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Sunday, January 4, 2009

Shahruk khan Deepika and Farah - The trio is back


The hit triumvirate of Om Shanti Om - Farah Khan, Shahrukh Khan and Deepika Padukone are back for SRK’s home production, Billu Barber as they sizzle for the Love Mera Hit Hai.

Farah says, “It was great fun doing this song. I didn’t have any sense of deja vu because it is very different from OSO which mostly had retro moves. This song is very hip-hop, it has a futuristic look, and the moves I have given them are like that. I couldn’t say no to Shah Rukh even though my babies were just born.”

Deepika on being back with SRK and Farah excitedly says, “Working with them is special because Shah Rukh and Farah are the two people I have started my career with. I am glad he asked me. Farah these days has become very selective and will not take up anything unless it excites her, so it’s all the more reason for me to be a part of this song. We relived so many memories, I felt I was going back to the sets of OSO. My costume designer is Manish Malhotra even in this film, and we had the same caterer — Mutthuswami, serving us. It was so much fun.”

King Khan is also happy with Deepika for agreeing to dance for his home production, he says, “It was sweet of her to agree. She is very talented and works hard. Working with the younger lot is really a learning process. They are so much fun, confident, and aware. They are all my future investments. ”

Apart from Deepika, SRK will also be seen with Priyanka Chopra and Kareena Kapoor in two other item songs.

Shahid Kapoor : Kareena- The pain has receded


Shahid Kapoor in a candid interview talks about ex-Kareena Kapoor and alleged now Sania Mirza. Read below to know more…

Did the irony of your breakup with Kareena and the film’s(Jab we Met) success strike you?
It’s too glaring for me to not notice it.But that’s life for you. You can’t fight it. I’ve always accepted what life gives you. I think what defines my life is not what happens to me but how I deal with it.

Do questions on Kareena make you uncomfortable?
No. It’s been a year now. The pain has receded. See, I know that as an actor I’m not allowed to have my complete privacy even if I wanted to. I try to keep my personal life to myself.

I want to stay connected with the person I am. I want to be in a real world. Sometimes in our world we’re pulled into an illusory state. I want to stay normal. I’ll do as much as possible to uphold my privacy.

Is Sania Mirza a part of your private space?
I don’t like talking about her. But yes, we do know each other, we’re friends and we’re in touch. A lot of people have been speculating about my personal life. And I’ve always said I’m a normal person.

If I’m in a relationship I won’t be sitting in a room alone. I’ll go out with the person I’m in a relationship with. So people will get to know if something is on without giving details.

Since you’re seen with Ms Mirza does one conclude you’re seeing her?
I go out with a lot of friends. But she’s a well-known face. So when I’m seen with her it becomes a matter of discussion. Beyond that I’ll hold on to my privacy.

Did the light hearted mood of Kismat Connection help you get over your break-up with Kareena?
More than the film, I had my family and friends who helped me get over that phase. I don’t think a film can do it for me.

Shahid with Kareena or Shahid with Sania. Eeew Fugly!!!

Aamir Khan at SRK again


For all those who thought that SRK and Aamir’s war of words is over - think twice ‘coz they are back to it again.

In a recent interview with TV channel Zoom, Aamir talks about everything under the sun which includes friend Salman and not so close friend Shahrukh Khan. Read below…

On Katrina saying that he joins the league of best physiques: , “I’m flattered by what Katrina said. But if you will ask me, I like John’s physique. I think he’s got a great physique. I think Salman has got a great physique.”

On converting from media shy to media friendly : There was a time in the middle for about two and half years that I kept away from media as I didn’t know how to deal with them. I do understand that media has an important role to play. I would like to give them value.

On accepting awards in future : The things that I value, I like to give time and energy too. As far as media is concerned its very important to engage them as I’m part of it. Do I have issues? Yes I have. But if I want society to change, I have to engage with it. I can’t just keep away from it. The same thing I feel about media. If there are issues, it’s not good to just keep away from them.Just engage with them. As far as award ceremonies are concerned, I have nothing against them. I’ve been to the Oscars; I’ve been to the BAFTA. I have absolutely no problem in going to certain award functions.

On Shahrukh Khan,: I think Shah Rukh enjoys taking Potshots at me. And he’s been doing this over years. Which I really enjoy well… So, I thought why not to reply to him as well. SRK is always saying ‘I’m Number.One, I’m Number One…’ I’ve been hearing this for the last twenty years. I’ve never heard Lata Mangeshkar saying it. Or Sachin Tendulkar saying it. Or Mr. Bachchan saying he’s Number One. I think if you’re Number One, there’s no need to say it.

You can catch this hot interview exclusively on ZOOM on January 4 at 12.30 pm.

What stars pledge for 2009


Post 26/11 Bollywood has woken up and want to do something for their country. Read below what famous Bollywood stars pledge for the year 2009.

Salman Khan: ‘I pledge to give back the love I have got from people… ‘

I want to keep myself abreast of current happenings more than before. I also wish to give back the love I have got from people and make a conscious effort to make everyone happy and touch their lives.

Shahid Kapoor: ‘I pledge to change the system’

I have never voted in my life. I have woken up to this fact that we need to participate in the process to change the system. It’s the need of the hour. Post 26/11, I have realised that.

