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  Akshay Kumar, Jackie Chan And Mallika Sherwat

Wednesday, December 31, 2008

John Abraham bares it all in ‘New York’

Cheer up girls! Now is the stripping season for Bollywood hunks. For long, Bollywood actresses have used their weapon of skin baring to make their way to success. Now, it is Bollywood males who are entering into the dare-bare territory.

John Abraham had stripped down to the barest minimum on the beach in “Dostana”. Now, reports say that he has bared it all for a torture scene in his next film “New York”.

The scene in question is for a prison for director Kabir Khan’s flick which narrates the tale of friendship and terrorism.

Earlier, Kunal Kapoor in “Rang De Basanti” and Ranbir Kapoor in “Saawariya” did bare-back scenes that were deleted when the films opened. But John’s nude scene is set to remain in “New York”, which is slated for a January release.

Said a source close to the project: “It’s a prison sequence in the US where John, who is suspected to be a terrorist, is denuded of all dignity. This is how they break your spirit in an American prison when they want you to confess to being a terrorist.

“They make you eat, sleep, urinate and defecate in the same room. Then they begin to strip your dignity down… until you are left in the cold, dingy cell completely naked. John had to enact this sequence.”

john abraham

Saif Ali Khan recovers & plans for a holiday with Kareena

Saif Ali Khan had been hospitalized in Leelavati hospital on Christmas eve owing to a stomach upset, but now he is well on the way to recovery.

Speaking from his hospital bed at Leelavati hospital on Dec 26, Saif said, “I’m almost recovered now. I’m going home today (27 Jan). It was nothing, really.

I returned from Philadelphia from the shooting of Rensil d’Silva’s film on 23rd night. And since I was missing all the Mumbai ka khana, I gorged indiscriminately on local junk food, sev puri bhelpuri, paani puri….puri ki puri fauj went into my stomach.”

Saif claims it was nothing serious and he is going for a holiday with Kareena as pre-planned. She said, “It was gastroenteritis. Yes, I’ve been in hospital twice in the recent past. Once it was just an appendicitis. And the other time it was far more serious. After going through what I did the last time I’m hardly going to get scared by a little stomach infection.”

He added, “Actually it’s much less scary than it looks. I’ve got a drip coming out of my hand, so that makes it look kind of serious. But it’s nothing. I’m fine. Just a little sleepy. In fact Kareena and I are going on our holiday to the mountains as planned.”

saif ali khan and kareena kapoor

Big B, Abhi and SRK in Kal Kisne Dekha


The three superstars Amitabh, Abhishek and Shahrukh are now coming together for Vivek Sharma’s Kal Kissne Dekha and all three are doing cameos. Sharma is obviously thrilled as he gets the creme de la creme of Bollywood to play cameo for his film which is the debut vehicle of Jacky Bhagnani and Vaishali Desai.

“SRK is making a special appearance in the film and is coming at a very important time in the film’s climax.

He is a good friend and like a brother to me and for him to agree to be a part of Kal Kissney Dekha is like a blessing”.

Says Vivek, “Abhishek Bachchan is a part of one of the romantic songs which is going to be shot in New Zealand in the first week of January”.

Hope this one does’t depress like Anil Devgan’s Haal-e-Dil.

Shilpa Shetty and Raj Kundra Married?

Shilpa Shetty is currently in London and supposedly on her wedding trip. Shilpa’s whole family including her sister Shamita are in London.

Rumor mill says Shilpa Shetty and Raj Kundra got married a couple of days before Christmas and Raj threw a grand Christmas bash-cum-reception party for near and dear folks.Apparently Shilpa was so elated that she decided to cook herself for the Christmas bash. She prepared dinner for her beau and family that night. Shilpa says, “Luv cooking but (for 15 people) was backbreaking, but worth all the same when showered with huge compliments which we thoroughly lapped up.”She goes on to add “Dinner was a lavish (healthy), exotic spread …. fruit punch, salmon & chicken appetisers with some dips, Golden Roasted stuffed Turkey,(it looked like a tandoori turkey by the time I was finished with it!!!!) Yorkshire pudding, Mozzarella Salad, Roasted Parsnips Organic vegetables, corn pulao, brussel sprouts with roasted chestnuts… and finally topped it with a two layered chocolate cake and apple crumble with ice cream and traditional mince pies with warm custard.

Shilpa probably didn’t want to reveal to the world that she is married… But I bumped into this weird picture on the Internet… Shilpa in a wedding dress… Wonder if it supports the rumors.

Raj Kundra and SS.jpg

What do you think? Could it be true?

Aamir blogs about his tension


A day just before the release of Ghajini, Aamir Khan went into great depression thinking about the future of his flick.

In his blog entry, he wrote that he was suffering from prenatal depression and behaved like a zombie.

He writes, “The last 24 hours have been (the) most traumatic… I am emotionally totally drained… just before any of my films release I go into a pendulum mode. One sec I feel very optimistic about the film and the next I’m sure no one’s going to like it. I lose my smile, my appetite (and) my sleep.”

“On the whole, I am listless and walk around like a zombie. VVC (Vidhu Vinod Chopra)…accurately described it as prenatal depression. The film is about to be delivered and will be out of our systems so to speak. Then, it will have a life of its own which we have absolutely no control over.”

“It’s too tough making films. All the two years of planning, preparation, creative discussions, the struggle to shoot the film and the sleepless nights of post-production ultimately culminate in a three-hour experience in the darkness of a cinema hall.”

“(And) this time around it is a remake of a Tamil film, so I am especially anxious. ‘Ghajini’ was a huge success in the south and Surya (Sivakumar) had done an excellent job in the original. I hope that I have been able to do justice to the film.”

Well Ghajini’s 100% collections at the box-office must have surely vanished his depression.

Now control Aamir in Ghajini


After the success of Ghajini at the big screens, Aamir Khan and the movie bosses have decided to unveil Ghajini game for excited gamers. The game is 3D based and features movie locations and scenes which gives the real feeling of the flick.

Aamir Khan has lent his voice to his character for the game and has taken much interest in the game

Executive director, Biren Ghose at the launch of the game says, “What better than an exciting film like Ghajini which stars one of the most pioneering and trendsetting actors - Aamir Khan to launch India’s first 3-D PC game. We see the game as another cinematic frontier. Eros International and FXLabs will hopefully be the first in creating a new line of games that leverage big movie titles and stories. Eros is committed to providing innovative solutions to its consumers and offering the interactive ‘Ghajini’ PC game is another way of delivering on that promise”.

Sashi Reddi, Founder and CEO, says, “We are thrilled to launch this technologically advanced 3D PC game based on a major Bollywood movie. Our aim is to extend the movie experience through our game to all Ghajini fans globally and we are excited to have had the opportunity to work with one of Bollywood’s finest actors and stars - Aamir Khan on this project”.

