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  Akshay Kumar, Jackie Chan And Mallika Sherwat

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Salman Khan on filmfare


This months issue of Filmfare features the dashing Salman Khan on its cover. Salman talks about everything in the issue even about his fight with Salman.Grab your copy today to know more and read more

Katrina praises Salman and Anil


Katrina Kaif is eagerly awaiting the release of her next flick Showman’s Yuvraaj. The actress who stars along ace heroes like Salman Khan and Anil Kapoor is quite happy with the experience of sharing screen space with such versatile actors.She says on her working with Salman and Anil, “They were fantastic! This was my fourth film with Anil Kapoor and he always amazes me with his body language and dialogue delivery in each of his films. And, Salman is unique in his way and so spontaneous in his acting. He wouldn’t do something he cannot relate to and will only take up something he believes in. Salman is a very dear person in my life. People read, talk and write what they feel but beyond that I wouldn’t want to comment anything else on this topic.”Well we wish loads of luck to beautiful Kaif for her upcoming flick

Priyanka and Kangana avoid each other


Priyanka Chopra and Kangana Ranaut are not on talking terms these days, inspite of giving together a great hit like Fashion. Their rudeness towards each  other was witness by many at Fashion’s success party.A source reveals, “Both Priyanka and Kangana made discreet enquiries about the time when the other was expected to arrive. When Kangana got to know that Priyanka was coming in late, she reached the party early and left within a short while. Madhur suddenly realised that Kangana couldn’t be seen.So when a few friends told him that she had already left, he was flabbergasted.”Madhur says, “When I called her up, Kangana excused herself saying her sister was unwell.”Madhur wanted the three leading ladies of his film to cut the success cake together. But only Priyanka and Mugdha were present for the cake cutting ceremony.Chill babes, you both rocked Fashion and looked equally good. Now kiss and make up

Most expensive Bollywood film


Producer-director due Vikas Kapoor and Samir Karnik ( Heroes fame) are all set to churn out the most expensive film on Indian Cinema.

The movie is named Lanka, and will have five Bollywood hotties and one sexy heroine.The film’s budget is a whooping Rs 90 crore. The thriller will be filmed alot underwater as the six actors try to find 60,000 tons of yellow metal - gold, 6000 feet below in the sea.

The alleged star cast includes, ultimate hunk Salman Khan, Hrithik Roshan, Abhishek Bachchan, Ajay Devgan, Bobby Deol and Priyanka Chopra.The director duo admits, “We are finalising the script and nobody’s officially been signed so far. But, this being an adventurous project, we will require actors of that calibre to fit the roles. We have bounced the script with a few of them and all are very excited.”Well we just hope that it doesn’t turn out dud like Heroes.

Dostana Movie Review


Its been a mad week, Dostana is running houseful in all the big theaters in the city and I finally got the tickets after one whole week. Nevertheless, it was worth the wait.Why Dostana works for me? Simply because the script is amazing and the comic timing of all the actors in the act is superb. This is what the sordid multi-starrer comedies these days don’t have. A strong script with witty humor rather than slapstick acts. After a long time I have seen a movie that has made me laugh throughout… I guess the last one was Bhool Bhulaiyya.Its a film you know you shouldn’t be taking seriously. You can enjoy watching a sexy skimpily clad Shilpa Shetty and her boob-thrusting dance in the beginning of the film. You can watch John Abraham flaunting his wash board abs and biceps giving quite a tough competition to Daniel Craig. You can watch Priyanka Chopra in her sexiest avatar so far and of course in the sizzling gold bikini. You can watch Abhishek and see how he has turned into a seasoned actor, good enough to pull up a gay act and make it memorable. You can watch this film for hours of non-stop fun and entertainment.A mainstream commercial flick could afford to talk about a bold topic like Homosexuality only because - firstly they ‘pretend’ to be gays and secondly its supposed to be a comedy. Perhaps that is why it was easier for Karan Johar to locate the film in Miami and not Mumbai. It has subtle messages directed at the Indian audiences towards the social acceptability of homosexuality for Indian audiences and that it is really ‘OK’ to be gay… but all this under the guise of comedy.The story gets a bit predictable and draggy in the end but as I mentioned earlier, great dialogues and good script makes it work. I would say go for it and laugh out loud!

Shahruk Khan's Family Photos

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