Kangana Ranaut : ‘I pledge to execute my responsibilities and duties as a citizen’

I will start being aware about my nation, its politics and other current issues that will enable me to understand my responsibilities and duties as a citizen. And, I will have an opinion and power to voice whatever I feel and stand for.

Shilpa Shetty : ‘I pledge to vote’

I will vote from now on every year, no matter how busy I am. I will take time out. I haven’t done this in the past, but now I understand the importance of an efficient government after the recent attacks. And, if we want to change, it’s in our hands literally.

Harman Baweja : ‘I pledge to vote for the right individual’

I have not been voting all this while, but this year I will definitely vote. I’ll support and vote for an individual who will selflessly work towards a better future for India.

Sonam Kapoor : ‘I pledge to be more conscientious’

I would like to be a more aware and conscientious citizen of my country from now on.

Amrita Rao : ‘I pledge to fight back anything that dares challenge me’

To fight back anything that dares to challenge me. To bring about a balance of strength and sensitivity in me. As a Mumbaiite, not to forget 26/11 and to voice my opinion through the media whenever I see any aspect of the city going wrong.

Irrfan Khan : ‘I pledge to try and quit smoking’

The one thing that I want to do is try to quit smoking for sure.

Celina Jaitley : ‘I pledge to work on my shortcomings’

To work on myself, specially my shortcomings, and do three crazy things this year which I have never done in my life.

Shriya Saran : ‘I pledge to make someone happy every day’

I want to make someone happy every day. This is that basic deed which we are increasingly forgetting. Greeting each other with a smile, a hello, namaste and a salaam, trust me, will change the day for you and the person. I want to show I care.

What do you pledge for 2009?

How Priyanka & Shahid were saved on 26/11 by SRK


When the barbaric terror attacks struck our Mumbai, our Bolly stars Priyanka and Shahid Kapoor were shooting for Vishal Bharadwaj’s Kaminay at Marine Drive, however once the attacks started they didn’t know what to do and knocked SRK’s Mannat and they were gladly welcomed in by SRK.

A source says, “Shahid and Priyanka were shooting at Marine Drive for Kaminay with Vishal Bharadwaj when the attacks took place. The cops came and asked the unit to pack up as there was chaos everywhere. They left the shoot and headed home. On the way they got the news that another five star hotel at Juhu had been targeted. They didn’t know what to do and that’s when they spoke to Shah Rukh and landed up at Mannat. SRK welcomed them with open arms and they spent the night there and left in the morning when things were back to normal and they learnt that the attack on the Juhu hotel was a rumour.”

Priyanka’s representative also confirmed the news, “She stayed at Mannat that night. Shah Rukh and Gauri would not allow her to leave till the next morning.”

However Shahid did not confirm his side of the story.

Shahrukh Khan talks about his latest item Marjaani

Billu_Barber (14).jpg

Shahrukh Khan has something in him that always makes his item songs click, weather the film clicks or not. SRK’s latest item song for his home production Billu Barber is already on air and his sizzling song ‘Marjaani’ with hot Kareena Kapoor is the latest talk of the twon.

SRK says, “All the songs have been made in the same way as one would expect in a Hindi movie, so the song ‘Marjanni’ is done with lots of dancers and then shouts of ‘Marjaani’ which is a bit Punjabi and Sufi-ish, if I might say so but has more of a Punjabi beat to it.”The album has a fun mix of songs that help take the movie out of the small town to a different world and brings it back. So there are these spikes in the film and I think they happen mainly because of the songs.”

So are you liking SRK’s new item songs - Marjaani and Deepika Padukone starred Love mera Hit Hai?

Aamir Khan: I am open to working with SRK


Aamir Khan is being asked quite a few repeated questions these days, some are all about Ghajini and others are about King Khan SRK, and our perfectionist Khan loves to answer them wittily.

Recently when Aamir was asked wether a SRK-Aamir movie is a possibility, to which he replied, Of course, it is! I am open to working with SRK. I have no problems. Only thing, the script has to do justice to the two actors. I’m sure there’re a lot of capable directors who’d be interested in signing this combination,’ he states. Any director who can get this dream cast together? ‘Oh yes, Mani Ratnam, Ashutosh Gowariker, Farhan Akhtar, there’re so many talented names out there. I’m game to work with a new director as well if he has the right script.”

Would you love to see Aamir-SRK together in a movie?

Party time for ‘Ghajini’ team

The long and hard work from the team of perfectionist Khan has finally paid off and ‘Ghajini’ has broken all records by becoming the only Indian film to earn one billion rupees at the box office across the country in less than a week of its release on Christmas. Apart from this, the film has fared very well in the overseas market as well with a gross of US four million dollars in the same week. Not to mention, it called for a grand party and celebration.

So, it was party time for cast and crew of ‘Ghajini’ as they celebrated the huge success of their film in Mumbai. A cake was cut by Aamir with figures of the collection topping it.

Aamir Khan was more than happy at this success and said, “I'’m very happy and thankful that the film is being appreciated by the audience so much. The hard work put in by the entire team is being appreciated by the people.”

Asin, who has done many films in South and makes her debut in Bollywood with this film expressed her delight at the film’s success and thanked the audience for appreciating her performance. “I don’t come with baggage or expectations. I just focus on my work. I thank you all for the love you have given,” said Asin.

ghajini party time

ghajini party time

ghajini party time

ghajini party time

ghajini party time

ghajini party time

Shahruk Khan's Family Photos

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