So are you equally excited for the game?

Preity Zinta and Katrina Kaif are Jiggy Pals


We rarely get to hear about good friendship stories of actresses, on the contrary we hear alot about their catfights. Leaving actress rivalries alone, lets talk about actress revelries.

After Kareena Kapoor- Amrita Arora, Koena-Tansushree, Kim Sharma-Preeti Jhangiani, its Katrina Kaif and Preity Zinta who seemed to be getting along like a house on fire.

Katrina Kaif was often been labelled as ‘wooden or tight-lipped’ by fellow actresses. She didn’t get along with Bipasha Basu during the making of Race and Malaika Arora also doesn’t have anything good to say about her.

But regardless of all that Katrina really adores Preity Zinta and the two are really good friends. So much that they even take time out of their busy schedules and meet each other.

Now thats a little weird because Preity Zinta is Aishwarya Rai’s good friend too. Wonder if Ash and Kat meet each other in Preity’s common circle of friends.

Saif is alright now; ready for a Holiday


A single plate of Bhelpuri was enough to give the entire film industry a hiccup as Saif Ali Khan got admitted into hospital for an emergency appendectomy. Actor’s mom Sharmila Tagore Pataudi confirmed that Saif had a plate of Bhelpuri and that gave him a stomach infection. .

Girlfriend Kareena Kapoor says, “He is all right. He got a stomach infection due to some thing he ate that didn’t suit him. He’ll be discharged from hospital in 2-3 days.”

Saif and Kareena were planning to leave for a month long vacation soon after Christmas. Saif is said to have recovered almost and rearing to go on his holiday.

Classy Chitrangada May Never Do A Golmaal!


Chitrangada Singh is one of the most beautiful, talented and one of the most underrated actors in Bollywood. She is usually typecast the Art-film kind but if we observe all her films fall very much into the mainstream cinema bracket.

She will next be seen in Sudhir Mishra’s Dev D where she plays the character of Chandramukhi. Dev D is Sudhir’s interpretation of Saratchandra Chatterjee’s novel Devdas.

“Well, (director) Sudhir Mishra has his own interpretation of ‘Chandramukhi’ that gives the film an edge”, Chitrangda reveals, “I play a very ambitious woman who doesn’t think twice about using whatever possible means available to her for getting her way through.

The kind of roles she has chosen so far makes it look like there are only specific genres that she loves to work in, but she says,

“You are making it all sound much more serious than it is”, laughs Chitrangda, “I am not averse to being a part of commercial fun cinema. In fact, I love Priyadarshan’s films. They come with great situational humor and are so funny. Give me a film coming from his stable and I will be glad to be a part of it.”

Would that mean she will be ready to do a Golmaal… Possibly not. She says,

“Golmaal? Errr, I will have to really give a movie belonging to such genre a lot of thought before I sign on the dotted line”, says Chitrangda in an amused tone, “And that’s because such movies belong to slapstick genre and I am not too sure how much of such humor would I would be able to carry off. However, a point to ponder indeed!”

Dimple All Praises for Son-In-Law Akshay Kumar


Akshay Kumar did not share screen space with his mom-in-law but the two got a chance to come together for animated flick Jumbo. Dimple dubbed for the character of Jumbo’s mom where Jumbo was played by Akshay and his son Aarav.

Dimple is obviously thrilled to be a part of the project and she says,“I play the mother of Jumbo in the film. She is extremely protective and caring about her child. It is a very endearing character… It was Akshay who brought the film to me… then I saw the film. I liked it a lot and that is why I agreed to do it. The film is special as it gave the opportunity to play mother to my real life son-in-law.”

And she thinks her voice suited her character because she thinks she sound very much like an elephant. She says, “I feel it has suited well, it should actually. My voice sounds like that of an elephant (Laughs). My voice is quite hoarse.”

She is all praises for her son-in-law Akshay who is one of India’s top and most highly paid actors. “He is fantabulous. He has grown by leaps and bounds over the years. In fact he is growing constantly with each of his films. I adore him a lot as an actor and enjoy watching all his films,” she says proudly.

Looks like Sasuma and Damad have formed a mutual admiration society!

Rab Ne a Dream Come True, Not Really: Anushka


Anushka Sharma’s debut vehicle Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi opposite superstar Shahrukh Khan would be considered a dream come true for many girls but Anushka doesn’t really consider it that way.

She says, “Not really, as I never had the intention to be an actress. It happened out of luck and I consider myself very fortunate to be part of such a big banner in my debut film and to be working with a star like Shah Rukh and a director like Aditya Chopra.”

Anushka thinks Shahrukh Khan in his nerdy get-up of Suri is more attractive than his other avatar. And she definitely wants someone similar to Suri in life.

“I liked Suri more because he had goodness in his character and was very true. I find those qualities enduring in a human being. I would love to have someone like Suri. He should be a nice man. I believe in having a man who is beautiful and strong from inside … Inner beauty is most important. But I found Suri to be handsome and good-looking too,” she explains.

Then you may find a million Suris in India Ms. Sharma… Anyone interested?

Harman Plays With Real Cricketers in Victory


Harman Baweja is all geared up for his next film Victory where he plays a small town boy who works hard to fulfill his dream of playing for the Indian cricket team.

“It’s almost a realistic film, almost like an autobiography on a cricket,” he said at the inauguration party of 9th Fame Cinema theatres in Mumbai on Friday.

Apart from Amrita Rao and Anupam Kher we’ll get to see real cricketers like Brett Lee, Shoaib Mallik, Sanath Jaisurya, Mike Hussey, Dinesh Kartik and Harbhajan Singh playing themselves for the first time on the silver screen.

“Bhajji is someone I hit it off with. We both are Punjabi boys so we took off on the full sarson da saag makke di roti conversation. But over all cricketers, like all of us are completely normal guys. So the only thing that I admire is that somewhere they play for their country and I think it’s commendable,” he said.

All the best for Victory Harman, I wish in this film you look more like yourself rather than a distorted clone of Hrithik Roshan.

Aamir Khan Beats Shahrukh Khan at Box Office

Aamir Khan Beats Shahrukh Khan at Box Office Ghajini, as we all know broke all the advance booking records. The box office reviews say that Ghajini raked Rs.7 crores during 650 paid previews at multiplexes in India Wednesday.


On Christmas, Ghajini’s worldwide box office collections peaked Rs. 32 crores in a single day! On the other hand Shahrukh Khan’s Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi made only 10 crores on its opening day as opposed to Ghajini’s 32 crores.Aamir Khan has beaten Shahrukh Khan at the Box Office.

