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  Akshay Kumar, Jackie Chan And Mallika Sherwat

Friday, January 2, 2009

New Year Resolutions of Bollywood Stars

Bollywood stars like many of us make New Year Resolutions. Its interesting to see what each of them has resolved to do in 2009.


 Mugdha Godse said, ‘’My resolution is to voice my opinion and to vote to be a better citizen. And I want to entertain audiences in good films. A great gift for all of us this New Year would be a good leader who can make Mumbai a better city.'’
Neha Dhupia said, ‘’I've just started learning horse riding. So my New Year resolution is to become an expert at it…Someone should gift me a beautiful horse for the New Year.'’
Dia Mirza said, ‘’I don’t save resolutions for the New Year. I believe if there’s a need to do something it should be done immediately. My wish for the New Year is to be part of an informed and motivated government that will ensure our security, peace, health and progress.'’
Himesh Reshammiya said, ‘’My New Year gift is to give the biggest hit of 2009. And the gift I want from God is to be super-creative in whatever I do.'’
Amrita Arora said, ‘’My New Year resolution is to be a better person, more tolerant and patient. And my gift? Happiness in abundance for me and loved ones.'’
Shamita Shetty said, ‘’My New Year resolution is to vote. As my New Year gift I’d like a balanced professional and personal life.'’

Rajeev Khandelwal said, ‘’My New Year resolution? To be a better citizen and to spread awareness among the youth to make our country the best. My New Year gift…a pledge from the youngsters to make our country go ahead.'’

celina jaitley324.jpg

Celina Jaitley said, ‘’My New Year resolution is to work on my shortcomings as a human being. And the one gift that that I’d want from my countrymen is to not forget 26/11.'’
Koena Mitra said, ‘’My New Year resolution for 2009 is to not make any resolutions. Each time I end up breaking it because I’ve never planned anything. The best gift I’d want to get is love. I’ve never been lucky in love till date. And of course I want to give gifts to my family friends and my seven angels (the dogs).'’
Nandana Sen, ‘’New Year resolution? To spend as much time as possible with my loved ones. And my gift? Tolerance among people communities and countries'’
Dino Morea said, ‘’I don’t make New Year resolutions. I just strive to do better not every year but every day. The gift that I want this New Year? Some luck from anyone who cares enough.'’
Boman Irani said, ‘’I've never made New Year resolutions. Resolutions are surrounded by guilt. I don’t need that for the New Year.'’
Paresh Rawal said, ‘’This New Year I want to start yoga and get the great Gujarati writer Madhu Rai to write an exciting play for me.'’
Tanushree Dutta said, ‘’My New Year resolution is to work out more and get into fitness in a big way. And my gift: I want the latest I Pod from my parents.'’


How Akshay Kumar Keeps His Wife Happy?


Its one hell of big deal to keep one’s wife happy. And Akshay Kumar has become quite a pro at this.

A few days ago, we read that Akshay Kumar gifted his wife a lavish Bentley car worth 3 crore on her 35th birthday before he left for Hong Kong. And since he was absent on his wife’s birthday he made it up by taking the entire family to Goa.

He hosted a party for his wife, his mom-in-law Dimple Kapadia and his mom Aruna where he cooked them some sumptuous Gujarati delicacies.

It is known that Akshay was inspired by his role of a chef in the film Chandni Chowk to China. For those of you who forgot, Akshay Kumar is an excellent cook. He worked as a waiter in his early twenties in Bankok.

Needless to say, Twinkle was extremely happy!

John Abraham In Awe of Aamir’s Body!


John Abraham had been voted as sexiest male by popular Eastern Eye magazine. People rave about his chiseled body and washboard abs but he is more impressed with Aamir’s body.

He said, “I may be fit but when I look at Aamir Khan and the way he has developed his body just for a role, it scares me,” he adds, “We actors should take a leaf out of his book and look at how he has changed cinema in this country.”

His Daniel-Craig-style-emerging-from-the-sea scene got him quite a bit of attention doubled by Dostana’s super success. His body took more of people’s attention than his acting, but he says,
“I’m never ashamed of talking about my body. Though at times I do feel like a meat shop.”

Aamir on the other hand said, that his body in Ghajini is not the center point of the film and its story. He wished that when people come out of the theatres after watching the film, his performance should take them such a way that his muscular body should be the last thing they remember.

Indeed, as John says - Aamir is truely awe-inspiring!

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