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  Akshay Kumar, Jackie Chan And Mallika Sherwat

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Kajol looks mesmerizing as the cover-girl of ‘M’

She has taken all efforts to get back on shape and her efforts have paid or so it seems as she poses with her killer looks for the cover page of ‘M’, a lifestyle and luxury magazine for men.

Pranav Capila, executive editor, M, is all praises for Kajol and says, “Why wouldn’t a men’s magazine want Kajol on its cover? She’s certainly been on our wish list for a while.

She’s one of our most talented actors; she’s intelligent and independent thinking and isn’t afraid to show it; she knows her mind and through her life choices has proved that she isn’t a slave to celebrity. She can take it or leave it. And of course, she’s a knockout! We believe that’s exactly the sort of woman our reader wants to see on our cover someone who isn’t just window-dressing to sell the magazine”

Capila adds, “I think Kajol’s feature turned out great. Visually, we wanted to present Kajol as both classic and contemporary and Jatin Kampani’s photos delivered that feel.”

On the other hand, Kajol too is impressed with the outcome and says that she had a great fun reaching out for different looks of both classic and contemporary. She earnestly thanks Jatin Kampani for getting her sported attractively.

Kajol adds, “It was great fun to shoot and to see how far you can go. It’s great working with Jatin Kampani. I think he can make anybody look good, even me.”

The magazine features one big actress a year on their cover who are generally strong, independent, successful ones. While they shot with Tabu last year; for the February 2009 issue they shot with Kajol. They loved her picture so much that they decided to use it and the interview for the January issue instead. Kajol, too, was also very accommodating during the shoot. Though she is known to be difficult, when she was shooting the lights went off but she did not complain.

kajol M

Salman Khan’s autorickshaw escapades


Salman Khan loves fast cars , heavy metal bikes, bicycles and auto rickshaws and his love for auto rickshaw was so high on Friday, 1.15 am after a series of drinks that he merrily drove an auto rickshaw till his home and girlfriend Katrina Kaif accompanied him in his auto escapades.

An onlooker said, “Salman walked in with Katrina around midnight. They settled for a table in the private dining room. Salman ordered vodka and washed down five to six pegs. Katrina did not drink; she only had dinner. They were seen chatting and looked happy in each other’s company.”

After the dinner Salman drove the auto, and Katrina followed him in the car with the auto driver sitting next to her.

The source adds, “He seemed very well-versed with the rickshaw controls.”

What do you wanna say about Sallu’s auto escapades?

Farhan Akhtar to celebrate his birthday on his chat show

There couldn’t have been a better way to celebrate his birthday for Farhan Akhtar than to have the celebration at his own chat show ‘Oye! Its Friday’ and that too with the leggy beauty Deepika Padukone along with a sizzlingly hot performance by none other than item girl Sherlyn Chopra. An icing to the cake took place when Farhan’s father Javed Akhtar dropped in and started to reveal some facts about the star.

So, NTDV Imagine’s much popular show, ‘Oye! It’s Friday’ celebrates Farhan Akhtar’s birthday on January 9th. It will be a party time for the host Farhan Akhtar, who celebrates his birthday with the special guests – the very gorgeous dimpled actress Deepika Padukone, the hot item girl Sherlyn Chopra and Mattias Lindstrom. All will be there to wish him on the show. The episode will be filled with tons of surprises and gifts.

Again the show also has Deepika getting candid about her relationship with Ranbir Kapoor, her experience working with the Khiladi Kumar, her favorite yesteryear actresses, her hopes and dreams of settling down and getting married, and of course… Sonam Kapoor.

farhan akhtar and deepika padukone

farhan akhtar and deepika padukone

farhan akhtar and deepika padukone

Katrina Kaif: A girl doesn’t look for six-packs in a man


Katrina Kaif is dating the man who started the trend of six-packs in Bollywood industry - Salman Khan. She praises all actors today who are following his footsteps and have build great bodies. But she feels that when a woman falls in love its not the packs that she looks for but for kindness and charm.She says, ‘’If I want to be politically correct I can say all our heroes have good bodies today. Everyone looks good because all of them work hard on their bodies. One of the first was Salman. And it is always tough to maintain a good body for so long. Akshay also has one of the finest lean and tough bodies. Aamir has developed a great physique. This is remarkable because it’s tougher to build such a body and maintain it after a certain age. But, frankly, what a girl looks for in a man are not his six-packs, his looks, or his age difference – it’s just his kindness and his charm that win women over.”

What do you think folks? Looks are not important in love?

Deepika Padukone to try her hand at comedy

Deepika Padukone’s ‘Chandni Chowk To China’ is about to hit the screens and the lady is all too excited about it. Now, Deepika is all set to do a full-fledged comedy film with Sajid Khan. The film is titled ‘Houseful’ and with this film, Deepika will get her first taste with comedy.

About ‘Houseful’, Deepika says, “My role in the film is not about just a few comic scenes here and there. It’s a total comic role. I wonder how I’ll manage it. Magar main koshish karoongi. Sajid has a great sense of humour and I will go by his vision. Besides, if my director has so much confidence in me, then I just cannot let him down.”

Deepika padukone has no qualms about the fact if the audience will take to seeing a funny Deepika. She answers defiantly, “I do have a sense of fun and I plan to have a ball of a time doing HOUSEFUL. See, I am a reserved person in real life, but that does not mean that I can’t be funny for the camera.” Now we wonder if that actually works.

deepika padukone

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