Ghajini undoubtedly is the biggest hit of 2008.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Aishwarya Rai and Akshay Kumar come Together Again!


We’ve caught it on the grapevine that Akshay Kumar and Aishwarya Rai will be seen again together after a long time. They last starred in multi-starrer Khakee with limited roles. This time they are ready to play a lead role in a film by Vipul Shah.

Apparently Vipul Amrutlal Shah has managed to sign Aishwarya and Akshay for a film which is reportedly inspired from Hollywood film - Robert Zemecki’s Back To The Future.

Its a story about a teenager who goes back in time to meet his parents when they were young. Akshay and Ash are going to play the parents and the teenager’s role was offered to Ranbir Kapoor.

Unfortunately Ranbir didn’t find the role very exciting so he turned it down. Vipul is looking for another young actor to fill in.

Sneha Ullal Takes Advantage of Being Ash-Lookalike


Sneha Ullal who made a debut with Salman Khan had only one claim-to-fame - that of being Aishwarya Rai’s look alike. Although the starlet is not even a quarter of Aishwarya’s beauty and grace, she has managed to garner enough popularity and good roles down under in South India. She is doing some really meaty job in Tollywood.

Talking about her reputation of Ash look-alike she says, “It was much talked about, so it must’ve somewhere! Yeah, it definitely gave me the fame needed for a newbie, but I don’t want to rely on that anymore. In fact, when I met Ash at an awards function, I apologised for all the lookalike hype around me. She said it’s all media created and advised me to get used to it.”

She takes Tollywood as a good training ground for herself. She will work on her acting skills in Tollywood films and flaunt it up in Bollywood. She says, “In B-town, if you’re in, you’re in. If you quit, you’re out. I’m getting a second to make a comeback and want to play it right henceforth. I have a couple of films lined up, so I’m looking forward to them.”

Make sure you work hard on your acting skills girl, because as long as we have Aishwarya in business… you wont really be needed unless Salman thinks otherwise.

Vivek Oberoi Desperate to Change his Image


When Vivek went around the world speaking candidly about his relationship with Ash and his fight with Salman while the other two kept mum, media termed him a manipulator. Now Vivek is desperate to change his negative image in the media and take his career graph up again.

He has hired a top notch publicist called Dale Bhagwagar who had turned around many celebrities’ negative image into a positive one. Dale’s magic is obvious in six months as Vivek has ended up bagging two meaty projects - A Karan Johar flick opposite Kareena and Saif and another from the Tips Films.

The guy is talented, looks fairly good and dances well. All he needs is some good publicity and some good roles to get back to business. We hope he does.

Salman Khan becomes Santa for Kids


Salman Khan along with Preity Zinta spread the festive mood of Christmas when he spend a jolly good time with fifteen kids from the Smile Foundation.

When Salman say the 15 kids, he asked them,  “Where are the rest of the guys? I was expecting more of you. Have they all gone to see Ghajini?”

Preity Zinta also enjoyed the day with the kids.

Great going Sallu Bhai

Sonam Kapoor on the cover of Filmfare


Check out Sonam Kapoor sizzling on the January edition of Filmfare. She says “I want to hug Deepika… Ranbir is very lucky” to know more grab your latest copy of Filmfare. So do you like her on the cover?

Saif fine now and ready to zoom off for a holiday


Saif Ali Khan is fine now and is on his way to a very soon recovery.

He says from his bed at Leelavati Hospital, “I’m almost recovered now. I’m going home today (27 Jan). It was nothing, really.

I returned from Philadelphia from the shooting of Rensil d’Silva’s film on 23rd night. And since I was missing all the Mumbai ka khana, I gorged indiscriminately on local junk food, sev puri bhelpuri, paani puri….puri ki puri fauj went into my stomach.”

Quiz him whether he was frightened about the stomach pain, he says, Not at all. It was gastroenteritis. Yes, I’ve been in hospital twice in the recent past. Once it was just an appendicitis. And the other time it was far more serious. After going through what I did the last time I’m hardly going to get scared by a little stomach infection.”

“Actually it’s much less scary than it looks. I’ve got a drip coming out of my hand, so that makes it look kind of serious. But it’s nothing. I’m fine. Just a little sleepy. In fact Kareena and I are going on our holiday to the mountains as planned.”

Well we hope you get well soon Saifoo.

Aamir has no idea what to gift Salman


In a recent interview with a radio station Aamir Khan wished Salman Khan a very happy birthday.

He says, “Today is Salman’s Birthday, I sent him a text full of birthday wishes early morning and I want to wish him a very happy birthday - Many happy returns of the day. I want him to be hale and hearty.

Actually I was thinking from last night- what should I gift Salman, which he feels is quite special to him and I haven’t got any ideas as yet.”

What do you think Aamir will gift Salman?

Salman Khan gets candid


Check out Salman’s interview with a leading Indian daily. He gets quite candid and talks about anything under the sun!!

Is your public image one that’s built by the media?

Yes, obviously.

Is it the reality?
You know, every time, every time, there’s one question that’s put to me. And that is – ‘Why are you so misunderstood?’ ‘We know you are not like that, but why are you so misunderstood?’ – now what is that? ‘We hear about you from your friends, your friends swear by you’ – so isn’t that enough? I ask them, why do you want to hear about me from my enemies, from people I don’t even know? And the same questions keep coming back, again and again and again. The last twenty years I have been replying to this – ‘why are you so misunderstood?’ ‘Why do you have this bad boy image?’ Arre maine aisa kya kar diya yaar? If one wants to live his life normally, if one feels that being politically correct is lying, what’s wrong with that? To say to someone on their face, how nice, superb, outstanding, while off the record you almost want to kill that person – I can’t do that.

You’ve said that ‘I am a primitive man in a modern world’. Is that why you don’t have suave publicity led machines to overhaul your image, is that why so many people ‘misunderstand’ you? It must be irritating…
No, I feel sorry for them. I say a lot of meaningful things in jokes, and people don’t understand that. Yes, I am perhaps a primitive man… Maybe that’s why it’s difficult for some people to understand me. Like, I am doing a film called Veer, it’s about men giving their word and sticking by it. I’ve written the script. And I realise there’s no way I could have based it in today’s time, so I had to base the film in the 18th century. But that is my thinking. I may be totally off, but it’s worked for me so far.

