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Sunday, October 19, 2008

Kajol Troubles Karan Johar for Nysa


Kajol, after months of persuasion from Karan Johar agreed to do his film The Name is Khan. And Karan Johar is really having a hard time to deal with Kajol, who had agreed to do the film on the condition that he should use her dates for the overseas shoot of the film for not more than 20 days at a stretch. A source says, “Kajol has told the director-producer that she would shoot for 20 days non-stop on location to enable all the outdoor scenes being canned. She desires that the indoor portions be shot as far as possible in Mumbai. As her hubby Ajay Devgan is also busy with his shoots, she wants to be around for Nysa. The child cannot travel with them all the time. Also, Kajol does not want to stay away from Mumbai for months.”

Poor Karan Johar is having a hard time managing his finances with his leading lady shuttling between the foreign locations and Mumbai for her daughter.

Kareena Plays a True Ektaa Kapoor Fan!


Kareena Kapoor has surprisingly again taken up a multi-starrer film Golmal and the reason for that, like always is that Bebo has a very interesting role.She plays a true blue Ektaa Kapoor fan in the film. Infact, her character is called Ekta too. She plays a young housewife who is badly influenced by Ektaa Kapoor’s ‘K’ serials and is always accusing her husband (Ajay Devgan) of cheating on her.“Bebo plays a housewife who is heavily inspired by the saas-bahu serials. She is able to draw a parallel between her husband’s infidelity with specific instances of infidelity from some of the TV serials. It’s hilarious!” confirms Tusshar Kapoor.
And guess what Ektaa’s take on that - “That’s flattering! Long live the saas-es and bahus!” says Ekta!

Discharged Amitabh Hits Out At Media

Amitabh Bachchan is finally home after being discharged from Mumbai’s Lilavati Hospital yesterday. As soon as he was in the comfort of his own home he got time to update his blog and write about his experiences.


Big B was really overwhelmed by the concern and well wishes of his fans as he wrote, “Your love overwhelms me. Your concern for my well being humbles me. I owe so much to you.”
“My sincerest thanks to all who gave me strength to fight another medical battle. The fans and well wishers. The media friends who wrote in on my mobile. Friends who visited me at the hospital and those that wrote in. Strangers who I never met or know.” He really lashed out at the media on his blog on how the literally harrassed him the night he was being taken to the hospital.

amitabh bachchan discharged.jpg
“There is a muted silence outside…No one says a word, except the media. They clamour and scream for that exclusive shot, invading the sanctity of the ambulance. They would never understand the sensitivity of the situation,” he wrote. He added: “Media is an added hindrance to a smooth, quick emergent ride to Nanavati. If they had their way they would ideally want to be seated on the stretcher with me and have me answering questions - ‘What would be the celebrations for the birthday sir and will you be inviting Shah Rukh’. Insensitive. Callous.”

Talking about his plans now, he said he plans to rest and recuperate and give company to women at home who would be celebrating Karva Chauth.

I’m Not A Slave To Fashion Trends:Deepika


Supermodel turned actress Deepika Padukone who is really appreciated for her sense of style and her beauty declared that she is not a slave to fashion trends and wears what she finds comfortable.She was in Delhi to walk the ramp for designers Shantanu and Nikhil at the Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week, “I believe in being comfortable in what I wear instead of wearing something in fashion that does not suit my body. I don’t follow fashion trends,” said Deepika. On being asked who her favorite designer in the industry and without battling an eyelid, pat she replies - Manish Malhotra. "Manish always goes out of his way for me and does a good job. He also did my first film ‘Om Shanti Om’,” she explains. She also announced the winner of a Fiama Di Wills Beautiful Face 2008 Hunt, organised in collaboration with the Elite Modelling Agency. Unfortunately the chosen face looks nothing in comparison to Deepika’s face. Poor Girl!

Ash’s Dad-in-law discharged;Dad hospitalized


Aishwarya did not even get time to heave a sigh of relief as her dad Krishna Raj got admitted to hospital as soon as dad-in-law Amitabh Bachchan got discharged.Krishna Raj Rai, who has been diagnosed with cancer, was admitted to hospital on Thursday after complaining of  restlessness.

Both Abhishek and Aishwarya Rai had visited Mr. Rai in hospital.

Tanushree Dutta unveils the diamond studded shoe from Gitanjali

Now, the delicate glass shoes of Cinderella finally turn into reality for Gitanjali group has made a diamond studded Cinderella show to be displayed at the Lakme Fashion Week. The opportunity to unveil this extraordinary diamond studded shoe was offered to gorgeous Tanushree Dutta. And no doubt, Tanushree all clad in a golden gown just added to the grace of this breathtakingly beautiful diamond studded shoe which has a unique feature of floating diamonds.

Gitanjali Gems is known for creating cricket ball, tennis ball a chic and opulent chandelier, a truly beautiful (collectable) football, an elegant gold stand, a super-stylish key chain! paper knives’s set! prayer beads set, a breathtakingly beautiful chess set all made out of diamonds.

tanushree dutta

tanushree dutta

tanushree dutta

Super Sexy Mugdha Godse On Fashion


Super sexy supermodel Mugdha Godse is playing one of the leading ladies in Madhur Bhandarkar’s forthcoming film and wow… I think she looks the sexiest of the three.What better for a model to play a model in her debut film. But Mugdha says, “It does sound good and easy from your end and you do get a psychological support but it`s not a piece of cake. My character is nothing close to what I am in my real life. Not the kind of a person or a model. So it`s a completely different journey I`m going through in the film. So for me it was different. Acting and modeling are two different genres all together. In Fashion I`m not the kind of a ramp model that I`m off screen.” So what is Mugdha like off-screen? And she says, “Mugdha Godse is a very simple girl. She is a bit shy also and not at all classy and I`m being frank here. I`m very bohemian and hippy by nature. Mugdha is a middle class girl, which Janet is not in the film. I am chilled out too.” Talking about her character in the film Janet, Mugdha says, “Janet has a heart of a gold and she is not a highly successful model. It`s a journey of a character and how she helps other people. Few incidents happen in her life and she has to take some important decisions that leads to a few things. Fashion is an emotional journey for Janet. She is bold, outgoing and an outspoken girl. Her language is completely different and she has been in the Fashion world for quite long to know what happens in front and behind the scenes.”

Testing time for Aishwarya Rai

The month of October did not prove to be very lucky for beautiful Aishwarya Rai. First, it was her doting father-in-law Amitabh Bachchan who had to be admitted to the hospital on his birthday owing to pain in his stomach. No sooner did he start feeling better giving everyone a sigh of relief, than her father Krishna Raj Rai fell ill and was immediately admitted at Hinduja Hospital. Sources say that he had only gone there as a part of his routine check up, but was admitted immediately after that.

With both her father who have been pillars of strength for her being ill enough to be admitted to hospitals, this is a testing time for Aishwarya indeed. Our team at Bollywood stars offers heartiest condolescence to her.

aishwarya rai

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