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Monday, November 24, 2008

Hrithik Floored By Kangana’s Catwalk


Hrithik Roshan, who is currently working with Kangana Ranaut on their forthcoming movie Kites, is really floored by Kangana’s performance in Kites.“Kangana’s entry in Fashion with the catwalk was simply amazing. I was blown away and complimented her. I think she is so far the best model on the ramp. I have nicknamed her ‘catwalker’ for such an electrifying walk. She has done complete justice to her character,” he exclaimed. Hrithik’s film Kites is due release in the mid-2009, he plays a teacher in the film and Kangana is one of her students.

Rakhi Sawant Gets a Makeover


Rakhi Sawant has decided to spare us from her garish make-up now. She went for a makeover. She looks rather different now. People were wondering if she had a cosmetic surgery when she revealed,“I haven’t done any cosmetic surgery. It’s my new way of doing make-up. I attended a course in London which taught me how to do the right make-up. I have decided to go for the clean natural look as opposed to the heavy make-up I used to wear before. That’s why I am looking different.”

She is supposed to have learnt the new tricks of make-up while working for Shammi Kapoor’s son Aditya Raj Kapoor’s forthcoming film Baltidevi, in which she plays the lead role. Aditya had specifically chosen Rakhi for the lead role of his film, “I saw her on Koffee With Karan. I saw the appeal in her eyes. I fell for her the way all of India fell for her. I saw the emotion in her heart, which was begging to come out. I felt my script had similar feelings. So I went to her the next day and begged her to listen to my script.She read the script and by the fifth page, she had tears in her eyes. She said this was her story and then she hugged me.”“Baltidevi is a story of a young girl who is married in India and taken to South Hall, London. Her marital life has a rough beginning which culminates in a divorce. It is more of a rags to riches story where a woman, who doesn’t know English, survives in a foreign country by running a dhaba. She starts the concept of Balti chicken and becomes a super cook. She then starts a franchisee and very soon becomes an icon for South Hall by taking care of migrants, people with marital problems, the brokenhearted and so on,” Aditya added.

Wish she could take a few spoken English and pronounciation classes too. Looks like the make-up classes have done a lot good to her. Atleast she is bearable now.

Zayed Khan Slapped Anil Kapoor

Zayed Khan, who plays Anil Kapoor and Salman Khan’s younger brother in Subhash Ghai’s latest release Yuvraaj, has actually given Anil Kapoor a tight slap straight across his face. Fortunately, it was an act for the film. Subhash Ghai wanted Zayed to actually slap him so that it be more effective on screen. But the act of actually slapping Anil left Zayed embarassed.“I never imagined I would slap Anil Kapoor. For me, Anil is like an elder brother and is very experienced. On a personal level, I felt insulted for having slapped him. But that’s what acting is all about,” Zayed told IANS in an interview.“Actors do things ordinary people are not allowed to do sometimes. It’s the nature of the job,” he added.Poor guys… the effort didn’t pay off well.


Jodhaa-Akbar To Now Become Ram-Sita


Superhit pair of Jodhaa Akbar are now all set to play another great couple from history - Ram and Sita.Sanjay Khan,Hrithik’s father-in-law has plans of producing Ramayan for Bollywood and Hrithik couldnt help but say yes to the role of Lord Ram.Actor Zayed Khan, has been asked to play Lakshman and talking to a newspaper, he revealed, “My father is indeed making the Ramayan. It’s called The Legend of Rama. He has been planning this film for the last three years and looking for (someone) perfect to play Rama. And who but Hrithik could be the perfect choice for the role?”

Apparently Amitabh Bachchan has agreed to play Dashrata. Aishwarya Rai has been chosen to play Goddess Sita for the film.

They are yet to decide who will play the character of Ravan in the film.

Aishwarya Rai Launches Longines Admiral


Aishwarya Rai set the ramp afire all over again as she launched Longines Admiral Watch in India on Friday. She looked amazing dressed in a black and white gown.

Shahruk Khan's Family Photos

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