Does the media projection engage you mentally, or does it get off your mind occasionally at least?
I honestly couldn’t care beyond a point. I’m only speaking on it because you asked me. I’ve been around for the longest time, it’s not because of anything else, it’s because of the work I do, and because of my connect with the people. Yeh nahi that I am a media-created person. ‘Wow! Family man! Super guy!’ – while everybody knows ki kya kiya hai isne. With me, it’s not that way. Jitna bhi media has tried to destroy my image – brat, rash, gets into fights, yeh problem, woh problem, all that stuff – they also seem to have the funda of balance karte raho. So the standard clichés – bad boy, but with a heart of gold. Then, yet, again, the standard question – ‘why are you so misunderstood?’

Perhaps the most visible story concerning you in the year gone by was the fight with SRK. You don’t speak about it. How would the media give your perspective, then?

It was blown totally out of proportion. I am asked, kab dosti hogi? Kab maaf karenge…? Arre, hum kaun hain maaf karne waale? He’s living his life very well, I’m living my life very well. We used to be friends. We had one or two problems. Earlier, I sorted it out. Now, it’s like, good, you go on with your life, yaar. I don’t think the way you think. I don’t act the way you act. You have your life, your kids to take care of. I have my life. You have your set of producers, your friends, you do it there, you take care of them, I’ll take care of my side… It’s as simple as that.

There’s no reason for any friction. We’re actors. We’re not into fistfights… and if it happened, that anyways would be a one-sided fight. And they’ll again write more about me! As actors, you do good work, I do good work, that’s it. And he does very good work, yaar. That’s why he’s where he is. He needed to do many things, I didn’t need to do them. But he’s brought an awareness, yeh karo, isse you can take things to a different level. So give the guy credit where it comes, ya? But disrespect is not okay.

Sometimes one gets the impression that people like to prod you the way urchins enjoy pelting things at a lion in a zoo, watching it react. Do you feel that way?

Ya, aisa hi hota hai… kholo na, khol kar dekho sher ko… Arre circus mein sher ko bhi nachate hai. Yeh thodi na ki sher is doing this out of fear or anything. It’s like, okay, come on, bachpan se paala hai… so it goes along. Zara jungle se junglee sher ko le kar circus mein nacha kar dikhao…

The degree of self assurance you bring in perhaps ensures you never attract sympathy. So you’ll obviously generate a sense of insecurity from your competition…

But when do you want sympathy? When you’re down and out, right? Somebody will give you sympathy and say, bechaara, yaar… bull**** bechaara yaar, what bechaara? If someone has to give you a hand, that means you’re down. Who wants that?

KJo recently talked about how the actor in the west is a star only on the red carpet, while in India, he is a star all the time.

See, once you start believing your screen image, you’re dead. Because you’re not going to get this all the time. Whatever you are there for – your youth, the way you look, for your comic timing or your acting talent or whatever – over the years, people will see far too much of it. And so no matter how good you are, at a point, you will look repetitive. And you’re out. Somebody else comes in. At that point, can you handle it?

Aren’t you yourself addicted to this lifestyle?
Till the time it’s there, it’s there. When it’s not there, it’s not there. I don’t have a complicated lifestyle.

If this is any evidence, you seem to be carrying a very basic mobile handset – it costs like six or seven thousand rupees…

Ya. I told you I’m a primitive man…! Primitive man means, jo hai so hai, this is the way I am. Pehle survival of the fittest tha, physically. Abhi survival of the fittest hai, mentally. I don’t qualify for the physical thing, I don’t qualify for the mental thing.

I believe jisne aapko izzat di, aap usko izzat do. Aap kisiko izzat kyun dete ho? Kyunki aap ko izzat chahiye. Agar aap kisi se tu-tadak se baat karenge, toh woh bhi aap se waise hi baat karega. Agar aap kisi ko liberties doge, toh woh liberties lega. It is in your hands, how much respect you command. Log respect demand karte hain, I try and command it. Not as Salman Khan the star, but as a person, as a human being. I met Mohnish (actor Mohnish Behl) recently and he said, you remember what you said to me while we were shooting for Maine Pyar Kiya? I said, what? And he said, remember, you insisted we’ll never ask for a chair. If a chair is there and is offered to us, we’ll sit. But we won’t ask for a chair. Who asks for a chair? That means you’re nobody. Small, small things in life teach you, yaar.

Is that an angst issue among your critics, that you’ve managed to be there and stay there, despite not being part of the system?

Maybe. They make me out to be some sort of social misfit! But you see me with the people. See me with the mothers, the grandmothers, the fathers, the grandfathers, the children, the teenagers, people from small towns, poor people, rich people – I don’t think anybody else has that connect. So are they all misfits? The journalists who describe me that way are the only true people? What happens all the time? Someone writes a story on me. Salman Khan phir se takleef mein. Salman Khan phir pareshaan. People pick it up and say, yaar, ab kya ho gaya? So someone’s sold one extra paper, someone’s got an extra TRP. That is how important I am for the media. There was a time when it wasn’t like this. But now, it’s almost the norm.

What makes you happy?
Everything makes me happy. Every single moment of life makes me happy. Because everything is going to pass, I may as well enjoy it.

So you don’t regret the big ‘image’ issue?
It really can’t change too much. My life doesn’t depend on the media. When I’m not there at the top, and if God wills that I am a huge disaster, a flop, I will like to see how the media will build me. The media tried to break me, good. If one day I’m actually broken, they can try to build me – and if God doesn’t want me to be back, how can they, or anyone, do that, I want to see. This is the basic thing that people don’t understand… Arrey, I am society, yaar! Ninety nine point nine per cent people of this country are not stars. You see the biggest businessmen in the country, they are the humblest people. Why do the stars have this arrogance, this attitude? Why, because they look a particular way? Arrey, you’re not responsible for the way you look, man, God has made you that way. He’s put you into that position. But don’t start believing that you’re God.

You have the reputation of a very reflex-led person. Jo dil mein aaya, kar diya, jo hoga dekha jaayega…
Aisey koi itna galat karta hi nahi. Kuch ho gaya, toh phir hota hai ki ‘Oh yaar, yeh ho gaya, kya karein, chalo, baat clear kar dete hain. Itna hi hai. Like sometimes you say things that you don’t mean. And you realise, arrey, yeh toh hurt ho gaya, but I didn’t mean it this way. I call up and say, sorry, I crossed the line yesterday. Khatam. Life is too long to hate, yaar…

So how do you find Sallu’s feelings?

Big B invited to Tehran Film Festival


Amitabh Bachchan has been invited to the prestigious Tehran Film Festival where he will be honore with a Lifetime Achievement Award.

Although Big B is honored by the invitation, he is still not sure if he can attend the event.

He writes on his blog,” The Film Festival in Tehran invites me to honour me with a Lifetime Achievement Award. I wonder if it will be possible for me to go there. I have another decoration in Davos at the (World) Economic Forum that I have accepted around the same time. So many awards, so little time! “

Congratulations Big

Taare Zameen Par Bags V.Shantaram Awards


Prestigious V. Shantaram awards named after legendary film maker V. Shantaram have some good news for Aamir Khan. His film Taare Zameen Par emerged a winner at the show.

