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  Akshay Kumar, Jackie Chan And Mallika Sherwat

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Dostana Rakes Gold At The Box Office


Dostana is enjoying phenomenal success while all the other releases with and after it have been down in dumps. It has collected a whooping Rs.500 million since its release and its still expected to go strong till Aditya Chopra’s film Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi hits the theatres.Trade analyst Vinod Mirani commented, “The success of ‘Dostana’ has come as reassurance to the industry that the entertainment sector will be able to brave the negative impact of the economic slowdown if the changing tastes of audiences are carefully catered to, an opportunity which Ghai’s ‘Yuvvraaj’ missed.”“Although, whether these two much-awaited films will be able to a ‘Dostana’ at the box-office is still a matter of conjecture, both have generated a lot of expectations in the industry because of their good advance reports,” Mirani said further.“Hope, both the movies come up to the expectations. Because, just as Yash Raj Films sorely needs a hit after a series of flops this year, so is the industry eager to end the year on a promising note in order to regain its confidence as all the big-budget films released during the year so far came crashing at the box-office before ‘Dostana’ arrived,” he added.

We hope so too!

Shahid gets whooping 7cr for new ad


Shahid Kapoor is in Vogue these days, not only for movies but for advertisements as well. The handsome hunk has been signed by VIP luggage for its promotional campaigns and he has already started filming the add in Goa.Shahid who last starred in ads for Clinic All Clear and Pepsi says, “Yes, I have signed on with VIP luggage. It’s true that it’s been a long time since I’ve done an ad. I take time before I sign an endorsement as I have to be completely convinced before signing one. It’s according to the brand fit. And for me, VIP luggage suits the bill very well. They are coming up with a very trendy line of luggage and I am very happy with the entire concept.”Apparently Shahid has been paid a whooping 7 crore for the advertisement.Well in these times of Global money crisis, Shahid surely is laughing all the way to bank.

Salman Needs A Hit Desperately!!


It is no doubt that Salman Khan was one of the most good looking men in India once upon a time (For some he still is). Today he is one of the most popular actors in Bollywood. He is practically a youth icon.
Salman turns 43 this December and one look at his career graph, particularly since last three years and we see that the man desperately needs a hit because after No Entry which was his last big hit, he hadn’t had a super hit film.

There was Kyunki, his next film after No Entry that bombed despite Salman’s good performance as  a mad man who had accidentally murdered his wife.

In 2006, there was Jaan-e-mann that did not do commercially well, whatever appreciation the film got was because of the fairly good music and Akshay Kumar’s wonderful performance as a nerd. Babul was a disaster, Salman was not enough a reason to draw crowds for a movie so pathetically dragging and boring.

2007, Salam-e-ishq flopped miserably but Partner managed to be a good entertainer and could be termed as an average hit. In 2008 Heroes was appreciated but wasnt a commercial success and ofcourse there is Yuvraaj which also flopped despite much hype.

Looking at his contemporaries, Aamir Khan is still going strong with his power-packed performances in his films like Rang De Basanti, Taare Zameen Par and now Ghajini which looks a lot promising. Shahrukh Khan is the most expensive star in Bollywood, and now he has also started experimenting with his roles (although half the credit of his success goes to the support from big banners ala friendship with Adi Chopra and Karan Johar), Akshay Kumar has truly proved himself the Kinng.

Amongst his age group, Sallu faces tough competition and its about time Salman brings in a little stability in his personal and professional life. We are waiting for him to deliver another Hum Aapke Hain Koun or a Tere Naam may be - We hope Veer brings him some smiles with box office success.

Perhaps a little sensible film selection would go a long way in helping him keep up with the competition.

