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  Akshay Kumar, Jackie Chan And Mallika Sherwat

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Jiah doesn’t mind being covered


Jiah Khan who wore only shirts and forgot her pants in her debut film Nishabd with Amitabh Bachchan is seen in different Avatar in Ghajini, where she is fully clothed.

She says, “No one’s seen me in my new look yet. I’m playing a medical student and I’m covered from head to toe for the most part. The role is amazing, so I didn’t mind being completely covered up. But I do have a song in which you’ll see a different look. It’s very stylish in a Jennifer Lopez kind of way.”

Ask her about her coldness with Asin and she says, I’ve met Asin twice and she’s a nice girl. I had my bit of fame when I made my debut in Nishabd. Now, it’s Asin’s turn as it’s her Bollywood debut.”

Well it’s good that she doesn’t believe in bygones.

Check out biggest Bollywood Khandans of Kapoors and Bachchans photo


Check out this rare picture featuring the biggest Bollywood Khandans of Kapoors and Bachchans.

In the photo you can see Amitabh Bachchan, Jaya Bachchan, Karishma Kapoor, Shweta Bachchan, Goldi Bhel and Abhishek Bachchan.

Ghajini was not for Salman Khan: AR Muragadoss


Ghajini is getting appreciated all around the world for Aamir Khan’s knockout performance and Muragadoss’s superb direction. It is surprising to know that Aamir had initially thought Salman is the best person to do the lead role in Ghajini.

Murgadoss says, “Actually, when I was making the Tamil version of the film by the same name, it was Pradeep Rawat (who plays the main villain in both the versions and also happens to be Aamir’s close friend) who recommended that I approach Aamir to star in the Hindi version of the film.

However, at that time I didn’t take it seriously as I thought that Aamir was a chocolate hero, and, hence, he wouldn’t suit the role. But after the release of the Tamil version of the film, I got a call from Aamir himself saying he had watched the film and that he really liked it.

With the confidence that I got from this, I immediately approached Aamir to do the film. Aamir was a bit reluctant initially. I remember him saying “The perfect person for this role in Bollywood is Salman Khan”.

However, I managed to convince him saying that if Salman did the film it would be just another Salman movie. But if he did it, then it would give a different perspective to the film and story.”

He says Aamir left the entire film to him and did not interfere in his work, “Contrary to what you say, Aamir was not at all involved in the making of the film. Not even once did he ever interfere with the filming. In fact, he said that he wanted the film in entirely my taste and that if I had any problems with the language or anything else, only then should I call him in.”

Talking about Aamir’s perfectionism he says,

“For Aamir to be called as a perfectionist is seriously an understatement. He is so very observant and hard working, that rarely have I seen anybody like him. The dedication level that he has for whatever he does is insanely high.

Even to get into his much-talked about physique, he had worked out for 3 to 4 hours a day. I have worked with Surya who in the south is considered to be the best, but Aamir is way better than him…he is simply in a league of his own.”

I’m a Perfectionist Like Aamir Khan: Asin


Debutante Asin who made her debut with superstar Aamir Khan in Ghajini says she had no problems matching up to Aamir’s perfectionism.

“People often call Aamir a perfectionist and a tough taskmaster, but I didn’t have any problem matching up to him because I’m also quite a workaholic. We gelled quite well as far as the demand of perfection was concerned. Even I like things to be the best,” Asin told IANS

Talking about working with Aamir she says, “Shooting with Aamir was great fun. He isn’t as serious as he is projected to be. He is highly dedicated to his work but is very cool and easy to work with.  He’s a simple person, very genuine and frank about his opinions despite having such a good stature in Bollywood,” said Asin.

Did she ever feel overshadowed by Aamir in the promos of the film? She says,”I have not felt overshadowed by Aamir’s publicity at all. Actually, I’m not used to all this really because we don’t have it in the south film industry. The marketing team for ‘Ghajini’ has its strategy to promote the film in the right manner. If Aamir is promoting the film in the north, I am doing it in the south.”

“Aamir has got a huge fan following and he is the highlight of the film. In fact, since a lot of people down south have seen the Tamil version of the film, they will now probably come to theatres just to watch Aamir.

“I have no issues about that as ‘Ghajini’ is the story of Sanjay Singhania, played by Aamir. So the fact that his presence is being highlighted is completely justified,” said Asin.

Asin says she is “excited but anxious” of how her “new audience” will react to her performance when “Ghajini” hits theatres worldwide.

We wish her goodluck for her career in Bollywood!

I’m accident prone says Katrina Kaif


Earlier this month Katrina Kaif suffered a nose injury thanks to Ranbir Kapoor’s tight slap. Her face swelled and her shooting had to be cancelled. This time she injured her leg while shooting for another flick De Dhana Dhan.

Unit members report that Katrina was doing an underwater sequence with Akshay Kumar when her foot got tangled under water.

“The more she tried to extricate herself the more her leg got tangled. She tried to scream for help, but because of the noise on the sets including the stunt co-ordinators who were shouting instructions to the entire cast, no one heard Katrina’s screams of pain,” a source told IANS.
“Akshay saw that Katrina was in trouble. He quickly swam to her and got her out of the tangle,” said the source.

Katrina’s leg was badly hurt. “It could’ve been worse,” said the source, “but tetanus shots and sedatives have eased her pain.”

When contacted, Katrina tried to downplay the incident saying: “It was nothing. I hurt my leg. There was a cut that hasn’t healed as yet. So I’m in pain.”

Adhyayan is not Marrying Kangana: Shekhar Suman



Looks like Shekhar Suman has decided to become a spokesperson for his son. He is extremely protective about his 20 yr old son Adhyayan who made a debut earlier this year.

Now he is turning into a producer and he will produce films for his son. Talking about his much hyped relationship with Kangana Ranaut he says,“

He (Adhyayan) is just 20. How can he get married? He has to go a long way, ” Shekhar said.

Shekhar said he is confident that Adhyayan will get his due in Bollywood after the release of “Raaz” and “Jashn”.

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