Aamir’s lead actor of TZP Darsheel Safary won the Best Actor Award for the film. Aishwarya Rai received the Best Actress Award for Jodha Akbar.

The Awards confer three categories of awards to directors - Gold, Silver and Bronze to directors. Neeraj Pandey won Gold for his film A Wednesday, Aamir won Silver for Taare Zameen Par and Ashutosh Govariker won bronze for Jodhaa Akbar.

Neeraj Pandey beat Aamir Khan and bagged the Best Debut Director Award. Amol Gupte won the best writer award for TZP.

Farhan Akhtar won the Best Debut Actor Award for Rock On and Best Supporting Actor award went to Jimmy Shergill for his role in A Wednesday.

Monday, December 29, 2008

What 2009 holds for our Bolly stars


Numerologist Sanjay B Jumaani predicts what 2009 holds for our top Bollywood stars and how their movies will work at the box-office.Check what he has to say about them:

Shah Rukh Khan
The Badshah of Bollywood may not have a great year health-wise. He’s in his 44th year, which adds up to 8, representing Saturn (Shani). Unfortunately, it doesn’t augur well for King Khan as 8 has not worked well for him in the past.

Hrithik Roshan
Hrithik is in his 35th year and will soon be 36. However, 9 is not one of his best numbers. In fact, 9 of Mars can make a person impulsive and accident-prone, so he better watch out instead of playing superhero! A very potent combination rules him, so he should avoid multi-starrers and take up work that has him in the lead. He and his father should make more films together as all their three films were huge hits.

Salman Khan
He is governed by number 9, the fiery Mars (Mangal), the planet of energy, which makes a person impetuous, accident-prone, stubborn and inflexible. His comeback vehicles – Tere Naam and Partner – add up to 9. His girlfriend Katrina’s destiny number is 9. She’s a water sign (Cancerian) and he’s an Earth sign, and these signs usually go well together. So, he should lie low this year as he could be subject to defamation, scandal and false accusations. In 2010, he’ll be 45, one of his best years, and marriage could be on the cards. But if he marries Katrina, she should brace against his fiery outbursts.

Saif Ali Khan
Saif is in his 39th year, adding to 3, which is Jupiter, planet of wealth. Though his girlfriend Kareena (a number 3) hasn’t married him yet, Saif can still expect to have a fortunate year, especially after his 40th birthday as 4 is one of his luckier numbers.

Akshay Kumar
The Khiladi will remain in his 42nd year till September 9 next year and it will be an eventful year. His name as well as the year 2008 adds to 28, which was also why it was so good for him. Chandni Chowk To China is expected to do well too, along with 8+10, which gives us 9 again.

Abhishek Bachchan
Junior AB is currently in his 33rd year and 6 is among his favoured numbers. However, on February 5, he’ll enter his 34th year (7), which is neither good nor bad for him. Delhi 6 is spelt so instead of Dilli 6 on our behest and adds to 6 too, so it should do him well. We’d always maintained that ABCL won’t do well under Big B as his numbers are not conducive to business; however, it stands a better chance under Abhishek.

Katrina Kaif
Katrina is a number 7, ruled by Neptune and the Moon, planets that endow imagination and creativity. She is doubly influenced by these planets as they govern Cancerians. The flipside is they can make her restless and moody. She’s now in her 25th year (7). So, this could be one of her best years.

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan
Her name adds to 50 or 5, which is the same as AB Baby’s. So, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that she rules him! In Mani Ratnam’s Raavan, she can expect to get rave reviews, and maybe even outdo Abhishek. She can make a good brand ambassador for India. After she turns 37, her entry into politics could also not be ruled out. Aishwarya should try to focus on doing foreign films; Hollywood is a good option too.

What do you predicts for our stars folks?

Aamir interviewd by illegal radio channel backed by Taliban


Aamir Khan apparently unknowingly gave an interview to a radio station which is illegal and is funded by Taliban, who get their money mainly from drugs.

He gave the interview on Christmas which was aired live on Vibe FM. The broadcasting area of Vibe FM is in Yorkshire, UK. The Radio Authority confirmed that Vibe FM does not have license.

Apparently the interview was arranged by a top Mumbai journalist. The news still has to be confirmed by Aamir Khan.

Emraan Hashmi prefers dark roles

Emraan Hashmi Wallpapers.jpg

Emraan Hashmi has always been seen in zara-hatke roles and never has been seen playing innocent boy roles, the reason is he always prefers dark roles.

Emraan says, “I prefer to do dark characters. That’s closer to me and that’s what I enjoy doing more. I cannot insanely dance around trees; at least till the time the role really doesn’t demand that.”

“I’m playing a painter. He can foresee the future and paints the same on his canvas. My character is dark and complicated and has no contact with the outside world.”

When asked about comparison with original Raaz, he says, “I’m sure there will be comparisons with the earlier ‘Raaz’. That’s bound to happen. But I’m sure that people will love this one too since it’s got all the ingredients to be successful at the box office. This film has a different plot and will give a new definition to the horror genre.”

So are you ready for another movie from Emraan?

Ghajini Movie Review

Ghajini had broke all the records of advance booking in movie theatres. “The advance booking for the film is four times more than the record opening any movie has ever got, Khan said,” reports a Hindu. Switch on to any entertainment or news channel you will see or hear Ghajini. Its just all over the place. It is like Ghajini mania all around India. And as the movie hit the screens, the verdict is—-

SUPERHIT!!!!!!!!!! [Now stop wasting time reading this review… Go get the tickets! :P ]


Ghajini is a very powerful film despite all its flaws. It is a powerpacked blend of a solid concept and script along with strong film-making and of course the knockout performance of Aamir Khan - the very USP of the film. So all you people out there if you have even an iota of doubt whether Aamir Khan is No. 1 in India… Watch Ghajini. He is unmatched in the film. He leads the league of extraordinary actors in India. I would even go on to say that he is the Robert Di Niro of India.

There are several flaws in the script and the film but you would be too busy in the riveting story of the film, gripped by the suspense and thrill to notice them.”This is a breathless, exciting story, heart-breaking and exhilarating at the same time,” confirms critic Taran Adarsh. The film has resemblance in concept with Christopher Nolan’s Momento only in terms of the short-term memory loss of the protagonist. But the refreshingly different story-telling of master mind director A.R Murugadoss is what makes all the difference. He rejects the linear mode of story-telling and adopts the flash-backs technique to keep the viewer on the edge of his seat and his eyes hooked on to the screen.

