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  Akshay Kumar, Jackie Chan And Mallika Sherwat

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Sanjay Leela Bhansali doesn’t need Pakistani actors


Sanjay Leela Bhansali was in news recently for secretly signing Pakistani actor Imran Abbas for his upcoming flick Heera Mandi, however he has dismissed the rumors. Read on.

You’ve quietly gone and signed Pakistani actor Imran Abbas for Heera Mandi?
So quietly that even I don’t know about it. I haven’t signed anyone called Imran Abbas. I’m not making Heera Mandi right now. It may happen much later. When it starts, we’ll think of the casting.

So have you met this Imran?
Moin Beg, writer of Heera Mandi wanted me to meet this actor. So I did, almost a year ago, and I immediately realised he wasn’t the actor I was looking for. The next thing I know, I’m supposed to be arranging this guy’s visa to India. What nonsense!

Why don’t you clarify the misconceptions?
Kuch to log kehenge, kehne do. I can’t bring myself to become the master of sound bytes. I’ve already decided whom to work with in my next project. And should I look at Pakistan for actors? We’ve very talented people in our own country.

This news has broken many hearts I guess, for aspiring Pakistani actors.

Aamir doesn’t dare to fight Shahruk Khan

TN2501_Aamir Khan.jpg

As the war of words intensifies between Aamir and SRK, Aamir has again went ahead to make indirect comments at his fellow Khan- SRK.He says,

 “For me Amitabh Bachchan is No 1. Do Lata Mangeshkar, Sachin Tendulkar and Amitabh Bachchan say they are number one? No one who sits on the top needs to say he is number one. Others keep claiming to be there.”

When quizzed about SRK calling himself the biggest brand, he says, “I don’t believe in competitions with others. I only compete with myself.”

He ends on the note that he cannot fight SRK, saying, “Do you think I could dare to fight with Shah Rukh. He is a good friend and so I can’t fight with him. I respect him a lot.”

Talking about his next flick Three Idiots, he says, “My forthcoming film after Ghajini is Rajkumar Hirani’s Three Idiots and I play the character of an idiot with R. Madhavan and Sharman Joshi. But I think Shah Rukh, Salman and I are truly the three idiots of Bollywood.”

Well looks like these stars know how to be politically cunning and correct at the same time.

Salman highly impressed by Ghajini


Salman Khan is very much impressed by Aamir after he watched the movie at a special screening.Salman says, ‘I was just awestruck and enthralled with Aamir Khan’s stunning act. It’s true that Aamir has a great physique for the film, but his spellbinding performance eclipses them during course of show.’Salman also predicted that Ghajini was the best film of this decade.He said, ‘There hasn’t been such a great film over for past 10 years’.

Do you folks have thoughts similar to Salman?

Aishwarya refuses L’oreal Sonam approves


Aishwarya Rai Bachchan didn’t win the Miss World title just for the heck of it, she is smart and intelligent and that’s the reason she refused to endorse L’oreals latest skin lightening cream. When Ash refused, L’oreal appointed Sonam Kapoor as their new brand ambassador.A source says, “It was the fairness cream that bothered Aishwarya. She said that she didn’t want to promote a fairness cream especially in India where one’s skin color is such a big issue.She will never promote a product that discriminates on the basis of one’s skin color. Ours is a society where biases are so prevalent that she will do all she can to curb it.”“When Aishwarya refused to relent, the cosmetic company was forced to get Sonam into the picture. They need an Indian face for the promotion and Sonam was the next ideal choice,”The source adds, “Such stories seldom bother her. Aishwarya is primarily guided by her sense of ethics as far as advertising is concerned.She does not endorse products unless she believes in them. She was recently offered a fortune to replace Rani Mukerjee to endorse a popular mosquito repellent cream, but she turned down the offer.”Well hats off to you Ash, for standing by your ethics.

SRK: Everybody watch Ghajini


SRK has decided to end the cold war between him and Aamir by requesting each and everyone to watch Aamir latest flick Ghajini.SRK says,  “I want all the people to watch the film’. We as people from the industry know how much pain it takes to make a film. We wait anxiously every Friday to see the result of our hard work. So my best wishes are with every film be it Aamir’s or Akshay’s. I want every film to do well.”He also denied his rivalry with Aamir, saying, “We share an extremely cordial relationship.”He gave an example of their recent meeting, where they discussed their abs,  “I was scared as I lost my six packs and wanted Aamir to say no. Luckily, he said he has lost his packs too, so let’s give a chance to some other actor.”Talking about Aamir he says, “I think he has changed for the better. Previously, he did not like to interact much with the public and the media, but now he interacts well and has also developed a sense of humour.” Well I don’t think such diplomacy will solve the cold war.