Katrina Kaif proves her critics wrong


Five years in the Bollywood industry and Katrina Kaif has finally arrived as an actress after her wonderful performance in Yuvraaj.Katrina reveals how she overcame her weakness, her language to conquer Bollywood,she says, “When I started, people were not only writing me off for my strong British accent, there were many others who tried to prevent me from making it till here. They didn’t do so in an aggressive or excessive manner, but they used to say things like ‘I don’t know…’ and ‘I’m not sure…’ that would  suggest a not-so-positive approach towards me. But I proved myself ultimately.She explains, “I always try and push myself to exceed expectations. I use this ideology in a positive way.”Katrina also reveals how she always believed in herself and her destiny, she says, “The great thing about life is that you never know what can happen and there’s no limitation to it. Someone can tell you that you can never be this and never be that. It’s not true. Anyone can be what he wants to be and destiny plays a major part in it. God has of course been very kind to me.”“I believe that everyone should try and live their dreams, follow them and they might just come true someday,” Katrina said.

Aishwarya Rai on economic crisis


Aishwarya Rai on the recent event for the launch of Longines, talked about recession and how to get out of the global economic crisis.The beautiful actress said, “We all are citizens of this country and recession will touch everyone’s life. However, I cannot speak about the entire film industry. All I know is the word ‘management’ is of prime importance. It’s about managing and not questioning how do I manage things. Taking more than you can chew will only create chaos. Yes I am leading a hectic lifestyle for a while but I believe in taking only as much as you can effectively give. If I am internally happy it shows. I have never deliberately tried to show how happy I am.”Well no wonder she was crowned Miss World.:)

Zayed Khan surprises wife by kissing co-star


Zayed Khan apparently his his debut kiss ka kissa from his wifey and until she saw it at the premiere.

Zayed Khan kissed for the very first time for the camera for Yuvraaj and had a passionate smooching scene with Aimee Maghera.Zayed says, “Firstly I’ve never done intimate scenes like these on screen. I’m a family man with a wife and son. And to watch the scenes with my parents at the premiere gave me the shivers. What would they think? On top of it all it was our marriage anniversary. What a gift for my wife!”

Apparently Zayed was quite apprehensive about the intimate scene, but it was Ghai’s first time too, as he had never shot a kissing scene before, he was adamant that Zayed give it his best shot.Zayed adds, “My lips are sealed, and not just for the kissing-let me tell you very explicitly. But yes, some of the scenes did have me worried. This was my first screen kiss. And I do have a very laadla beta image among the audience. What would the mothers in the audience think? I wondered! I hadn’t even told my wife about the kissing in Yuvvraaj. I wanted to surprise her on the premiere night.”

I am sure most Bollywood wifes dont want such type of surprises.

Aamir Khan - Devil Inside


Aamir Khan turns devil in his next Konal Kohli’s flick. Aamir Khan who did Kunal’s Fanaa will be seen playing the role of a devil.A source reveals, “Kunal has got some money from Reliance for a 3 film deal. One of these films will be with Aamir Khan and is about the Devil who takes human form and falls in love. Aamir is eager to play the role of the devil and is already preparing for it.”

Well I wonder what preparation Aamir is doing for this role.. Growing his teeth?

Deepika Padukone: Female Akshay Kumar


Deepika Padukone from playing a regular belle on the big screen has transformed into an action queen for her upcoming flick Chandni Chowk to China also starring Akshay Kumar.

The leggy lass is all praises for herself for doing some death defying stunts in the movie.She says, “I’m sure I have gone through a lot of death defying action in the film. But I was prepared for it when I signed the film.”

Deepika also revealed that it was Khiladi man Akshay Kumar who taught her many of the stunts.She adds, “Akshay taught me lots of action. He said that action is like dancing so you have to be very graceful while doing it. I like to believe that main next female Akshay Kumkar hoon (I’m the nest female Akshay Kumar).”Well try to laugh like Akki, Deepika and we would definitely believe you, till then…you dont qualify.