Cinematography and screenplay are just brilliant throughout the film. All the action scenes have been brilliantly written and executed and so are the songs. I loved the way Behka was picturized and Guzarish is brilliant too.

Now coming to the best part of the film - Aamir Khan’s performance. There aren’t many adjectives in my vocabulary to describe how brilliant Aamir Khan is through out the movie. Can’t believe he is our same old chocolate boy of Qayamat se Qayamat tak. He is one actor who emotes with his eyes and body language more than his dialogues. The pain on his face when he cant remember things during acute short-term memory loss, the anger on his face and the blood in his eyes as he takes on the baddies in the film. Many critics believe this is Aamir’s career-best performance as he plays both vulnerable and hard with elan.

Debutante Asin, is fresh. She looks beautiful on screen and does her bit with sincerity of a debutante although she is a big star down under in South India. She has a bright future in Bollywood. Jiah needs to add more effort on her dialogue delivery. She needs a better stylist too. Pradeep Rawat is brutally brilliant in his villanous role although it is a bit old fashioned in today’s time.

Just dont miss this film guys…Its a worth watch. I watched it for Aamir Khan more than anything else. It worked for me. A must-watch for all the Aamir Khan fans out there.
Rating: 4/5

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Jiah doesn’t mind being covered


Jiah Khan who wore only shirts and forgot her pants in her debut film Nishabd with Amitabh Bachchan is seen in different Avatar in Ghajini, where she is fully clothed.

She says, “No one’s seen me in my new look yet. I’m playing a medical student and I’m covered from head to toe for the most part. The role is amazing, so I didn’t mind being completely covered up. But I do have a song in which you’ll see a different look. It’s very stylish in a Jennifer Lopez kind of way.”

Ask her about her coldness with Asin and she says, I’ve met Asin twice and she’s a nice girl. I had my bit of fame when I made my debut in Nishabd. Now, it’s Asin’s turn as it’s her Bollywood debut.”

Well it’s good that she doesn’t believe in bygones.

Check out biggest Bollywood Khandans of Kapoors and Bachchans photo


Check out this rare picture featuring the biggest Bollywood Khandans of Kapoors and Bachchans.

In the photo you can see Amitabh Bachchan, Jaya Bachchan, Karishma Kapoor, Shweta Bachchan, Goldi Bhel and Abhishek Bachchan.

Ghajini was not for Salman Khan: AR Muragadoss


Ghajini is getting appreciated all around the world for Aamir Khan’s knockout performance and Muragadoss’s superb direction. It is surprising to know that Aamir had initially thought Salman is the best person to do the lead role in Ghajini.

Murgadoss says, “Actually, when I was making the Tamil version of the film by the same name, it was Pradeep Rawat (who plays the main villain in both the versions and also happens to be Aamir’s close friend) who recommended that I approach Aamir to star in the Hindi version of the film.

However, at that time I didn’t take it seriously as I thought that Aamir was a chocolate hero, and, hence, he wouldn’t suit the role. But after the release of the Tamil version of the film, I got a call from Aamir himself saying he had watched the film and that he really liked it.

With the confidence that I got from this, I immediately approached Aamir to do the film. Aamir was a bit reluctant initially. I remember him saying “The perfect person for this role in Bollywood is Salman Khan”.

However, I managed to convince him saying that if Salman did the film it would be just another Salman movie. But if he did it, then it would give a different perspective to the film and story.”

He says Aamir left the entire film to him and did not interfere in his work, “Contrary to what you say, Aamir was not at all involved in the making of the film. Not even once did he ever interfere with the filming. In fact, he said that he wanted the film in entirely my taste and that if I had any problems with the language or anything else, only then should I call him in.”

Talking about Aamir’s perfectionism he says,

“For Aamir to be called as a perfectionist is seriously an understatement. He is so very observant and hard working, that rarely have I seen anybody like him. The dedication level that he has for whatever he does is insanely high.

Even to get into his much-talked about physique, he had worked out for 3 to 4 hours a day. I have worked with Surya who in the south is considered to be the best, but Aamir is way better than him…he is simply in a league of his own.”

I’m a Perfectionist Like Aamir Khan: Asin


Debutante Asin who made her debut with superstar Aamir Khan in Ghajini says she had no problems matching up to Aamir’s perfectionism.

“People often call Aamir a perfectionist and a tough taskmaster, but I didn’t have any problem matching up to him because I’m also quite a workaholic. We gelled quite well as far as the demand of perfection was concerned. Even I like things to be the best,” Asin told IANS

Talking about working with Aamir she says, “Shooting with Aamir was great fun. He isn’t as serious as he is projected to be. He is highly dedicated to his work but is very cool and easy to work with.  He’s a simple person, very genuine and frank about his opinions despite having such a good stature in Bollywood,” said Asin.

Did she ever feel overshadowed by Aamir in the promos of the film? She says,”I have not felt overshadowed by Aamir’s publicity at all. Actually, I’m not used to all this really because we don’t have it in the south film industry. The marketing team for ‘Ghajini’ has its strategy to promote the film in the right manner. If Aamir is promoting the film in the north, I am doing it in the south.”

“Aamir has got a huge fan following and he is the highlight of the film. In fact, since a lot of people down south have seen the Tamil version of the film, they will now probably come to theatres just to watch Aamir.

“I have no issues about that as ‘Ghajini’ is the story of Sanjay Singhania, played by Aamir. So the fact that his presence is being highlighted is completely justified,” said Asin.

Asin says she is “excited but anxious” of how her “new audience” will react to her performance when “Ghajini” hits theatres worldwide.

We wish her goodluck for her career in Bollywood!

I’m accident prone says Katrina Kaif


Earlier this month Katrina Kaif suffered a nose injury thanks to Ranbir Kapoor’s tight slap. Her face swelled and her shooting had to be cancelled. This time she injured her leg while shooting for another flick De Dhana Dhan.

Unit members report that Katrina was doing an underwater sequence with Akshay Kumar when her foot got tangled under water.

“The more she tried to extricate herself the more her leg got tangled. She tried to scream for help, but because of the noise on the sets including the stunt co-ordinators who were shouting instructions to the entire cast, no one heard Katrina’s screams of pain,” a source told IANS.
“Akshay saw that Katrina was in trouble. He quickly swam to her and got her out of the tangle,” said the source.

Katrina’s leg was badly hurt. “It could’ve been worse,” said the source, “but tetanus shots and sedatives have eased her pain.”

When contacted, Katrina tried to downplay the incident saying: “It was nothing. I hurt my leg. There was a cut that hasn’t healed as yet. So I’m in pain.”

