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  Akshay Kumar, Jackie Chan And Mallika Sherwat

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

John Abraham: I don’t stick my butt out unnecessarily


Yes! That’s John Abraham for you who remains calm and composed even after being ranked as the World’s Sexiest Man in Asia.John says, “I don’t mean to deride or demean anybody and while it’s an honor and feels great, the important thing is that hard work has got me here more than just my physicality. I smile and accept the praise today, tomorrow is another day, I try to be normal and don’t stick my butt out unnecessarily!”John doesn’t believe he is sexy, well the reason is, “People who know me don’t think I’m sexy… they know I’m a regular guy. But the big thing is that if John Abraham can do it, people should feel good… because what’s stopping them from doing it too?”However John cannot stop himself from being happy at being awarded the tag, he says, “It’s nice to be liked by all ages and genders .Though I turn red when little girls of 12 and 13 say I’m so hot! It’s embarrassing but also beautiful. And what can I do, sexy is a part of their lingo!”

Do you folks find John sexy or wannabe?

Salman Khan helps Lisa Lazarus


Lisa Lazarus a newbie in Bollywood who is all set to make her debut with Salman Khan’s epic saga Veer is finding hard to groove to Bollywood’s typical jhatkas and matkas, so our Sallu Bhai helped Miss Universe UK 2008 with her dance steps.A source reveals, Lisa Lazarus could not get the dance steps right for a song which she was shooting with Salman. During one of her attempts, she fell flat on her face. Before she could get up, Salman rushed by her side and gave her a helping hand.”“Lisa was shooting for a number which required her to perform a few typical Bollywood dance steps. Since Lisa is not used to dancing to Hindi numbers, she was struggling quite a bit to follow the instructions. However, all’s well that ends well. Salman really helped Lisa that day.”

With Salman’s blessings and help in her career, Lisa is all set to make a impact like Katrina I guess!!

Miss India Parvathy is Miss World 2008 first runner up


Parvathy Omanakuttan finally broke the series of bad records of Indian participants in the Miss World contest from the past few years by bagging the first runner up title at the exclusive event held in Africa.

The Miss World 2008 title was bagged by Russian beauty Sukhinova.Parvathy was excited and said,  “In India and South Africa people are warm and warm-hearted. I felt at home in Johannesburg. Presence of two great leaders Mahatma Gandhi (India) and Nelson Mandela (South Africa) have influenced millions of people in both the countries.”

“It’s been a great journey for me.”

Well you have surely made us proud Parvathy!! Go girl.

Secret behind Deepika’s cheeni eyes


Deepika Padukone is looking all Chinki in her upcoming flick Chandni Chowk to China which also starrs Akshay Kumar. According to rumors the leggy lass is playing a double role in the movie and she confirms the news and says it’s not a publicity gimmick.She says,  “It’s actually a double role and no publicity gimmick. I play two different characters in Chandni Chowk To China , one is an Indian called Sukhi, and the other is a Chinese girl, Meow Meow. The Chinese character is a pro at martial arts for which I had to undergo four months of rigorous training before the film started.”There were rumors that Deepika had used tapes to make her wide eyes look like Chinese eyes, however Deepika says, “We had thought of that initially but it wasn’t a good idea to use tapes, they’re bad for the skin. My makeup artist came up with a simpler solution and used the eyeliner in such a way that it gave my eyes the Chinese tweak.”

So do you think Deepika does justice to her Chinese role?

Ghajini haircut now a publicity tool


Aamir Khan is not only a perfectionist he is smart too, he known how to generate good publicity as well as bad publicity.

In his latest initiative, Aamir has collaborated with multiplexes and food chains across the nation to give all waiters and ticket-seller the popular Ghajini-buzz cut that Aamir sports in the later half of the flick.A source says, “People will go to watch SRK’s film but see these Aamir’s Ghajini prototypes everywhere in the theaters. The producers of Ghajini were delighted with Aamir’s idea. It was difficult to get almost 1,500 ushers to shave off their hair just like Aamir, though he himself was kicked with the idea. Not just ushers, but also men at the ticket-counters and those who work in the food courts, will be sporting the Ghajini look.”When quizzed about the initiative Aamir says, “I am very happy that theater chains are carrying out this activity. I sense that they are treating the release of my film like an important event. I am glad that they consider Ghajini as one of the important films of the year.”

Well surely Ghajini is most awaited film of the year. Are you excited about Ghajini?

Kangana upset with Bhatts, does not promote Raaz2


Kangana Ranaut is looking hot in the promos of Raaz: The Mystery Continues however the beautiful actress is upset with Bhatts for using her personal life as a publicity tool for the flick.Kangana says,  “I just won’t participate in any of the promotional activities of Raaz 2. I’m terribly hurt that my personal matters are being used to create hype around the film.”

The personal matter she is talking about is her relationship with her Raaz2 co-actor Adhyayan Suman.Kangana adds, “Adhyayan and I both respect our relationship too much to do anything frivolous on the sets. Moreover, I am a professional. I won’t let my personal life be used for the publicity of Raaz 2.”

What do you think folks? Do producers cross the line for the promotions of their film?

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