Vivek seeks Salman’s forgiveness


Vivek Oberoi is desperate to seek Salman Khan’s forgiveness and is at it again by bombarding Salman with text messages.A source says, “Vivek tried every gimmick in the book to win Sallu over for four years since their spat. From sending him feelers through text messages to publicly apologising to the actor at an award show, Vivek has done it all. Though many believe they’re all publicity stunts, the actor has maintained he wants to express his regrets and move on in life.”The source adds, “The latest so-called stunt was when Vivek thought he could call Sallu for his sister’s wedding. Although the wedding was made out to be a very personal event, a select bunch from the industry was also invited. Extending an invitation to Sallu came as a big surprise. As soon as Vivek came to know Khan was in town he sent him a long emotional message telling him that it would mean a lot if he came for the wedding. Khan didn’t feel the need to even reply to his message. After a day passed, Vivek started to send Sallu a couple of messages and at one point, even tried to call him. Sallu ignored him but finally ended up sending Vivek a stinker of a message.”

Well do you think after all that Aishwarya Rai ruckus, should Salman forgive Vivek and move on?

Hrithik Roshan smooches Barbara Mori


Hrithik Roshan has dared and bared again after Dhoom2 in his upcoming flick Kites, he does death defying stunts and smooches his co-star Barbara Mori with utmost ease.

Apparently Hrithik Roshan in a stunt had to kiss his co-star Barabara Mori on cheek, but later it was turned into a smooch.Hrithik confirms saying , “We were both supposed to jump off from a rooftop at an impossible height. Before we did so director Anurag Basu suggested that I kiss Barbara since we were doing something death-defying and dangerous.I kissed her on her cheek to which she turned around to ask, ‘Given the same situation with your wife Susanne would you kiss her on the cheek?’ I was floored by her logic. The scene was reshot and I kissed her the way real-life couples would in the situation.”Then Hrithik adds, “Is kissing such a big deal? Hasn’t our cinema grown up? There are kissing scenes in Kites but nothing to make me squirm. I’d be more than happy watching those scenes with my wife, son and parents.”Hrithik also revealed the importance of the smooch in the movie, he says, “Kites is a love story about people in love. How do people in love express their feelings? Barbara made me realize how silly we look on screen while shying away from expressing love naturally.”

Well lets see if Hrithik manages to stir some controversy with this kiss like his previous kiss.

Adi Hosted a Special Screening of Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi

rab ne bana di jodi1.jpg

Aditya Chopra, who has been famous for keeping his ventures under wraps till the date of release has made an exception for his latest directorial venture Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi (starring Shahrukh Khan and newcomer Anushka Sharma).A source who attended the private screening of the movie revealed, “Adi held a special screening of RNBDJ on Sunday November 23rd evening at his Yash Raj studio preview theatre. It was attended by Shah Rukh Khan who came along with his wife Gauri and kids - Suhana and Aryan, Karan Johar, Yash Chopra and debutante Anushka Sharma. All of them seemed to enjoy the film. It is learnt that Adi was very anxious to know whether his latest venture at turned out well or not. His Yash Raj Films desperately needs after having gone through a string of flops in the past few months.”The source further adds, “Well Adi was a relieved man once the show was over as RNBDJ has SUPERHIT written all over. It is definately going to YRF’s savior just like last year’s SRK starrer Chak De India was! The movie is a complete family entertainerquite funny and has some really spectacular dance sequences. The highlight number being the one where the King Khan is shown imitating old actors like Rajesh Khanna and Shammi Kapoor, etc. The film is a simple sweet love story shot mainly in India. Anushka has made a good debut and she is a good dancer.”The music of the film is disappointing already, quite unlike the typical SRK starring blockbusters from Yash Raj, perhaps thats why we dont see the film generating much interest in the audiences. Lets see what fate holds for SRK and Yash Raj.

SRK goes chop, chop, chop


SRK has chopped of his long flowing silky hair for his upcoming K.Jo flick My Name Is Khan.

SRK’s new look has been given to him by hairstylist Dilshad and SRK will be trimming his hair further for the next part of the movie.A source says, “His hair cut was done in three stages. He is sporting the second stage look and will further chop his hair shorter in a few days.”SRK plays the role of Rizwan Khan, who is diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome, which is a mild form of autism.