Adhyayan is not Marrying Kangana: Shekhar Suman



Looks like Shekhar Suman has decided to become a spokesperson for his son. He is extremely protective about his 20 yr old son Adhyayan who made a debut earlier this year.

Now he is turning into a producer and he will produce films for his son. Talking about his much hyped relationship with Kangana Ranaut he says,“

He (Adhyayan) is just 20. How can he get married? He has to go a long way, ” Shekhar said.

Shekhar said he is confident that Adhyayan will get his due in Bollywood after the release of “Raaz” and “Jashn”.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Sanjay Leela Bhansali doesn’t need Pakistani actors


Sanjay Leela Bhansali was in news recently for secretly signing Pakistani actor Imran Abbas for his upcoming flick Heera Mandi, however he has dismissed the rumors. Read on.

You’ve quietly gone and signed Pakistani actor Imran Abbas for Heera Mandi?
So quietly that even I don’t know about it. I haven’t signed anyone called Imran Abbas. I’m not making Heera Mandi right now. It may happen much later. When it starts, we’ll think of the casting.

So have you met this Imran?
Moin Beg, writer of Heera Mandi wanted me to meet this actor. So I did, almost a year ago, and I immediately realised he wasn’t the actor I was looking for. The next thing I know, I’m supposed to be arranging this guy’s visa to India. What nonsense!

Why don’t you clarify the misconceptions?
Kuch to log kehenge, kehne do. I can’t bring myself to become the master of sound bytes. I’ve already decided whom to work with in my next project. And should I look at Pakistan for actors? We’ve very talented people in our own country.

This news has broken many hearts I guess, for aspiring Pakistani actors.

Aamir doesn’t dare to fight Shahruk Khan

TN2501_Aamir Khan.jpg

As the war of words intensifies between Aamir and SRK, Aamir has again went ahead to make indirect comments at his fellow Khan- SRK.He says,

 “For me Amitabh Bachchan is No 1. Do Lata Mangeshkar, Sachin Tendulkar and Amitabh Bachchan say they are number one? No one who sits on the top needs to say he is number one. Others keep claiming to be there.”

When quizzed about SRK calling himself the biggest brand, he says, “I don’t believe in competitions with others. I only compete with myself.”

He ends on the note that he cannot fight SRK, saying, “Do you think I could dare to fight with Shah Rukh. He is a good friend and so I can’t fight with him. I respect him a lot.”

Talking about his next flick Three Idiots, he says, “My forthcoming film after Ghajini is Rajkumar Hirani’s Three Idiots and I play the character of an idiot with R. Madhavan and Sharman Joshi. But I think Shah Rukh, Salman and I are truly the three idiots of Bollywood.”

Well looks like these stars know how to be politically cunning and correct at the same time.

Salman highly impressed by Ghajini


Salman Khan is very much impressed by Aamir after he watched the movie at a special screening.Salman says, ‘I was just awestruck and enthralled with Aamir Khan’s stunning act. It’s true that Aamir has a great physique for the film, but his spellbinding performance eclipses them during course of show.’Salman also predicted that Ghajini was the best film of this decade.He said, ‘There hasn’t been such a great film over for past 10 years’.

Do you folks have thoughts similar to Salman?

Aishwarya refuses L’oreal Sonam approves


Aishwarya Rai Bachchan didn’t win the Miss World title just for the heck of it, she is smart and intelligent and that’s the reason she refused to endorse L’oreals latest skin lightening cream. When Ash refused, L’oreal appointed Sonam Kapoor as their new brand ambassador.A source says, “It was the fairness cream that bothered Aishwarya. She said that she didn’t want to promote a fairness cream especially in India where one’s skin color is such a big issue.She will never promote a product that discriminates on the basis of one’s skin color. Ours is a society where biases are so prevalent that she will do all she can to curb it.”“When Aishwarya refused to relent, the cosmetic company was forced to get Sonam into the picture. They need an Indian face for the promotion and Sonam was the next ideal choice,”The source adds, “Such stories seldom bother her. Aishwarya is primarily guided by her sense of ethics as far as advertising is concerned.She does not endorse products unless she believes in them. She was recently offered a fortune to replace Rani Mukerjee to endorse a popular mosquito repellent cream, but she turned down the offer.”Well hats off to you Ash, for standing by your ethics.

SRK: Everybody watch Ghajini


SRK has decided to end the cold war between him and Aamir by requesting each and everyone to watch Aamir latest flick Ghajini.SRK says,  “I want all the people to watch the film’. We as people from the industry know how much pain it takes to make a film. We wait anxiously every Friday to see the result of our hard work. So my best wishes are with every film be it Aamir’s or Akshay’s. I want every film to do well.”He also denied his rivalry with Aamir, saying, “We share an extremely cordial relationship.”He gave an example of their recent meeting, where they discussed their abs,  “I was scared as I lost my six packs and wanted Aamir to say no. Luckily, he said he has lost his packs too, so let’s give a chance to some other actor.”Talking about Aamir he says, “I think he has changed for the better. Previously, he did not like to interact much with the public and the media, but now he interacts well and has also developed a sense of humour.” Well I don’t think such diplomacy will solve the cold war.

Sanjay Dutt and Salman Khan patch up!

Salman Khan has finally patched up with his long time buddy Sanjay Dutt who he acknowledged as his role model in life. For some odd reason things went sour between the two long time ago but now they are buddies again.


t all happened at Film City where both Dutt and Khan were shooting for their respective films. Salman was shooting for Anil Sharma’s Veer and Sanjay Dutt was shooting for Bunty Walia’s film. When Salman heard Sanjay is shooting closeby he decided to pay him a visit. When he reached the sets he got to know that he is shooting for Bunty Walia who Salman Khan is no more friends with.

Salman didnt want to see Bunty’s face so he returned back to his sets without meeting Sanjay. When Sanjay got to know about this he took charge of the situation and walked up to Salman’s sets the next day and spent a good 45 minutes with his old friend.

Confirms a source, “They met like nothing had gone wrong between them. And have promised to meet up regularly.”

Wonder if we would get to see the same with Shahrukh too… what say Sallu miyan!

The Most Bizarre Thing That Happened To Bipasha!


Bipasha Basu suffered for three long hours when she a tiny piece of gravel went right inside her ear.She confirms saying, “We were doing a heavy duty action scene when this gravel went right inside my ear. I had to be taken to Leelavati hospital, where it had to be sucked out.”
“It wasn’t on the surface. It went right in and I couldn’t move because there was the danger that it would go in deeper and pierce the eardrums. First I tried to shake it out. Then when that didn’t work I decided to let a doctor do the needful,” she added.“The producer and director tried everything. We finally headed towards Leelavati. It was John (Abraham) who got an old ENT specialist friend of his to check me out. The sweet doctor was at another hospital but drove down to Leelavati. At 4.30 p m, he finally put me out of my misery,” Bipasha said.“Who would think such a thing would happen? Normally during an action scene you protect your knees, head etc. But ear? It went straight in with a thud.“I wasn’t moving, I was so petrified the gravel would go deeper into my ear. My parents were petrified. The minute the doctor said it could be taken out I was okay. It was the most bizarre thing that ever happened to me,” the she said.

