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Saturday, November 15, 2008

Happy Birthday Harman


Another hunk joins the Scorpio Club of Bollywood, which already includes likes of SRK and Aishwarya, its none other than Harman Baweja. Harman turned 28 on November 13th and the dude welcomed his 28 birthday by hitting his head against an iron pillar - accidentally.The birthday boy says, “Actually it was a good way to bring in my birthday. I needed that knock on my head. I’m 28 now and I told myself, ‘Dude, about time you grew up.’ I guess the past year has opened many doors and windows in my life.”Harman also revealed his birthday plans, “Fortunately, a whole lot of my relatives are in town. So it’ll be a party with my relatives and close friends. And yes, Priyanka (Chopra) definitely falls in the category of close friends.”

Oh, thanks for the clarification dude!! BTW we wish you a very very happy birthday.:)

Shilpa has the Perfect Bond Girl Body:Craig

After Karan Johar going gaga over this leggy lass’ hot body… look who is raving about Shilpa Shetty’s perfect-ten-figure.
Daniel Craig the new bond, who has the best body any Bond ever had, thinks Shilpa Shetty has an amazing body characteristic of the legendary Bond girl.In an interview aired on NDTV Daniel Craig said, “I think she (Shilpa) looks great and has a killing figure, just right for a Bond girl”.
Thats an amazing compliment for Shilpa whose popularity crossed borders after she won Big Brother. But what do you think… which Bollywood beauty would suit best for the role of a Bond girl.

Arjun Rampal Truly Rocks Now!

Arjun Rampal

Arjun Rampal is on cloud nine now. His last few films, although were multi-starrers but were his most commercially successful films.Arjun confessed that he wasn’t too keen on playing the baddie in Om Shanti Om. But Apparently on New Year’s eve SRK and Farah dragged him into the bathroom and told him about his role. Arjun wondered what impact the negative role may have on his kids. And when SRK assuringly said -“Do this one film for yourself. You’ll do plenty for your kids!”

Arjun then went ahead with the role and now he is all smiles about his success. Not only Farah and Shahrukh are fond of Arjun but Farhan Akhtar is a huge fan of him too.Actually Farhan had Arjun in mind for his movie Lakshya. “I’d earlier wanted him for a role in Lakshya, but he’d been busy. I’d seen him with his kids on holiday and thought he could draw on that for the character,” says Farhan.

Farhan then cast him in his remake of Don in Prans role which Arjun agreed to do only on the condition saying “As long as you don’t put me in spandex and make me walk the tightrope”.

Well from Don on, Arjun has been plainly lucky… His last film ‘The Last Lear’ is said to be his best performance till date.

Finally Arjun has proved that he is much more than an amazingly good look guy.

Salman Khan Celebrates Children’s Day

Salman Khan celebrated Children’s Day today along with a Very Bad Hair Day. Check the pictures out -

Sigh…. Whoever thinks Salman is one of the good looking guys in India… No offense but… Salman Khan WAS the most good looking guy in the industry till about a decade ago. But now…. well… I’ll let the pictures do the talking.

Dostana Press Meet Pictures


Dostana released today and like all Karan Johar films this movie has a lot of expectations. Primarily, also because it has Bollywood biggies like Priyanka Chopra, Abhishek Bachchan and John Abraham (wonder if I should include Bobby Deol’s name in that list).

I haven’t watched the movie yet but Im hoping to see it soon. Watch out for the review but for now check out the Dostana Press Meet Pictures.

Priyanka looks sooooo good. I love her new hairstyle. Abhishek looks weary as though we was made to walk all the way from Kochi to Mumbai. John looks hot but as usual has his mouth half open (that makes him look kinda dumb) and Bobby Deol… he is okay (but he seems as bland as a boiled egg without salt).

Plogger Image Plogger Image Plogger Image Plogger Image

Shahruk Khan's Family Photos

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