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  Akshay Kumar, Jackie Chan And Mallika Sherwat

Monday, December 15, 2008

Happy Birthday Rajinikanth


December 12 is no less than a day of festival for thousands of hardcore Rajinikanth fans as the actor turns 58 today.

Rajinikanth is the undisputed king of the Tamil cinema for more than two decades. He has done around 153 movies in his career of 33 years and still entertains his fans and audience with the same passion and devotion.

The actor today will be spending his birthday in Hyderabad filming his daughter Soundarya’s animation flick Sultan.

The superstar is also working with Bollywood beauty Aishwarya Rai in Shankar’s magnum opus Enthiren.

Lets wish the iconinc superstar a very happy birthday.

Akshay pours his heart out after Mumbai attacks


Akshay Kumar like his many other colleagues has also penned down his thoughts about the Mumbai attacks and what he feels about the whole issue.He writes, The morning of November 27, was the most horrendous day I can remember since I lost my father. The night before I pretended to sleep; now awake, I thought I could have nearly lost my wife, for she was there at the Taj the previous evening. If she had stayed for dinner, I don’t want to know what may have happened to her. Now as I watched her sleep, looking troubled, holding our son close, as I lay next to them, I made up my mind — I was not going to let my family live in fear. Not now, not ever! It’s the 21st century, for God’s sake.How can we still be surrounded by such pain and suffering? There were so many mothers whose sons had been lost to the terrorists’ bullets, and many who had braved them to ensure others were saved. But the biggest victory for any terrorists would be to see us affected. Yes, they wanted to snatch away our smiles, ruin what ‘we’ as a country live and breathe for… that is love and respect. But they cannot damage us, we are a family, a union, but only if we stand together. If you want to fight these terrorist, then fight we shall, but by coming together — not by starting a war.We must learn how to protect ourselves, learn how to fight with our brains not just our machinery. We are loved as a country that is humble, beautiful, and full of culture, we cannot become terrorists ourselves, we are better than that… It’s been a week now and we have all been counting the hours, a lot has been said about the system failing, the authorities failing, and the loss that is beyond repair… But I believe in my people, we can’t fight politicians!We just need to vote intelligently, only ‘We the People’ can save our country, no one else… We need to think like Kiran Bedi. Remember ‘Temper is what gets us into trouble, but pride is what keeps us there.’ Let us calm our thoughts, like my mother always says, ‘Jai mata di, jai mata di.’ Those soldiers have given their lives for us, let it not be in vain. Hold your tears and hide your pain. We are Indians and we are respected, respected for our strength and our humble hearts, let’s do the right thing — fight for peace, not war. Jai Hind!

Akshay Kumar

What do you think about his thoughts folks?

Michael Jackson meets Hrithik Roshan


It rarely happens that Hollywood stars are keen to meet Bollywood stars, however recently pop king Michael Jackson specially came to meet our very own Bollywood hottie Hrithik Roshan.

Apparently Hrithik was shooting for his home movie Kites, in LA when he was busy preparing for a shot and suddenly spotted Jackson at the set.A source reveals, “Michael introduced himself to Hrithik. It was a funny scene to see someone like him, who the whole world knows introducing himself. The two spoke for a short time and then Michael left.”

Michael was in the same area for his filming commitments and decided to meet Hrithik when he heard that he was nearby.

Dhoni’s Bollywood Debut


Move over cricket, our very own Mahi - MS Dhoni is all set to rock Bollywood with his debut in David Dhawan’s Hook Ya Crook based on cricket.A source reveals, “UTV, who had earlier made Goal, a football-based film, want Hook Ya Crook to be an authentic cricket film. The climax will be a huge cricket match a la Ashutosh Gowariker’s Lagaan. Dhoni, who has a full-fledged role, is being brought on board to share the field and cinema space with the rest of the cast and also to help his colleagues give a believable spin to the game.”David Dhavan reveals, “Cricket does play a very important part in my film.”

So guys what do you think about Dhoni’s Bollywood debut. The guy surely looks hot but his voice doesn’t have much impact.

Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi Movie Review


With Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi director Aditya Chopra returned to the silver screen as director after 8 long years since his last movie Mohabbatein released. It hadn’t been a great year for Yash Raj Films and there were one too many reasons why YRF desperately wanted Rab Ne to be a hit.

Shahrukh Khan’s movies very obviously arouse a lot of interest and this movie did the same job but with a difference - that being Shahrukh’s ordinary looks in the film. Shahrukh plays an ordinary guy named Surinder Sahni working for Punjab Powers. He is quite nerdish - bole toh a simple lovable guy many people can relate to.

He attends the wedding of his Professor’s daughter where he falls in love with the bride Taani (Anushka Sharma), she is beautiful, bright and bubbly (ala Preity Zinta) but things take a favorable turn when the news of the groom’s death in an accident reach the wedding party. In such a time apna hero comes forward to help the girl in distress and her family. And being his professor’s favorite student he wins his daughters hand and rab makes this jodi for the film to proceed.


Throughout the film he is shown asserting and compromising his true self balancing the act between ordinary and extraordinary to win his lady love. However, there are flaws in the script, Surinder and Taani’s relationship is not established well enough to justify her having an extra marital affair. Taani’s character needed more detail than just establishing her as a bubbly girl.