We hope she is okay now!

New Kid Jackky Bhagnani a Hrithik Fan


There’s a new kid on the block now, and this time its producer Vasu Bhagnani’s son Jackky Bhagnani. All of 24 this new kid says he idolizes Hrithik Roshan.“I idolise Hrithik Roshan. His single-minded focus is what I want to imbibe. And I have grown up admiring Amitabh Bachchan. Just the way Big B claims that he is still learning after all these years, I, too, want to keep improvising, learning and make a mark,” he confirms. He is going to make his debut with Kal Kissne Dekha directed by Vivek Sharma and produced by his dad Vasu Bhagnani. Although its his debut, he is no stranger to the camera.“I have assisted my father on many films including Deewanapan, Rehna Hai Tere Dil Mein, Shaadi No1, etc’,” says Jackky, “and I know how meticulously the entire unit works while one man steals the show on screen. So, in my debut film, I come with some understanding of films as my subject. It’s about dedication, hardwork and value for time, money and energy,” he adds. Only time will tell whether this kid will match up to the likes of Ranbir, Neil, and Imran.

Kangana Ranaut Keeps Maun, finds Tehrav!


Kangana Ranaut is unfazed by things around her from the time she has moved on to Yoga. She admitted she was going through tough times (thanks to Aditya Pancholi) but Yoga helped her sail through. She says,“I got everything very soon in my life but personally my life was going through too much of trauma. I was really trapped by dirty people and they wouldn’t let me concentrate on my work. They tried to harm me both physically as well as mentally.”She is quite vivacious and effervescent in nature and the practice of Maun or Silence helped her find ‘tehrav’ or harmony in life.“Initially I found it very difficult to stay silent;  however through perseverance I did manage to develop this as a regular part of my yoga practice and have benefited ever since.”“When I am working, I have to give it 100%. So that’s why I took a break for my personal work to sort out all my issues and only then got back to work. I did not want to struggle between work and personal issues. I am not that kind of a person. I can do only one thing at a time”, she had stated earlier.“Now, through Silence, I feel I’ve discovered my Soul, the very centre of my being, which is the source of all my energy - creative, spiritual, emotional and mental. I’ve always been a very focused person, and I’ve chosen to portray characters in my film that are challenging and strong. This awareness and practice has given me greater ability to channel my energy effectively to deliver even better on these performances”, she says in an obvious relaxed tone. Perhaps that means there would be no co-star rivalries for Kangana anymore.

Friday, December 26, 2008

Akshay Kumar the Sexiest Man Alive


People’s magazine voted our Khiladi Kumar as the Sexiest Man Alive and our Akki opens his heart out for the magazine interviews.

Akshay’s firsts: First girlfriend

If she is reading this, I have a confession to make. I must have been the worst boyfriend ever. I used to make her do all my homework. I never took her anywhere and I never bought her anything. I was horrible. But believe me, I never treated a woman like that again. After I lost her, I learnt not to be such a bum.

first Kiss

I think it happened when I was 11. She was much older than me and I remember saying “Nice, but I don’t think I want to try that again for a while.”

First learned about sex:

Well, I had a really overactive dog, so I thought I would save my parents the embarrassment of teaching me. I just copied the dog. His name was Thumper.

How do you maintain your stubble?

Simple, just don’t shave. I have a hair stylist, so he takes care of my facial hair issues. I just go to bed and wake up with a face of an ape and he sorts it out. I don’t have time to groom myself.

How many buttons do you leave unbuttoned on your shirt?

How ever many it takes for women to start to dribble, then I stop.

What’s your best asset?
My cleavage. Women used to love my hairy chest too.

Before you met your wife Twinkle Khanna, you were linked with a series of long-legged, beautiful co-stars. Is that the type of women you’re attracted to?

I would sound gay if [I say] they weren’t my type, don’t you think? I’ll tell you what — you find me any hotblooded man who would turn down a chance to be with any of our Bollywood beauties and I’ll buy you a boat. You make me sound like a man-whore for loving women. Anyway, they may have been my type back then, but now I’m happy with my little Twinkle.

When did it become acceptable for men to have a beauty regimen? Have you ever waxed your chest?

It became acceptable when women became fussy. And what makes you think I wax? Are you mad? It takes a real man to wax. I cheat — I shave.

Is there anything you would absolutely not wear?

A thong!

What do you think about Akki’s candid confessions?

Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani first look


Check out the first look of Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani featuring Ranbir and Katrina. You Like?

Anushka likes Rani


Anushka Sharma the new girl on the block, probably I should say SRK’s new girl on the block has finally been given the go-ahead to give interviews, and in a recent interview she talks about her Bollywood colleagues whom she likes.She says, Asin is so beautiful, Sonam is enthralling, while Deepika is very talented. I used to know Deepika when I was in Bangalore, but my all-time favourite is Rani Mukerji. She’s a class apart.”

Apparently Rani who does a special appearance in the song Phir Milenge Chalte Chalte helped Anushka alot for the movie.

Ghajini’s climax on rounds on SMS


Some pranksters are being spoilsport as they are forwarding the alleged climax of Ghajini starring Aamir Khan through SMS to many.The SMS reads, “Someone killed Aamir’s girlfriend and he lost his memory. Then he tries to find out the killer. Suspense… Aamir himself is the killer. Now enjoy Ghajini!”Tamil Ghajini saw the hero taking revenge by killing the villain who kills his lady love, whereas the Hindi Ghajini will be having a different climax.

De Dhana Dhan first look


Check out the first look of De Dhana Dhan featuring Katrina and Akshay.You like?

Salman touches Aamir with his paintings


Salman Khan has made two portraits for his friend Aamir Khan based on Aamir’s character from his latest flick Ghajini.Aamir who was touched by the paintings said, “I had absolutely no idea that Salman is such a talented painter. He has made two paintings of me, one is a more real representation and the other, which I am even more impressed with, is an impression of my new look. He has an amazing sense of aesthetics. I was very touched by his gesture.”

Salman Khan for the first time has painted an actor’s character from a film.

Ameesha Patel gets bridal on Verve


Check out Ameesha Patel beside some Louis bags wearing bridal lehengas. She doesn’t look herself on the cover though especially her nose. What do you think folks?

Shahruk Khan's Family Photos

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