there was a scene where my co-star had to slap me and, of course, it was a mistake as he took one step forward and actually went smack across my face.”It was the most humiliating experience of my life because everyone saw me getting slapped.”Well the reality infused in the movie, must have helped Preity bag the coveted award at Chicago Film festival.

Shahruk Khan's Family Photos

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