Aamir makes Jiah cry


While some Khans are fighting amongst themselves, some Khans are making each other cry, like Aamir Khan making Jiah Khan cry for all the right reason.

Jiah Khan who stars in Ghajini opposite Aamir Khan remembers the moment when she got selected for the movie, she was all nervous for the audition and eventually when she got selected she broke down into tears.She says, “When Aamir and Murugadoss told me I was in, I could not believe it! I was in tears! I broke down completely. I was overwhelmed! I was so happy that tears automatically welled up my eyes and began rolling down my cheeks.”

Jiah also reveals that she cherishes the moment when Aamir praised her in front of her mother.She says, “Aamir told my mother that if I was a part of Ghajini it was because of my own achievement and talent. It was the best compliment I have received that too from the best actor of the country–Aamir Khan. What more could I ask for.”

Jiah is awaiting the release of Ghajini.

Akshay plans to screen Jumbo for son


Akshay Kumar was bushy dubbing for the animated film Jumbo, where he lends his voice to the main character along with mama-in-law Dimple Kapadia who is also lending her voice to the flick.

Apparently while the mama-in-law and son-in-law were busy dubbing for the film, Akki’s son Aarav was keeping them company and when he got a peek at Jumbo he was quite excited and wanted Khiladi daddy to show him and his friends the movie.Akshay confirms, “Yes, Aarav can’t wait to see Jumbo on screen. He’s just too excited, and I’m trying to see what I can do about it.”

Well now that’s a jumbo wish by Aarav to his dad.

Arjun Rampal to have a lavish b’day bash for wife


Arjun Rampal is pretty busy these says, he is busy organising a very luxurious birthday bash for his wife Mehr, coming this weekend.However Arjun is not going to celebrate his b’day in a grand way, he says, “I will cut a cake, blow candles and make a wish! At night, I will have a quiet dinner with a few close friends. There is no grand bash, as we partied a lot in Dubai last week. But yes, for Mehr’s birthday, I will have a party for her. That’s my gift to her. I am working on it as it’s a very big year for her and we want to make it special.”Asked about the gift for his wife and Arjun says, “Yes, I have something special for her in mind but it’s too personal to talk about it.”We wish Arjun’s wife Mehr a very happy birthday.

Ayesha Takia’s weight upsets Salman Khan


Ayesha Takia has always been on the heavier side, the actress who managed to lose some weight some while ago brought it back again with much fuller force. However Salman Khan who is a fitness addict did not like Ayesha’s plump look in a song for their upcoming Boney Kapoor’s flick Wanted Dead or Alive.Salman had shot a song with Ayesha in Bangkok, but when he saw the song he did not like it and asked Boney to re shoot the whole song. Boney agreed and shot Ayesha in such a way that she looks slim.A source reveals, “Ayesha is a very pretty and talented girl. She reshot for the song without any nakhras. It is unlikely that she knew why she was made to reshoot the song which she had already shot for in Bangkok.”When Ayesha was also quizzed about the same on sms, she replied, “I don’t know about this. At the moment, we are shooting two new songs.”However Boney tells a different story, “Well, I did reshoot a song for Wanted… And yes, I had shot that song at a nightclub in Bangkok. But I didn’t reshoot it in Mumbai just because Salman asked me to. When I saw some shots of the Bangkok song I had second thoughts about it simply because I didn’t like the backdrop. That’s why I erected a new lavish set in Mumbai. It has worked out well this time.”Do you think its high time Ayesha got rid of her puppy fat?

Shahid Kapoor stops shooting


Shahid Kapoor packed his bags and stopped shooting for Kaminay as terrorists continued to terrorize the city with continues shooting.Director, Vishal Bharadwaj says, “We were shooting a traffic jam scene for Kaminey at Horniman Circle, which is a couple of minutes away from Chatrapati Shivaji Terminus (CST).We crossed CST at 9.45 pm and headed for the circle. While the men were putting up the lights, we heard firing and explosions close by. We decided to cancel the shoot immediately around 10.30 pm and head home. Shahid left a little ahead of me.”