Sanjay Dutt and Salman Khan patch up!

Salman Khan has finally patched up with his long time buddy Sanjay Dutt who he acknowledged as his role model in life. For some odd reason things went sour between the two long time ago but now they are buddies again.


t all happened at Film City where both Dutt and Khan were shooting for their respective films. Salman was shooting for Anil Sharma’s Veer and Sanjay Dutt was shooting for Bunty Walia’s film. When Salman heard Sanjay is shooting closeby he decided to pay him a visit. When he reached the sets he got to know that he is shooting for Bunty Walia who Salman Khan is no more friends with.

Salman didnt want to see Bunty’s face so he returned back to his sets without meeting Sanjay. When Sanjay got to know about this he took charge of the situation and walked up to Salman’s sets the next day and spent a good 45 minutes with his old friend.

Confirms a source, “They met like nothing had gone wrong between them. And have promised to meet up regularly.”

Wonder if we would get to see the same with Shahrukh too… what say Sallu miyan!

The Most Bizarre Thing That Happened To Bipasha!


Bipasha Basu suffered for three long hours when she a tiny piece of gravel went right inside her ear.She confirms saying, “We were doing a heavy duty action scene when this gravel went right inside my ear. I had to be taken to Leelavati hospital, where it had to be sucked out.”
“It wasn’t on the surface. It went right in and I couldn’t move because there was the danger that it would go in deeper and pierce the eardrums. First I tried to shake it out. Then when that didn’t work I decided to let a doctor do the needful,” she added.“The producer and director tried everything. We finally headed towards Leelavati. It was John (Abraham) who got an old ENT specialist friend of his to check me out. The sweet doctor was at another hospital but drove down to Leelavati. At 4.30 p m, he finally put me out of my misery,” Bipasha said.“Who would think such a thing would happen? Normally during an action scene you protect your knees, head etc. But ear? It went straight in with a thud.“I wasn’t moving, I was so petrified the gravel would go deeper into my ear. My parents were petrified. The minute the doctor said it could be taken out I was okay. It was the most bizarre thing that ever happened to me,” the she said.

We hope she is okay now!

New Kid Jackky Bhagnani a Hrithik Fan


There’s a new kid on the block now, and this time its producer Vasu Bhagnani’s son Jackky Bhagnani. All of 24 this new kid says he idolizes Hrithik Roshan.“I idolise Hrithik Roshan. His single-minded focus is what I want to imbibe. And I have grown up admiring Amitabh Bachchan. Just the way Big B claims that he is still learning after all these years, I, too, want to keep improvising, learning and make a mark,” he confirms. He is going to make his debut with Kal Kissne Dekha directed by Vivek Sharma and produced by his dad Vasu Bhagnani. Although its his debut, he is no stranger to the camera.“I have assisted my father on many films including Deewanapan, Rehna Hai Tere Dil Mein, Shaadi No1, etc’,” says Jackky, “and I know how meticulously the entire unit works while one man steals the show on screen. So, in my debut film, I come with some understanding of films as my subject. It’s about dedication, hardwork and value for time, money and energy,” he adds. Only time will tell whether this kid will match up to the likes of Ranbir, Neil, and Imran.

Kangana Ranaut Keeps Maun, finds Tehrav!


Kangana Ranaut is unfazed by things around her from the time she has moved on to Yoga. She admitted she was going through tough times (thanks to Aditya Pancholi) but Yoga helped her sail through. She says,“I got everything very soon in my life but personally my life was going through too much of trauma. I was really trapped by dirty people and they wouldn’t let me concentrate on my work. They tried to harm me both physically as well as mentally.”She is quite vivacious and effervescent in nature and the practice of Maun or Silence helped her find ‘tehrav’ or harmony in life.“Initially I found it very difficult to stay silent;  however through perseverance I did manage to develop this as a regular part of my yoga practice and have benefited ever since.”“When I am working, I have to give it 100%. So that’s why I took a break for my personal work to sort out all my issues and only then got back to work. I did not want to struggle between work and personal issues. I am not that kind of a person. I can do only one thing at a time”, she had stated earlier.“Now, through Silence, I feel I’ve discovered my Soul, the very centre of my being, which is the source of all my energy - creative, spiritual, emotional and mental. I’ve always been a very focused person, and I’ve chosen to portray characters in my film that are challenging and strong. This awareness and practice has given me greater ability to channel my energy effectively to deliver even better on these performances”, she says in an obvious relaxed tone. Perhaps that means there would be no co-star rivalries for Kangana anymore.

Shahruk Khan's Family Photos

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