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  Akshay Kumar, Jackie Chan And Mallika Sherwat

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Shahrukh Keen On Working With Aamir


Shahrukh Khan may not see eye to eye with Salman but he is really keen on working with Aamir Khan.Forgetting about the old dog-blog episode Shahrukh revealed to a newspaper, “It’s not up to me to decide. If it has to happen some day, it will. But I would like to work with Aamir one day. I always tell him that I’ve worked with every actor but with him. Anyway there’s time. Abhi toh hum dono jawan hain aur dono ki body bhi achhi hai.”

Hey Shahrukh, how about a threesome in the Andaz Apna Apna-2. We can have Shahrukh as the the third guy in the film. Think about it guys

Chitrangada To Play Chandramukhi


Sudhir Mishra is coming up with the new age adaptation of Saratchandra Chaterjee’s novel Devdas and making a film starring Chitrangada, Shiney Ahuja and Lara Dutta as Chandramukhi, Devdas and Paro.The project was initially going to have Soha Ali Khan in the place of Chitrangada because she had a tiff with director Sudhir Mishra but the duo seems to have patched up and now Chitrangada is surely playing Chandramukhi.

Sudhir Mishra is also going to make another period drama called ‘The Nawab, The Nautch Girl and The John Company’. Chitrangada will play the nautch girl in the film. It is set in era of the pre-Independence, British-ruled India.

The girl is an amazing actress… hope she finds her deserved spot in the commercial Bollywood queens.

Sherlyn Chopra’s Outrageous Sex Secrets


Sherlyn Chopra’s bindaas attitude is more outrageous than Rakhi Sawant’s. The girl is so frank that she doesn’t mind talking about her sex secrets to the media for a little publicity.Talking about her sexual experience she says, “I was 16 when I had my first orgy with 2 guys and we were trying to experiment. After that, I had it again, with a guy and a girl. I don’t believe in sticking to the normal of 1:1 ratio thing. If you can heighten your pleasure in a ratio of 1: 3 or 2: 4, then why not? I also use sex toys coz’ do you think the Indian male is well-‘equipped’ to satisfy me?”What more she says, “Be it the kitchen or the bedroom, I am a very demanding person, if not dominating. And you know what! My ex-boyfriend helped me in waxing some parts so that I could put on a very skimpy bikini. best work.”Wonder why would someone want to reveal some thing like that!

Farhan Akhtar ventures into modelling for Maruti Suzuki

He is a complete package of talents. Farhan Akhtar, who had already carved his niche as an ace director in Bollywood, has proved his versatility as a producer, actor and singer with ‘Rock On’. The movie has been a superhit and this has changed things for Farhan.

With just one territory left to venture forth and that is modeling, Farhan has already taken a step towards it. So, now he will be seen endorsing the automobile major Maruti Suzuki’s latest offering, a small segment car named ‘A-Star’, which has a well-suited tagline ‘Stop @ (At) Nothing‘.

Farhan confirmed the news saying, “Yes. I am endorsing Maruti’s ‘A-Star’. Besides the press ads there’s also a TV commercial that has been shot which will get aired by early next month.”

farhan akhtar

Vidya Balan - The mimickery artist in the making

Amidst much criticism and controversies Vidya Balan has managed to carve her niche in this glam world of Bollywood. Though not fitting in the criteria of hot, bold and sexy leading Bollywood ladies she has managed to bring success to her movie based on her acting skills.

If you thought that only serious acting was on this talented actress’ cards, let us tell you that the lady has a good hand at mimickery as well and is known for her chirpy and bubbly nature on the sets. In the words of a unit member from one of the Vidya’s movies, “You should hear Vidya mimic. She can imitate other actors with utmost ease! It’s a treat to watch her take off on them. She’s the life of our night schedules. She is high in spirits even at wee hours.

She never lets other get bogged down by dullness and is always smiling, cracking jokes and imitating other people. The grueling schedules do not look grueling any more with her around.”

What we suggest is that since the movie career is not really on a upward swing, why not give laughter shows a try, Vidya?

vidya balan

Konkona Sen Sharma plays the lesbian act

Seems homosexuality is the code of the season! After ‘Dostana’, it is Rohan Sippy’s  ‘The Preisdent is Coming’ which brings forth this subject with Konkona Sen Sharma playing the lesbian in the film.

The film is directed by Kunaal Roy Kapur. In fact, Kunaal has directed a play with the same name. The movie is written by Anubhav Pal and stars actors like Shernaz Paul and Ira Dubey. The film brings forth a new genre called mockumentary as it is made in a documentary style with satirical humour.

The movie moves around six wacky people, participating in a contest in which the winner will get a chance to shake hands with President George Bush. Konkona is one of them.

The production house RSE, Ramesh Sippy Entertainments, has decided to release the film on the 2K digital platform. It means that the movie will be distributed without any prints and will be shown on prime time with the help of wide Digital platform of 2K Digital Screens all over India. The transportation cost of prints in that way will be saved.

konkona sen sharma

Kareena Kapoor’s Commitments Denied Her British Honor

Like Aishwarya Rai Bachchan and Mallika Sherawat, Kareena Kapoor also seems like getting honor and prestige at international level. She, after receiving an appreciation from Hollywood star Sylvester Stallone recently caught attention of British Prime Minister Gordon Brown.She was invited by the House of Commons as the special guest of UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown at his residence at Downing Street on November 18th. She was expected to meet the PM himself and to be honored as the international ambassador. And to be the part of Silver Star charity that is known for spreading awareness about diabetes. The proceedings at the function were entertained by members from the different areas like politics, business, arts and culture, sports etc. However Bebo, couldn’t made it at the function due to her dates with  Sajid Nadiadwala for the shooting of film ‘Kambakt Ishq‘ along  Akshay Kumar in Mumbai. Though, she is still eager to work with Silver Star charity.

kareena kapoor

A leaner looking Emraan Hashmi for ‘Raaz’

Bhatt camp and Emraan Hashmi go hand in hand and after the success of ‘Jannat’ not that the Bhatts complain of this chemistry. The next much-hyped project from this camp with Emraan is ‘Raaz- The Mystery Continues’ produced under the banner of Vishesh Films and directed by young Mohit Suri.

Here, Emraan plays the role of an artist and the actor has gone to the extent of losing 10 kgs for the role. His lean look along with his spiked hair, an arty beard, kohled eyebrows, and junk jewellery have given a positive effect with a brand new promising look for the actor.

It was director Mohit Suri’s idea that Emraan should shed off some of that extra flab for the character and professional enough, Emraan crash dieted and completely cut off bread, pastries, cheese and any kind of junk food from his diet. He switched to sugar free desserts, from aata to nachni rotis and even minimized his salt intake. The results are there for all to see- he was 76 kgs and is now much leaner at 66 kgs.

Speaking about this effort Emraan says “It’s not so difficult, if you’re serious about it. And the results are the biggest motivator encouraging me to stick to the schedule. Along with the change in diet, I walk every day for an hour and drink lots of water. Also, I’ve begun having dinner 3 hours before I sleep, and whenever I have a day off, I go for a run before breakfast, because you supposedly burn more of fat that way. I saw the biggest difference in a week after cutting off bread from my diet.”

Emraan is happy with the results and plans to continue with this leaner look. He says, “I’ve got used to this discipline and am enjoying this new leaner feel.”

emraan hashmi

Shahruk Khan's Family Photos

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