The whole Mumbai is down because of the terrorizing acts, lets hope it gets back to normal again.

SRK: Priyanka is the sexiest Indian actress


Well this is the biggest compliment any actress can ever receive and the lucky one here is Priyanka Chopra who is on cloud nine after SRK referred to her as the sexiest Indian actress.When asked about the compliment, Priyanka says, “I think it is a very nice compliment, coming from one of the greatest actors in the country. We had a blast working together in Don, and now, I’m doing a special appearance in his Billoo Barber. “Well hope both the sexy actors keep entertaining us forever.:)

Kareena doesn’t let Deepika act with Saif again


Kareena Kapoor lost out a role in Imtiaz Ali’s next flick opposite real life hero Saif Alik Khan to Deepika Paudkone, but this time she made sure that no such thing happens.

The actress has replaced Deepika Padukone in the flick Agen Vino where she is all set to romance Saif Ali Khan. However director Raghavan reveals that he never considered Deepika for the flick.Raghavan reveals, “I haven’t yet signed her but hope to do that soon. I can give more details only by December end.”The film is an Indian version of James Bond and will have two leading actresses, one Indian and other foreign.

Shahid Kapoor gets bronzed


Shahid Kapoor has taken cue from perfectionist Aamir Khan and has gone into hibernation for keeping his look for his upcoming flick Kaminay a secret.

Shahid has been given tough directions by director Vishal Bharadwaj about his look and keeping it a secret.

The director and actor spent hours and hours deciding their look and the outcome it seems is fantastic.

A source says, “It’s a rough and tough avatar. “Shahid has literally soaked himself in the sun for the bronze look, and has a new hairstyle, too.”

Well eager to see Shahid in this new avatar.

Katrina look alike confusing Salman Khan

Salman seems quite impressed by any girl resembling his girl friend and actress Katrina Kaif. Earlier it was model Zarine Khan who is to be in a movie with Salman Khan. Now a another girl not only as similar to Katrina in looks is also from UK, the same place Katrina also hailing from, the Miss UK Lisa Lazarus is instead the one who is acting opposite  Sallu in Veer as the second lead of the actor. So Lisa is ready to make a mark into the Bollywood.


Lisa lazarus
Lisa lazarus


‘Re’ Boutique Opened Showing the Best Designer Collections

It was the great day at ‘Re’ the boutique which opened at posh area of Mumbai known as Breach Candy. At the inauguration of the boutique Malika Arora Khan and many other noted celebrities were presented. The boutique has huge collection of designer collection created by designers like Nachiket Barve, Namrata Joshipura, Lotus Sutr (Karishma Jamwal), Priya Awasthy, Rakesh Agarwal, Swapnil Shinde and more.

re malaika arora khan

Re neha dhupia

First Look - Munnabhai Chale America


Check out the poster of Munnabhai Chale America. This movie will surely rock the box-office.

SRK, the original Munnabhai


Believe it or not, but SRK was Rajkumar Hirani’s original choice for the role of Munnabhai in Munnabhai MBBS, before it went to Sanjay Dutt.

Shahrukh apparently has contributed much to the story of Munnabhai when the script was in its initial stages. It seems many of the memorable scenes from the movie are because of SRK’s inputs to producer-director duo Vidhu Vinod Chopra and Raj Kumar Hirani.

Due to unknown reasons SRK couldn’t do the role of Munnabhai which eventually went to Sanjay Dutt. However during the credit’s of the film in the end, Raj Kuamr Hirani mentions and thanks SRK for his inputs in the script.

Well thanks SRK for leaving the role, ‘coz there is no Munnabhai without our Sanju Baba

Shahruk Khan's Family Photos

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