In some cases you need to just switch your mind off instead of trying to find a reason as to why Taani doesn’t recognize her husband in his funky avatar. Now coming to SRK’s makeover story - the makeover is not convincing at all. SRK is at his ham best, he tends to go a bit over board with his dressing sense to dialogue delivery - extremely irritating at times. Only hardcore SRK fans can like him in this avatar.

Overall, this movie has enough drama to draw you to the screens and keep you hooked. Although it is quite lengthy. 2 hours 40 minutes are a bit too much for this particular film. Adi could have easily done with only 2 hours but some unnecessary masala scenes added to the length.


Anushka Sharma makes a good debut. The girl has to hone her acting skills but she did a fair job as a new comer. She is a very good dancer too. Shahrukh Khan as the nerd makes a mark. Vinay Pathak is another rememberable character in the film.

I would say this is an average film, not a very intelligent fare not bad either. Music is average too, nothing like DDLJ or Mohabbatein or other YRF films. SRK is the only reason people would watch this movie for.

Worth a watch not second.

Rating 3/5

SRK on marriage, Suhana and Aryan


Shahrukh Khan is always seen speaking about his films and projects, however he churns out some intimate details about his family and his kids in a recent interview.SRK reveals that his life with Gauri became extraordinary when their kids came into their life, he says, “Can you believe that Gauri and I have been together for 24 years now? Just imagine we have spent almost a quarter of a century together. We got married in 1991, so it’s been 17 years of marriage now. There seemed nothing extraordinary about our life or marriage, till the children came along.”SRK adds, “We still look at Aryan and Suhana and we wonder how we managed to produce them. As you must have noticed Aryan looks just like Gauri and Suhana looks like me. So it is as if we have managed to produce clones of ourselves. Gauri and I are not very smart people though. I perhaps can’t even make a paper plane properly. Yet we have come together to make these extraordinary, special children. Here they are growing up so fast and yet we feel that we are still the same people when we had met. We believe that we will stay young forever.”

Now that’s really cute SRK!!! BTW did anyone see Rab ne… What’s your verdict?

AR Rahman Gets A Golden Globe Nomination


India’s best musician today - AR Rahman has got himself a Golden Globe Nomination for Best Original Score.

AR Rahman is a truly gifted musician and has many Indian and international awards to his credit. He has won “the Mauritius National Award and the Malaysian Award for contributions to music. He was nominated for a Laurence Olivier Award for his first West-End production. A four time National Award winner and conferred the Padma Shri from the Government of India, Rahman has received six awards for Best Music at the Tamil Nadu State Film Awards and eleven awards for his scores at the Filmfare and Filmfare Awards South each.”

We wish him luck for the Golden Globes… this would be definitely the largest feather in his already crowded cap!

Nandana’s Topless Scene Approved By Censor Board

nandana sen2.jpg

Nandana Sen is all set to make history as her controversial topless scene in her forthcoming film Rang Rasiya has been approved by the Indian censor board.

The film Rang Rasiya is the story of the legendary painter Raja Ravi Verma played by Randeep Hooda and his muse Sugandha played by Nandana. Sugandha used to pose nude for Verma. The film required scenes of frontal nudity and Nandana’s nude scenes are very crucial to the film’s narrative.

Nandana’s nude scenes form “the very core of the film” probably thats why it narrowly escaped the Censor’s scissors.Nandana confirms the news and says, “I’m not surprised by the decision at all. That scene forms the very core of the film. Rang Rasiya is itself about censorship of art. The political message as well as the emotional drama in our film revolves entirely around that particular scene, making it absolutely essential to the narrative.”“Everyone who has seen the film has commented to us about how the scene complements the film, so why would the censor board think any differently?” she added.

The Censor board must have approved the scenes but will the people accept it? Does this approval indicate that the Indian audiences have come of age to view frontal nudity on the screens of Indian cinema halls? Only time will tell.

Flops Mellow Salman Khan Down

Salman Khan has become very very professional and looks like all his flops have mellowed him down. He is shooting with full dedication his forthcoming movie Veer. For the first time in his career he is putting the movie ahead of his stardom.

A close friend of Salman reveals,  “Veer is his dream project and he has been putting his mind and soul completely into it.He even rushed back to Mumbai from Greece for the shoot of Veer as the sets had been put up and every day was important as his second leading lady Liza Lazarus had already arrived in India by then too.In fact due to time constraints he headed directly to the shoot of Veer in Film City from the airport in his make up van which was waiting for him at the airport. Despite the jet lag, he did not go to his home. He shot a few scenes and then took a two hour break and rested in his make up before continuing to shoot till midnight.”

And unbelievably Salman did not want to waste time travelling from the film set to his gym instead he worked out at the Whistling Woods gym to save time.His friend confirms, “Salman is leaving no stone unturned for the film. So to ensure that there is no delay in the making of the film he is visiting the gym at Whistling Woods which is close to his sets of Veer to save time lost in traveling from Bandra to Film City.”

Desperate attempts to deliver a hit and save his stardom… Hope the effort pays him well.

Shahruk Khan's Family Photos

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